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Question About Pm Shines Hair Color

Can you put hair color on wet hair?

If you are looking to dye your hair with a permanent Color then NOOOOOO…. It will not take, lift the color PROPERLY and you will most likely have a negative, not very happy, result!When the hair is dry, it soaks up the hair color, giving the true to color result.When the hair is wet, it is already soaked up with the water which leaves very little room for the hair color to get throughBUT NOW… IF you are only using a rinse or cellophane colors then YES, YOU CAN apply it to wet, towel dried hair. No prob.AND here is a tip when it comes to BLEACH… NEVER EVER, EVER APPLY BLEACH CHEMICALS TO WET or even damp hair! Your hair will absolutely, % BURN, FRY, turn into Cotton Candy and could possibly even leave bald patches.Like I always say… you should have your hair done by a licensed professional colorist for the best results

Does any hair stylist know how to mix PM shines?

I am a hair stylist but I am not familiar with PM shines. A client wants me to use it on Saturday and I need mixing instructions. Also if you know which two to mix to get a level 6-7 strawberry blonde, that would be helpful.

Paul Mitchell PM Shine question?

Since Paul Mitchell is a professional product you cannot buy it unless you are a licensed cosmetologist. You can however find a salon that specializes in Paul Mitchell and tell them you would like to have your hair colored with PM Shines. If you are buying Paul Mitchell products somewhere other than a salon they are not true Paul Mitchell products and can be counterfeit, contaminated, or black marketed. If you want professional results then have a professional do the work. You wouldnt get a hair cut at a discount store would you?


i went from a very light brown color to very dark brown/reddish color. ive been washing like 5 times a day with shampoo three (bad for color treated hair) for those with experience with this treatment, how long did it take until you were back to your natural color?

Does chlorine affect the color of hair after dying it brown?

Chlorine can affect the color of your salon colored hair. Chlorine is a bleaching agent that can cause high lighted hair to turn a greenish color.Chlorine would NOT change your brown colored hair turn green, but it could and would dull the color, dry out, and loose it's gleam.To protect your hair, wear a swim cap when you go swimming. Get the hair wet with shower water, apply the conditioner, do not rinse. Twist the hair like a bun or such and then put on the swim cap. If you don't get a swim cap, wet your hair in the shower before entering the pool so your hair does not absorb so much of the chlorine, apply conditioner, and rub it throughout your hair. The conditioner will coat the hair to help resist the chlorine while you swim. When you have finished swimming, use a chlorine removing shampoo once a week. Two major brands of "swimmers" shampoo is Malibu C and Paul Mitchell Shampoo 3. All of this should give you the most protection.

Paul Mitchel PM Shines - Does anyone know how long you have to leave it on your hair?

For Normal hair, process at room temperature for 20 mins.

Resistant hair, place a cap on and under a dryer for 15 mins and cool down for 5 mins.

Gray hair- blending, follow the same instructions for Resistant hair.

How much will it cost to dye my hair brown at a salon?

It really depends on which salon you are going to!A high end salon or a family type walk in based salon. The later would be the cheaper choice.The good thing about getting just one deeper all over color is you dont necessarily have to search for the perfect stylist or high end salon because an all over color should be generally easy for any stylist to perform whether they started work that day or have done hair for years.If you dont have to do any corrective coloring and it is just a single process color, I'd think for permanent it would be around 65$ on average.If you decide to go for semi or semi hair color… something like REDKENS SHADES EQ or PAUL MITCHELLS PM SHINES it's usually cheaper around 30$.The semi or semi is also a lot more gentle on your hair with little or no damage, adds a lot of shine…but does fade quicker.If you use gentle color safe shampoos and dry shampoo in between and protect your hair with leave in conditioners and serums while styling you can get more for your money.Both services usually will include shampoo condition (obviously) and styling or atleast a blowdry!

Does PM Shines use a activator or developer. I do not want to lift, I just want to deposit color.?

it used the pm shines processing soultion. this color is a demi-permanent color. which means that its deposit only. it can't lift your hair at all only deposit