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Question About Prepaid Sim Cards.

AT&T prepaid phone question!!!?

Like any prepaid phone service, once you use up your minutes (depending on how much money through refill cards into your account), you would still get to keep your phone number. However if you lag after the number of days and your phone is already shut off then you will possibly loose that number. Here are the pay as you go cards amount and how long they last.

$15 = expire 30 days
$25 = expire 90 days
$50 = expire 90 days
$60 = expire 90 days
$100 = expire 365 days

Here are the plans for Go phones

$3.00 unlimited plan = $3.00 is deducted each day you use your phone. You get free mobile to mobile calls to A T&T customers and you have unlimited calls to anyone. As you can see if you had this plan for a month you would be paying $90.00 already. Expensive !!

$1.00 Mobile Plan = $1.00 is deducted each day you use your phone. Then you will get charge 10 cents per minute for receiving calls or making calls. However you do get unlimited mobile to mobile calls with other A T&T customers. This plan is okay if you have friends that are with A T&T so your calls will be free. However all other calls will cost you 10 cents a minute. Expect to pay more than $30.00 in a month on this plan.

25 cents Simple Plan = Just basically when you use your phone, it will deduct 25 cents a minute for receiving calls or making calls. You do not get any free mobile to mobile calls, All calls will cost you 25 cents a minute. This plan doesn't give you anything.

* These plans do not have any unlimited texting. You can add a additional 19.99 to get unlimited texting to any of the above plans.

* A T&T does have a unlimited talk and text anytime and so you can receive any calls and make calls to anyone without worrying if you will go over your limit. It is called $60 unlimited talk and text feature package. This is the best plan compared to the above expensive plans.

Yes if you have a prepaid A T&T sim card, you can insert the sim card only on any A T&T cell phone and it should work. I usually do this when my cell phone break and I have another spare A T&T cell phone

Where can I get a prepaid SIM card for an iPad online?

This is a very recurrent question,  and here is the answer I have given before, specially if you travel,  this card has resulted in great data services across many places,  totally transparent Roaming (data only)  and the send the SIM card,  wherever you want.  This may work for you as they support all SIM card  formats,  including those used in iPads. I have found and used what, up to now, worked as a phenomenal solution to get DATA (data only) on your cell phone while traveling in many countries. I needed to buy a Data SIM that worked across many countries in Europe, as I will be driving across for about a month, buying local SIMs didn't work well, because I'd needed data while on the road and I wouldn't be changing SIMs at the moment of crossing borders...(which borders nowadays in Europe,  anyway!)... Also, paying prepaid just for about 2 days per country would be an overkill.So, I found and used and recommend the KeepGo SIM which gives you 1Gb of roaming DATA for less than USD$70 and the actual SIM works in about 100 countries, including European, American (US, Canada, Mexico and LatinAmerica) and some Asian, the unused bandwidth lasts for up to 1 year on your SIM.Keepgo - Friend Offer Disclaimer: I got this URL which will give an extra 15% discount to the ones who buy the KeepGO SIM and will give a little free data bonus to me, if you use it.   We both gain a little bit.   I am NOT associated with KeepGo in any way, except for being a customer, a happy satisfied customer.Keepgo - Friend Offer  .

Can I put a PREPAID sim card in a PLAN phone?

I want a new phone.
The easiest way to do that would be to get one on a plan, ie.
Pay $50/month, Telstra gives you a phone and $50 worth of talk time on your bill each month.

However, I don't want to get carried away and accidentally use more than is on my plan and get charged a fortune at the end of the month.

So my question is, if I get a phone on a plan and put a prepaid SIM card in it, can I just use the phone like an ordinary prepaid phone?

What is a good prepaid SIM card deal in Romania?

You can try either of the mobile networks in Romania. Orange, Vodafone or Cosmote work just fine, especially if you'll be going around towns and cities. Depending on your needs of calling nationally or internationally a shop assistant at any of the stores mentioned above can help you choose whatever fits your needs. Just walk in and tell them how you are planning on using your prepay. It regularly costs around 5 Euro. Good luck!

Can I activate a new AT&T prepaid SIM card in a Samsung Blackjack 2?

I have a samsung blackjack 2 from at&t. it is not unlocked and it has no service. if I purchase an at&t prepaid sim card from amazon or somewhere else, can I activate it on my blackjack 2?

Anyone know about prepaid sim cards for El Salvador?

Right now thee are four operators who offers prepaid SIM Card that you can purchase.

Since you have a Motorola V551 wich is a quad band 800/900/1800/1900 mobile phone, there is no problem in buying any of the SIM cards, your phone will be able to access any of the networks.

My recommendation if you are going to visit rural areas of the country is to buy a SIM Card from Telemovil (TIGO) because they offer the better coverage service.

If you are going to visit mainly the city, Digicel service is OK, and you can buy the SIM card right in the airport before picking your luggage (They will configure the service for you).


Where can I buy a prepaid SIM card in Dehli as a Russian tourist?

Let me tell you one simple thing, you can go to any network operator’s outlet. Here’s a list of some reliable operators.AirtelIdeaVodafoneJIO (Not very much reliable but good for LTE/VOLTE)Visit any nearby outlet, but if they refuse to give you a sim card. Do this:Go to any mobile shopAsk them to give you a sim cardIf they say YES, get itIf they say NO, go to some other shop, and ask. If they say NO to you, give them 200RS and get a sim card. Since you are a foreigner, they may try to take more, but stick to 100-200Rs because sim cards are free of cost.If nothing goes in the right way. Find another shop, give 500RS get sim card and make sure getting RS. 300 Prepaid Balance in your phone.And yes, don’t misuse the sim card in any way.

Will Amazon's prepaid SIM cards work with American iPhones in Japan?

Since it appears the SIM will apparently be data only (no voice), I'd say the answer is yes provided the phone itself is unlocked (few iPhones are unless bought unlocked or jail-broke).   There is a precedent: a company called B-mobile has been doing something similar to this for a while.