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Question About Socrates

Question about Socrates.?

I have this question in my social science class, and I just can't seem to figure it out. Here's the question.
Socrates was obediant to the law of Athens, but he generally steered clear of:
A. wine
D. Art history

thank you to all who answers.

Question about Socrates and Plato?

Socrates and Plato believed in the search of virtue...
they belived in a perfect reality where the soul goes when people die, but how did they knew there was such a place?
whatwould they say in the case a human does not have virtue? where does this human goes?
or a boy that was brainwashed since birth to be a soldier and kill=?

Thank you

How many questions did Socrates ask?

12 or 13

What kind of questions do Socrates ask?

This has nothing to do wit Socrates, but I noticed that you are just called "Green Gasp" now. But can I still call you Bubblelicious?

What are good questions to ask Socrates?

Yeah, I remember when we met!0!

I asked him: What is nothing? He replied: I don't know. Then we both laughed at each other for about an hour!0!

What types of questions did Socrates ask?

Plato exhibited the Socratic Method.He would make a statement and then ask if the person agreed. Then he would move on to another statement and he kept this process up until he slowly led to his point. This was the point where the person could not defend himself.He wanted the opponent to say yes to his questions. If the opponent said no he then took another route.

What questions would you ask Socrates if you had the chance?

Just one:'Why waste your energy and entire life in trying to get the human being to think and to break free of intellectual chains?' Don't you understand that the general human being does not want to think, they would rather just parasite on others' minds. Far from wanting to be free, they actually like the security of being a part of a crowd, by having walls around them.They proved it by finally taking your life! You scared them too much.Well! That was just my angst! We are certainly grateful that men like you once inhabited this earth. For the minority, who while bound by all the above, still realize that something is missing, you'll always be a lodestar.'

Help me with some questions about Socrates, please? :)?


The Velvet Underground are a lot like Socrates. They were not a popular music group in their time, but a lot of the people that listened to them went on to form bands of their own...the same of Socrates. He was the teacher of Plato who in turn was the teacher of Aristotle who had great influence in how we thing in the western world.

We pretty much owe logic and science to the Greeks of which Socrates was one of the giants.

However thats all I have for you.

I hope this helps

Rev Phil

Question about socrates and crito.. help please..?

It is about Socrates's "moral choice" which is:- (1) Should he stay in prison until his sentence is carried out? (2) Should he escape his prison and death sentence, as encouraged to by his friend Crito?

Moral choices are all about (1) Should I DO this act. or (2) Should I NOT DO this act. Factual choices are all about sentences of the declarative form, called propositions, such as is this proposition true or is it false? eg. No man is wiser than Socrates (true or false).

If you've read The Crito you know that Crito initially trys to persuade Socrates to escape the prison and his death sentence, quote

... But look here Socrates, it is still not too late to TAKE MY ADVICE and ESCAPE. [A moral advisement. "Escape; i.e. Run Away! Socrates!"] Your death means a double calamity for me. I shall not only lose a friend whom I can never possibly replace [That is a factual statement. KB], but besides a great many people who don't know you and me very well, will be sure to think that I let you down because I could have saved you, if only I was willing to spend the money." [Crito 44c]

In other words Crito SHOULD HAVE (could have done something; a moral statement about what Crito could DO) SPENT MONEY to save Socrates --- another sort of moral statement. Should and Should not [instead of IS and IS NOT] indicate "moral statements".

Another set of terms, which indicate moral statements are "Ought to do this/that..." vs. "Ought NOT to do this/that" eg. Crito OUGHT TO HAVE spent a bunch of money to save the life of his friend, Socrates." That is the kind of "moral judgment" by others, about which Crito is worrying at 44c of The Dialogue entitled Crito (by Plato).

The striking difference between Crito and Socrates is that Crito is young and is really upset about the coming execution. Socrates is calm and apparently untroubled about it, even though Crito is not facing a death sentence, while Socrates is facing a death sentence.

Once again --- just read these dialogues like they were stories and answer the questions like you'd answer questions about a movie or this or that "sitcom" which you may or may not watch on T.V. --- or even your own choices in various DO vs. DO NOT situations, as opposed to, or distinct from "... IS... vs. ...IS NOT..." sentences.

Good luck on your "take home".