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Question In Dark Knight Rises

Question about "The Dark Knight Rises"?

I'm not understanding one thing about the movie. Near the beginning when John Blake goes to Bruce Wayne's house, he tells him the city needs Batman back. And he also asked why he took the fall for Harvey Dent's death, so he obviously knew that Bruce Wayne was Batman. But at the end right when Batman's about to take the bomb into the ocean, Jim Gordon asks who he is. Then he basically tells him and then Jim Gordon says, "Bruce Wayne?" And acts surprised when he finds out. So is there anything I'm missing?

Dark knight rises question?

The movie said that Bane was once there, but where did it come from? Who built it, and why? When was it built? Also, where was it. The main story of the movie took place in gotham (a fictional version of nyc like metropolis in superman), but it seemed like, when Bruce wayne/batman escaped that underground prison, he was running in some desert or something. Was it in the american west, or somewhere around the world? How did he travel back to gotham so fast?

Question about the Dark Knight Rises?

I finished watching TDKR on DVD with my sisters, and when the movie ended my sister said "WHAT! THERE SHOULD'VE BEEN ANOTHER SCENE!"
I said, "What scene?" (I quote) "There's a part at the ending where robin is looking around and his suit starts rising from the ground."

We both saw this in theatres. I have seen no scene like that. However, she apparently did when she saw it at the theatre.
Umm... So is there a scene like that?

Question about the Dark Knight Rises?

Sooo i wanna watch a movie but im not sure which one to watch between the dark knight rises or the amazing spiderman... which one should i watch?
and another question... is the batman one really violent? cuz i can watch pg-13 but as long as its not like u know REALLY violent....
last question... is the sex part in batman graphic? please no! i hope not...

Batman: Dark Knight Rises Question?

there are various talks on the subject of Batman's dying, based on the comments made via director Christopher Nolan of this being the final batman movie he's gonna artwork on. some say that Joseph Gordon Levitt's character would grow to be the dark knight's replace in Gotham. in line with possibility he's no longer gonna die. take into attention that Bane is the villain of this movie, and he's the single that disabled Batman via breaking his back. So, in line with possibility he's gonna grow to be paralytic or something.

Dark knight rises question? Spoliers?

he dose survive as seen in the movie where he & salina kyle are having lunch.

i hope that he has to come out of retirement 2 fight a new eveil { hush , the phantasamm , killer crock & black mask } are thew ones i wouuld like to see done.

Specily hush would rely bring back bruce as batman. check this out ( ). phantasim ( ) or phantasim ( )

Black mask ( )

Killer Crock ( )

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The dark knight rises questions? about the ENDING?

Well Batman didn't die first off. That was actually him with Catwoman in Italy that Alfred saw at the cafe. His survival is explained in the scene when Lucius is going to work on The Bat's autopilot system and the tech with him said it was already fixed by Bruce Wayne. So Batman had autopilot to get rid of the bomb. He just didn't tell anyone because he was taking Alfred's advice. He was gonna kill "Batman" so Bruce Wayne could move on from Rachel's death and try and have a real life.

I felt the same way about Catwoman. I think it was more or less trying to be like the newest game Batman: Arkham City where Batman and Catwoman team up throughout the game. Still Anne Hathaway is a better Catwoman then Michelle Phifer. She did Julie Newmarr and Lee Meriwether proud. Those were the actress's that played Catwoman in the 60's tv show and movie by the way.

As far as having Joseph Gordon-Levittms character's first name being Robin. I think that was for fans also. He said he'd never have Robin actually in the trilogy. No Boy Wonder. But that's kinda what John Blake felt like, just without the costume. As for Wayne Manor becoming an orphanage. Bruce left Wayne Manor to the city to house the orphans because the home where they were was no longer receiving money for the Wayne Foundation. Which only received money when Wayne Enterprises made money. But since Bruce exiled himself in his mansion, the Company and Foundation weren't making money. So he gave the Orphan's his home. Then they would never have to leave.
also, you can't have a Batman/X-Men crossover. Batman is a DC Comics property, X-Men is a Marvel Comics property. They are rivals. Never gonna happen.

Question About "The Dark Knight Rises"?

It's too hard to compare animation to live action. I think the animated mobies are far better than the live action, both in tone, characterization and action. Most are ripped directly from the comics or at least in characterization. I hate comicbook films in general, apart from the Marvel Cinema universe films, I stand by my views on comicbook movies. Nolan's Batman isn't a traditional comicbook movie, it's an action/thriller/crime drama based on a comicbook character(s). It's taking a comicbook and putting it into the real world. Very few characters can do that. Batman and Superman seemingly are the only ones that can and still leep faithful to characterization. If Nolan's Batman was more of a traditional Batman film, it probably wouldn't have the following it has. I'll wager that his and Snyder's Man of Steel is going to be a hit. If Goyer and Nolan can write a decent script for the second movie, it could potentially be as successful as Batman. I like the more realistic superhero genre. I guess that's why I enjoyed Earth One Superman and Batman so much which I recommend to any fan other Nolan's superhero work.

The dark knight rises.........?

Well the likelihood of Dark Knight Rises beating the Avengers will be stunted by 3 things.

1) The movie is a half an hour longer than the Avengers.
2) The Avengers had 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D, that is a lot more money coming in, especially considering every 5 showings of TDKR there were 6 Avengers showings.
3) The Dark Knight Rises is a very story driven movie, yes it has some nice action in it but its more about the story than anything else, no real replay value except for hardcore batman fans, the Avengers had action film fans going back again and again while also having Avenger, Thor, Ironman, Captain America, and Hulk fans doing it also.

I can't speak for Hunger Games having never seen it but again from what I understand it had a very high repeat fan base, similar to that of Harry Potter. The Dark Knight Rises will do well, but many industry annalists have stated they don't see it doing better than the Avengers and similar movies due to length and lack of 3D ticket sales.

*Spoilers* The Dark Knight trilogy questions?

1. I'm pretty sure they all survived (I mean, think about it--they're ninjas)

2. Because the Joker is fundamentally hypocritical--saying he doesn't have a plan and just goes with the flow when he clearly has elaborate plans ("schemes") for everything. This explains his two completely different stories about how he got his scars as well. He's not a villain with an ultimate goal or a code to go by like Ra's al Ghul or Bane, he just "does things," even if that means contradicting himself.

3. The gun he threw to Talia was in the hands of one of the League of Shadows warriors, whom Batman took out when he entered the building, and I assume he gave it to her to keep it out of his hands in case he woke up.

4. "I learned here there can be no true despair without hope. So, as I terrorize Gotham, I will feed its people hope to poison their souls. I will let them believe that they can survive so that you can watch them clamoring over each other to stay in the sun." - Bane to Bruce in the prison

5. As the prison doctor said "It was a time of plague," whatever that may mean. Also, it's prison. Sometimes people drop the soap.

6. Those five months during which time Gotham was occupied by the League of Shadows were Talia's reward for waiting so long to avenge her father's death. As she says to Batman, "it's the slow knife, the knife that takes its time, the knife that waits years without forgetting, then slips quietly between the bones. That's the knife that cuts deepest." She wanted Bruce to watch as his city lived with false hope and then burned for five months because he murdered her father (or so she thought).

7. It's known as platonic love (watch "Leon: The Professional" and you'll understand).