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Question On Pot And That

I have a question about using a Neti Pot?

A yoga teacher showed us a breathing exercise to perform after performing neti cleansing. I don't always do it after each neti session, because I haven't had any problems, but here is what she recommended.

After nasal cleansing, you stand in mountain pose (tadasana). Then raise your arms slowly so they are by your ears. Bend your knees and gently swing your arms down, bringing your head to about chest level, simultaneously giving a very strong exhalation, like you're trying to clear your nose. Do this about 5 times. Then lie down on your yoga mat (or bed, I guess) in corpse pose (savasana) for 10 minutes.

She said the reason we need to do this is that neti cleansing sometimes causes disequilibrium in our ear passages. The salt water has cleaned out our nose and our body is adjusting to this new state. Also, be careful not to get the saline water into your ear passages. Try tilting your head at a different, less extreme angle.

My thought is that the connection between your nasal cavity and ear canal is larger or at an unusual angle and water is getting into your ears--that's why some water is getting trapped. Also, your saline solution sounds too strong, too much salt. As a previous responder suggested, use natural untreated sea salt and make sure it is well dissolved in body temperature water (not too hot) before performing neti.

Yes, you were already carrying an infection and that's why you got sick so quickly after doing the neti.

I hope you will continue finding a way to use neti as it is a wonderful and natural way to clean out the start of your respiratory system. I use it when I feel my allergies starting to act up, to prevent irritants from making my nasal membranes swell. It has helped me avoid infections many times.

Pot bellied pig question?

I do potbelly pig rescue, and, as another person answered, they are given up VERY frequently because people didn't do their homework befor getting one. They are NOT the pet for everyone, and they need allot of attention, and a place, outside to "just be a pig". They can become quite destructive, in the house if not given lots to do and attention. They need to be trained properly or they can become agressive towards people and other animals. Dogs and pigs do not mix.
There are several books on training potbellies. Potbelly Pig Behaviour and Training, by Prisilla Valentine, Potbelly Pig Parenting, by Nancy Shepard. There are several web sites that will give you some good info., PPN (Pig Placement Nework), North American Potbelly Pig Assoc.
As far as feeding goes, you should feed a specialized Potbelly pig food, like Mazuri Active, for a young one. 1/4 to 1/2 cup of pellets twice a day, (when he/she is a baby, increase to 3/4 to 1 cup twice a day as they get older) and lots of green leafy vegetables. Anything low calorie. Watch the fruit, as it is high in sugar and will put on too much weight. Are you getting this piglet from a reputable breeder? Isn't he/she giving you any info on this baby?
Please!!!!!! do your homework before you bring this little one home, to avoid heartache, down the road.
Kim W.

Why do people ask “stir the pot” questions?

That depends entirely on the person, the situation, and the subject. A teacher standing in front of a bored class in the late afternoon might very well ask such a question to get their attention and interest.A troublemaker might well ask such a question just to cause upset. The question as asked really can’t be answered, as you would need to cover dozens of different circumstances.

Need help with this chemistry question?

If the ambient pressure in the sealed pot is increased due to the temperature increase, and the fact that it is sealed, then the boiling point of the water will increase.

Boiling occurs at the temperature where the vapor pressure of water equals the ambient pressure. If the ambient pressure were to increase from 760 torr to 800 torr, then the boiling point would be the temperature where the vapor pressure of water was 800 torr. This would be in excess of 100C.

Question invovling marijuana and poop...?

I just smoked marijuana for the first time exactly 24 hours ago. Got very high, lasted about 4 hours.

Sorry to be blunt....but I just took an enormous dump, it was really big, it was very dark (almost black), and it smelled like pot.

Is that normal?

I just did a quick search on here, and when someone asked "Does smoking weed make your poop smell like weed" and the answer was a resounding "no."

I ate right before I smoked. And I ate at the hungry stage. And I ate normally today.

Conductivity, tough question?

Water is already at 100 °C. Heat added is used up in changing water from the liquid to the vapor phase. This takes 540 kcal per kg of water, or 2.26 E3 kJ/kg. To boil 0.2 kg of water, 0.2 kg × 2.26 E3 kJ/kg = 452 kJ are required. This is done in 300 s (5 min), so to boil 0.2 kg of water in this time, heat should be delivered at the rate of P = E/t = 452 E3 / 300 = 1 506 J/s, or 1 506 W. This power P customarily appears as Q/t in heat transfer formulas.

a) Now, since P = Q/t = kA ∆T/∆x, solving for ∆T yields

∆T = P ∆x / kA = 1.5 E3 × 2.5 E-3 / 240 × 2 E-2 = 0.785 K = 0.785 °C.

This is the temperature difference between both sides of the aluminum bottom. Since the water is at 100 °C, temperature at the aluminum/steel interface is 100.785 °C.

b) Repeat the calculation above with k = 14 W/m·K, instead of 240. This results in a temperature difference of 6.43 K, or 6.43 °C. Since the colder side of the steel plate is at 100.785 °C, the hotter side will be at 100.785 + 6.43 = 107.2 °C.

Essay Questions on Pol Pot and the Khymer Rouge?

To what extent did Pol Pot not warrant peoples' natural rights during his Khmer Rogue?

What is the answer for this physics question (A pot is partially filled with water ...)?

The water level will fall once the lead is at the bottom of the pot.

The reason is that whilst the cup is floating it will displace a volume of water that has the same mass as the mass of lead. This volume of water is some 17 times greater than the volume of the lead.

When the lead is placed directly in the water it can only displace a volume equal to its own volume.
So far more water is displaced by the floating cup than by the sinking lead.

You can do this experiment easily. So just do it. You could use a stone instead of lead although the differences won't be as marked.