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Question Of A Good Friend Of Mine

Obsolete Question or Post: A good friend of mine is about to begin a medical residency at VCU in Richmond, VA. What areas or neighborhoods should he look at for reasonably priced 1 bedroom apartments?

There are couple of good reasonable apartment on West Franklin St. ( such as Monroe Park Towers, Berkshire Apartments, Park Plaza at Belvidere, American Tobacco Center, Colonial Reserve, etc). The VCU campus shuttle which connects both the MCV and Monroe Park campus, goes through west franklin st. Fan area near Monroe Park campus is also another alternative for students This link may be informative: Apartments Near Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Housing | Uloop

I like a good friend of mine?

It seems like you really like this girl:) If you feel like she's the one, go for it. But just think about how both if you are going to feel after wards if you date and break up. I went through this same thing but it was my best friends brother. We are still awkward around each other and it's been a while. Maybe try getting her to confess her feelings for her before just asking her out. And if you do ask her out and she says no, she's probably just nervous and thinks you guys are too good of friends. Just make her realize how good of a person you are. Maybe try flirting with her so much that it's obvious that you want her. Hope this works. Be yourself! Please, please tell me if any of these ideas work:)

Why isn't there a good friend of mine?

I think you should turn this question around and ask yourself, ‘what can I do to have good friends’.People will only be attracted to you if you have similar qualities to others you are trying to meet. This means taking a good look at yourself and finding out what is preventing you from having good friends. Maybe you are not putting yourself in the right company, or you are not going out as much. Maybe you talk very little or have nothing much to say to engage with other people.All those things can be changed. You can increase the attractiveness of your personality by paying attention to the way you dress, having a good range of topics that interest you, networking with the right groups.Hope this helps!Online dating articles, free dating sites reviews, relationship advice

What should I do when a very good friend of mine says that she doesn't need me in her life anymore?

The problem may not be with you ,it could be something that she is currently going through that is overwhelming her and undermining her emotional strength ,and wants to be left alone.Friends fall into many categories depending on the chemistry of connection between you. Best friends are truthful,fun to be with, good friends are very caring ,helpful ,they miss you and enquire,they make up , close friends don t need to be told anything or explained they understand and dont give up,true friends are friends for ever ,they are almost an extention of you,they understand your emotional makeup and traits better than you,always say nice things about you,never give up on you,and they are there when you need them or least expect,toxic friends take advantage of you,they have opportunistic agendas and motives,come only when they need you , so on and so forth .Now you need to know which category did your friend fall under and how appropriate was you reciprocation and response .Most friendship blow up in secs due to misunderstanding,misjudgement,misinterpretation,money issues ,and so on ,you need to see if there was any such possibility . Whatever may be the reason, you could always ask for an explanation to clear up ,and if none is forthcoming, and you have been honest with your intentions ,just let go and leave the person alone , you have learnt the lessons , focus on issues that are priority ,and important for you,and don t waste your vital emotional energy on things that don t matter .This is the only winning game you can play. Why put at stake your self esteem,integrity ,values and peace of mind ,for what you can t change or control. Just reboot ,refresh,let go ,bounce back and move on ,let time decide everything.

I'm staying with a good friend of mine in a new city tonight. What should we do?

Do what you want to do.

So i am selling my car to a good friend of mine!!!!?

You need a bill of sale
I purchase agreement spelling out how much is paid down, what payments are, and when they are due.
The purchase agreement also MUST have the terms of default spelled out very plainly. "If Billy is late more than 3 days, a $20 late fee will apply. If Billy is 10 days late, we reserve the right of repossession."
All paperwork needs to include a VIN and description of the car. Something simple liek "Red 1977 Chevroelt Citation"
You will need to retitle the car in the buyer's name WITH YOU AS THE LIENHOLDER. Failure to put yourself on as lienholder waives all legal rights to the car, and nullifies the right to repossess. You must be the lienholder. If he actually pays the car off, you will give him a lien release and your name will be off the title.
You MUST include this statement "Vehcile is sold AS IS WHERE IS with no promises, warranties or guarantees of condition either expressed or implied. Vehicle sale is final with no rights of recission."

After you have all these documents, make 2 copies of everything. Take them to you bank, or a FedEx Kinkos (they usually have a notary on staff). Sign the documents in the notary's presence. You keep one copy of the papers, the buyer gets a copy.

Then go ahead and start looking at court dates. Thats where you will end up eventually. May as well clear a date on the calendar now.

If I asked a good friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a while to hang out, and she said um sure if I’m not too busy with school or tennis practice, is that a reluctant yes?

Yes. Didn’t sound like she was to excited to spend time with you and you don’t seem to be a priority as she rather go tennis practice. School on the other hand is understandable, work and school usually come first in life, but tennis practice is kind of a hobby. Which she may also be really passionate. What’s confusing is why not arrange a time after tennis practice? Kind of weird because she won’t be at tennis practice for the whole day…From the looks of it she’s not interested and is she really a “good friend,” if you haven’t seen each other in a while or spent time?

Why does my child look so similar to a good friend of mine?

This could be because your child and you maybe distantly related to this friend ! There are 2 guys at my church who had the same last name and they found out that they are distantly related ! One of these guys has a daughter who is mentally slow and has children with different men but her cousin who looks nothing like her , has graduated from college and works in a hospital ! I have 5 older sisters and brothers ! I look like my 2 nd and 3 rd sister’s ! I do not look like my brothers or my oldest sister ! My oldest sister looks like my aunt on my dads side ! Even adults looks can change ! The other day it looked like my brother who I have lived with all of my life , nose began to look my moms nose ! My mom and her sister never did look anything alike though they had the same mom ! Thanks