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Question About My Daughter

Help with questions for my daughter?

Wow. That's a lot of questions. Its hard to answer them without having her textbook.Maybe try typing your questions in on a search engine like yahoo, aol, google, dogpile, or

Question about my 5 year old daughter....?

Well first off realize that children in that grade sometimes are not ready for school If she doesn't do well this year and she is trying then next year she might have to repeat it. IT IS OK. Don't think of her as a failure and never let a child think they are failure. It is a grade...a measure of her ability at that time...what she is taking in and at that age...sometimes they aren't as ready as other children...just like some walk at the age of 9 months and some don't walk until they are over a year old.

It is difficult at that age...she might not be emotionally ready for school and it has nothing to do with intelligence. I know a lot of children who do BEAUTIFULLY in school now that they were held back a year and they are older and can problem solve much better.

Keep working with her....and talk to the teacher about it. See if there is something you can do to help . Your daughter might see she isn't doing as well and is not responding..the same way an overly advanced student is bored in a normal class and needs something more challanging.

I AM NOT SAYING your child is not not get me wrong. She may just not be ready for school right now and if you find she has to be held will find a world of difference in the next year than you have in this one.

You might talk to a turtor and see if it is beneficial to her at this age. I don't think it is...but you can try. The school year is just starting so she has a long way to go. Sometimes a light turns on and everything falls into place...but the door has to open.

I would not take her to a doctor. Every doctor out there puts children on medication and she probably is just not ready for school yet. Don't fall into that catagory of giving medication to a child. To get that medication you should insist on a psychological exam as they test for ADD and ADHD and no medication should be given unless they are DIAGNOSED with it and not guessed it is there. My son has a head injury due to an accident and we went through testing to determine if he needed it and he did....but I insisted on testing first to make sure he needed it so it wasn't a crutch for behavior and problems that weren't needed!

Question about my daughters poop?

I found this site that talks about all colors of a babies stool


Red stools can also be a sign of several things. If your baby has been constipated, there may be small cuts or tears on his anus, producing bright red blood in his messy diaper. This will cease when you relieve the constipation.
This blood can also be caused by a really bad diaper rash, so treat that as well and it will go away. Just in case, I would at least call your doctor and describe it to him over the phone. He will tell you if you should come in for a visit.

If you see blood in the stool that is like dark raspberry jelly or is streaked with red mucus, call your doctor immediately.

Question about my daughter's hair?

My daughter wants colored streaks in her hair. Like pink or purple. I was wondering if their is something that I can put on it other than the spray that washes out as soon as the water hits it. Something that will stay in even after she washes. I do not want to bleach it first, because I do not want to ruin her hair. She has light brown/blondish hair now. I talked to the lady in the store and she recommended not trying anything because it has to be lightened first, and that is why all we got was a can of the spray that washes right out. But I was wondering if it will hurt not bleaching it first because her hair is kind of light already. Also, do you have a product to recommend? Thanks for the help

My daughter asked me a very weird sex question?

It is normal, Children are bombarded with sex from everywhere, and of course they are curious

I'd tell her that love making is a way adults show they love , and that it's a nice thing for deepening feeling in a long term relationship between grown ups , a relationship that is based on mutual respect and love.
However, if a person doesn't hit certain age (such as 17-18) it can be physically and emotionally painful and it can leave horrible consequences.
Physically because girls organs are not developed yet and hurting them could lead to infertility and various diseases.
Emotionally because person is not experienced and mature enough for understanding relationships between adults. Before sex she needs to be devoted to herself completely( such as learning languages, sports, studying,...) for getting to know herself, beacuse you can't understand your partner without understanding yourself first.
So, if a person is physically and mentally mature , sex will be something beautiful.
If not, sex could be bad experience that can cause aversion to sex and person will not be able to enjoy such a nice thing anymore.

So, don't scare her by saying it's bad, but still try to highlight how important it is to be mature for it, and then you will have another, but this time modified and adapted ,conversation about it for 4-5-6 years

P.s- I'm so sorry for what happened to you :(

A question about my daughters friend?

Invite the friend over a lot so that she has the lovely influence of your home. Tell your daughter that you really like her friend. Also explain that you are worried for her friend and why. Don't beat around the bush. Your daughter will probably be sympathetic to her friend's plight. When the friend trusts you ask her, or get your daughter to ask, if there is anything you can do ie. CPS. Insist that your daughter does not go to her friend's house without you. If need be ,explain to the friend why not while also reiterating that she is welcome in your home. Once drugs are involved kids personalities can be decimated by them. Be strict. Call police if anything illegal happens near your daughter.
Invite several other of your daughter's friends of whom you approve over often as well. Look for positive past times, such as dance, ballet, swimming, cake decorating, fashion design, athletics, painting etc. for your daughter to enrol in. If she spends some of her time involved in one of these pursuits she will make a new bunch of friends and increase her self esteen by becoming skilled. Encourage, and even pay for, her disadvantaged friend to enrol as well. Ask her friend along on your whole family functions/outings sometimes. ie. Grandma's mowing lawn day, brother's basketball game.

Should I trust or question my daughter who said she feels sick and wants to stay home from school?

If she doesn't want to go to school, there's probably a reason. There's a decent chance that she is sick, but even if she isn't, everyone needs a break every now and then. Maybe it's stress, or something is bothering her, even if she isn't physically sick, but giving her a break now and then will save her mental health in the long run. If this "illness" keeps coming back, definitely sit down and talk with her to see what's wrong, and if it really appears to be physical, definitely take her to her doctor and check it out. However, letting her spend one rest day at home won't make or break anything. Treat her as though she's sick, encourage her to rest, have some soup or tea, eating light, but also don't force her to stay in ned all day. She will know how physically ill she feels, and if you encourage her to take it easy, she will be able to handle how much she can do. I said mental health earlier because this is really important. The concept of a "mental health day" has been tarnished. Mental health days should exist...but for the sake of mental health, not skipping. Stress is real, kids from elementary to high school get overwhelmed. Letting them take off one or two days a year to just rest when they feel this way is ok. If you let them know before the year starts that you'll ket them take one or two "personal days" no questions asked, they'll likely use them when they really need them. Make sure you're available to talk, and support them, but don't pry. Chances are, they'll feel less overwhelmed, and since you supported them and showed that you understand their stress is real, your relationship will be better. Your kids want to feel trusted and supported, and if you can do that while ensuring that what you do is in their best interest, everyone will be happier. :)

My daughter asked me sex questions i can't answer...?

Yeah, I'd suggest not doing any personal internet research about this stuff unless you're ready to look at some pretty freaky websites.
Just say that there are some people who find certain forms of physical pain to be sexually arousing. That it's a very common fetish, and sometimes they use accessories to administer mild pain with their partner's consent (she has probably seen images in the media of leather-clad women holding whips or chains). The nipple clamp is exactly as it sounds. Then you can tell her that furthermore, some people are aroused by a form of role-play called "slave and master" or S&M- in which one person pretends to dominate the other with bondage or constrictive accessories (like the gimp mask, which is worn by the partner to make them appear submissive).
With all the crazy stuff out there, your daughter is going to hear about it eventually, so it's better that you can give her a straightforward answer rather than an unhealthy message from somewhere else.

How do you answer the question: What are your intentions with my daughter?

to make sweet love to her lolol

ok jokes aside; he should of said, to be her BF, treat her with the up most respect and... protect her or something like that.

Oh by the way your question isnt very clear; this part "but thank god he didn't answer now he asked me what i thought but i have no clue" what did he ask you about? what you thought his intentions were?

If you wanted to know his intentions, he really probably wants to use you, but maybe hes really a good guy and im just being negative.