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Question About Low Stomach Acid

Could i have low stomach acid?

You are absolutely right! Let me try and explain how it works so you will understand what is happening. When you eat food your stomach immediately starts to produce stomach acid to start the digestion process. When the stomach acid gets to a certain level it should trigger a muscle to contract and close off your stomach from your esophagus so the acid doesn't come up. By taking over the counter or prescription drugs you are destroying the little stomach acid you have, which will indeed stop your acid reflux but now you have no acid in your stomach and that can cause big digestive problems. That's probably what's causing your intestinal issues and bloating. Are you a 'sweet' person or a 'tart' person? If you lean towards the tart there is very simple inexpensive solution. Go to your local health food store and buy a small bottle of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar...3-4 dollars. The bottle will have a recommended amount...I think it's like 2 teaspoons. You have a couple of choices as to how to take it. You can either dump it in your bottle of water and sip it all day...this works best for someone who doesn't mind the vinegary taste, but it's really not for me. Or, you can take the 2 teaspoons and dilute it with some water or juice and down it all. You can decide how much juice you need to dilute it depending on how much you don't like the vinegar, after all it IS vinegar. Also, don't be tempted to drink plain acv, it will really burn going down. Just one caution. Make sure you get raw apple cider vinegar...Bragg's has been around forever but there are other brands available also. Don't use the white distilled's a dead food with no nutritional or health benefits and should never be consumed. Oh, and by all means continue eating your real foods that help with your acid. What was it that Hippocrates said?? Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Good luck and be well.

Do I have low stomach acid?

Hi! I saw that I had a few symptoms related to low stomach acid : gas and bloating, acid reflux, not-completely-processed stool, etc. I started taking betaine HCL with pepsin to supplement myself of stomach acid and saw all my symptoms diseapear. However, whenever i take it, i'm really, really constipated aftwerwards. Do i really have low stomach or is it something else? Or maybe I just need more fiber?


How strong is stomach acid and what can it do?

It is concentrated hydrochloric acid, just like in a car battery. Have you heard what that can do to a car’s duco? The pH of an empty stomach is around 2. If you could stick your finger into your stomach, it would dissolve within hours.

What are some symptoms for low stomach acid?

A logical answer to your question whether your stomach produces too much or too little stomach acid might be that if you have indigestion a lot, your stomach might not produce enough acid to digest meals. If acidic foods like orange juice and tomato juice, oil and vinegar produces a burning in your stomach, your stomach may produce too much stomach acid.

My stomach produces too much stomach acid that caused me to have two ulcers, and all acidic foods give me heartburn. I have taken one acid-reducer medication that is now over-the-counter(OTC)that keeps my stomach silent. I have taken one Prilosec capsule each day for 10 years without any problems. I also take 3 digestive enzymes when I eat spicy foods like pizza, pasta sauce to speed-up digestion.

Frequent indigestion means your stomach is struggling to supply enough acid to digest food without hesitation. My Mother had the problem that her stomach did not produce enough stomach acid to completely digest her meals, and she took medication to force her stomach lining to secrete more stomach acid.

If you have heartburn, try a test and use the smallest package of OTC medications called Proton Pump Inhibitors(PPI)Prilosec, Prevacid, Nexium 24. These medicines work best after 1-4 days as your stomach lining is reprogrammed to make less stomach acid and keep your stomach quiet.

These medicines are a little expensive, but you can find store-brands that have the same chemical names as brand medicines. Compare a store-brand with a branded- PPI and notice the reduction in price.


How to treat gastritis with low stomach acid?

Only your doctor can answer this, as the term 'gastritis' is a broad one kind of like 'pneumonia' or 'arthritis'. Treatment depends on your particular cause and type, so for example if you have a H. pylori bacterial infection you can receive antibiotics.

How do stomach acid production work?

Understand what are the main functions of the stomach? In simple languageStomach is the main part of the digestive system. The place where abdominous abdomen is also called the stomach, but there are intestines in that place. Burning in the stomach, full of stomach, such words actually relate to the stomach.Whenever we eat food, it reaches the stomach directly through the diet tube. Gastrointestinal and body parts have different roles in keeping the body healthy and energetic by digesting food and taking nutrients from it. Let's see what is the function of the stomach.To know more - function of stomachHow to digest food in the stomach - How Stomach WorksWhen the food is chewed and swallowed, it goes directly to the stomach, the stomach caused by the food tube. When the food reaches the stomach, the glands present in the stomach, by analyzing the food, start secreting the digestive juices as per the requirement.This leads to further processing of digestion. This stomach juice has the ability to destroy some bacteria. This digestive juices mainly contain hydrochloric acid and enzymes called pepsin. Pepsin is essential for digestion of proteins.To know more - function of stomach

What The Hell's Wrong With Me?! Low Stomach Acid Or Gluten Intolerance?

For the past 2 years I have had the following:
No Sex Drive, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Fatigue, Racing Heart, Fast Breathing, Constipation, Memory Loss, Bloating & Insomnia. My GP thinks it's just all in my head, but my Psychologist he refered me to thinks I have a health problem.

For the past 1.5 years I have been eating super healthy foods, avoiding caffeine, drinking lots of water, exercising and trying to sleep more, but nothing has seemed to help...until I gave up gluten foods, then my symptoms all started going away. So then I began drinking tea and coffee and soft drinks again, but then my symptoms slowly started coming back.

For the last few days I thought maybe my chronic acid reflux has something to do with it, then I read how low acid stops your body from digesting food properly and you don't get nutrients. So I started drinking lots of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar with water. My symptoms started going away again, until yesterday, when I had a few potato chips and a slice of pizza.

I'm so over this problem and I just wanna be healthy again! I've struggled for 2 whole years with these issues and nothing seems to work. But I think I've finally managed to narrow it down to either very low stomach acid, or gluten intolerance. Could I possibly have both??? Can 1 cause the other?

What sounds more like the issue? (please don't suggest more exercise, or more water, or something, I've tried EVERYTHING)