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Question For Average Looking Women Are You Physically Attracted To Average Looking Men

Why aren't women physically attracted to average looking men?

You cant take these answers seriously. Not one woman here has said she goes for a man depending on how much money he makes.99% of the time thats how it is. Men these days can be just as picky as women. Alot of women act as if they can only be picky but most the time they are too picky yet have nothing to offer in return." I want a rich guy yet I am unemployed myself and also not attractive.". Dont be too picky ladies. Theres alot of other women out there for men to choose from and if you want to be treated like a lady,you need to act like a lady.

What makes attractive women attracted to average looking men?

I think that there are men out there who are attracted to women who are both intellectual and attractive. I know what you're saying, though. But I think that there are some women that are attracted to men who are both intellectual and attractive. Personally, if I met an intellectual man, I am not saying that I would automatically think that he was attractive, but I can see how even if they arent attractive to others, they might be to some. We all want the whole enchilada, and what I think is when we do meet that special someone (the right one) he/she does have all the qualities you were looking for. Everyone is different and some people are more superficial while others can overlook physical flaws and the person themselves becomes interesting to them. I would like to think of myself as a non-superficial person when it comes to finding the right partner. I am not all that beautiful on the outside, but I know that I am a great person and I would like to be with a guy that has those good qualities, rather than the looks.

I am sapiosexual - I am attracted to smart women. While a lot of men say this, if you talk to enough high-achieving women, they’ll tell you it’s more of an aspiration than a reality.On a basic level, it’s just plain fun to have serious discussions with someone well-equipped. And in any relationship, you’re talking a lot.Taking the longer view, get a smart partner, and you can create a life. Even when you’ve got a relationship problem, you can communicate on an intellectual level.In my experience, beautiful women struggle psychologically, because the world treats them in goofy ways. Even as young kids, they are given special treatment. As adolescents and young women, they are in a different class than the rest of us. I admit it - me too. I’m an experienced public speaker, yet more than once in the presence of a jaw-dropper I have stuttered and stammered like a pimply 14-year old.Then a woman hits “a certain age”, and becomes invisible. How could one keep a level head?Yes, good-looking men go through this, but in a much more muted way, and the decline is much slower, because male decline is qualitatively different than menopause.Cognitive ability is an attribute that lasts a long time, unlike looks. And it is strongly hereditary; by passing it down to your children, you provide an advantage to them, and their descendants for life. Yes - I want to give my kids every possible advantage.I also like tall women, and this is another characteristic that is strongly hereditary, conveying similar benefits.

Average women aren't attracted to average men?

The average and below average man has almost no chance with women these days.

Hot women want hot men.
Average women want hot men.
Ugly women want hot men.

Most men do not have the ability and physical traits to attract a lot of women which leads to depression, low self esteem, and eventually suicide. Embracing a life of celibacy is a lot better than banging your head against the wall. Women do not want average guys. You are just wasting your time. Even if a woman settles for an average guy she will still leave him for a male model stud when she gets the chance. Go to a bar or a club. How many average men do you see picking up women? Almost none. All the guys at bars and clubs who have success are goodlooking.

If any of you guys are struggling with depression and low self esteem issues do to failureI strongly suggest celibacy. It's not your fault you can't attract women. It comes down to genetics.

What are women looking for physically in men.?

Women look for a variaty of thing in men. We look for looks, wealth, friendship, and sexual satisfaction just to name a few. I think it is also nice when we don't have to ask for certain us some things should just come natural. Looks are everything, but we believe you should carry yourself well. Wealth varies...we don't want to be taking care of men like their our children, yet we also realize that everyone comes upon hard times. Friendship, if you're considering a relationship, you have to be friends before you can go any further. Sexually, everyone like to be pleased. And when it comes to sex, in all honesty i think we females enjoy it just as much as you males do. I hope my answer does you some good.

Attractive & average looking women?

i read in a magazine once
about this topic
i dont remember it all
but the basics is that
attractive females go for men who are also attractive
sumthing aabout dna and children looking good
ive been in relationships where the guy isnt too cute
and ppl ask me " why are u dating him what do u see in him"
but its not all about looks, it plays a role in it though, becuase you have to be attracted to your bf/gf otherwise it wont work out
cuz you will end up looking for ppl that you are attracted to
hope this helps


Can a man really be attracted to an average woman?

Happens all the time...the "perfect" person for you (any given individual) may not be a super model or GQ cover guy...

Most of the people in the world who are married and have families, are average looking men and women...or even unattractive...

It's just as possible for a guy to be as attracted to an average looking woman, as it is for a woman to be attracted to an average looking man...looks don't mean the person has good character or would be a good partner in any way, and most mature adults know that...

The average person has one breast and one testicle. No one looks average. And what people see as attractive differs from person to person.I’m also not sure how you can differentiate physical appearance entirely from personality traits. Those rock hard abs or that tight butt? They took serious work. And if you look at the two pictures below, one of them would be seen by most people as much more attractive than the other, with the one on the left being nothing special. But they are of course both Angelina Jolie. (credit). Which counts as the real one?Further there is a component of movement in physical attractiveness - and to me it’s the largest of all the components. And that’s fairly personality driven.Once you take physical appearance with no other personality traits, you’re basically left with Jessica Rabbit and other caricatures.