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Questions About Cold War Like What Did The Soviet Union And U.s Do

United states and soviet union question.?

Actually, I would chalk it up to a lack of events. Events such as the Berlin crisis and Cuban Missile crisis only escalated the fear and mistrust. However years went by after that without any major incidents and gave them the opportunity to settle down and try and deal with each other.

Soviet union questions around cold war era PLEASE help!!!?

1) Due to the fact that Poland until 1921 did not conclude a peace treaty with the Soviet Union, trade "Poland-USSR" had ceased. Nothing else I can not remember.
Sorry, read as "The First World War")
1*) As far as I know, the Soviet Union is completely rebuilt Eastern Europe's economy from the late feudal to an industrial. In general, you may be sufficient to look at Wikipedia.
2) The reasons for this, in my opinion: a) For the RF: dire financial situation after the collapse of the Soviet Union. b) For the USA: failure of the space sector without foreign assistance (mostly German, to a lesser extent the French). However, due to the resumption of the Cold War by the United States, this cooperation is being decreases (in the long term, will be completely phased out).

Which country (US or Soviet Union) was responsible for the Cold War?

What were the concepts of the Cold war? What are the faults of each side?(Please add specific examples that illustrate the causes from both sides) What world events caused it?

12 Question Interview for someone who lived during the Cold War!?

I would really appreciate If you would take the time to answer these questions. I need this for a assignment In my world history class.

Date of birth?
List of places that you lived between 1945 and 1989.

1. Where did you grow up?
2. What was the first time you remember hearing about the Soviet Union (or the USSR) and its conflict with the United States? Explain.
3. What do you remember seeing or reading in the news about the Cold War?
4. What books did you read or movies did you watch that villainized the Soviet Union or dealt with the Cold War? How did they shape your impressions at that time?
5. What were you taught in school and at home about the Soviet Union? What did your school and family teach about nuclear threats and nuclear war?
6. Were you or any of your family members ever afraid that there would be a hot war or nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union? When did you feel that way? What did you do anything to prepare or get ready for it?
7. What aspects of the Space Race do you remember? What did it mean to you?
8. How was the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union promoted in sports? Can you think of any specific examples?
9. Do you remember the Berlin Wall coming down? How did it make you feel? How have your feelings about that era changed since 1989 and the Berlin Wall coming down?
10. How do you think future generations will remember the Cold War? What lessons should students today take away from the Cold War?
11. How does psychological warfare today compare to psychological warfare during the Cold War?
12. What was it like to live and experience for yourself the events that took place during the Cold War?

Do you feel like it was inconsistent for the U.S. to aid the soviet union despite their ideological difference?

One might say yes in that if we give the country aid, we are propping up their government.

However, if our long range goal was to act in a humanitarian fashion. then no, because we intended to help the population of the Soviet Union.

It's hard to hurt a government without hurting the citizens. it's also hard to help the citizens without benefiting the government.

This is true of any current nations whose policies we don't like, e.g. North Korea or Iran.

During the Cold War, when war with the Soviet Union seemed inevitable, did any Americans regret defeating Nazi Germany?

I do not know about regret as to the Nazis but regret about helping the Soviets occupy Europe most definitely. Patton wanted to role on through as he saw the coming conflict as inevitable. Truman hated the Soviets, didn’t trust them, and chewed out foreign minister Molotov during his first visit. I think General Marshall never trusted the Soviets either. Also there was Joseph McCarthy and his sycophants who used the Red Terror to their advantage and likely had such opinions.

What would have Stalin thought of the late cold war era Soviet Union?

He would probably be mad at…the failure of the war in AfghanistanIncreasing democratic and capitalistic principles implanted by GorbachevArms Treaties limiting the number of nuclear weaponsThe failure of the Soviets to be the first on the moonthe Solidarity Movement in Poland and other movementsthe fact that Gorbachev was allowed to become Secretary GeneralHe would probably be happy about…The early successes of the space raceSupporting foreign communist movementsThe US failure in VietnamCuba (a nation right next to America) was communist

Question to Americans: What were you taught about the Soviet Union in school, what was your reaction and after-thoughts?

I grew up in the "Cold War" and we were taught that basically, anything in the world was better than being Russian.  Russians were forced to work and hand their children into government care to be raised with Communist ideals.  The Russian government wanted to take over the world and we needed to be wary, lest that happen.  The KGB was dangerous and sneaky.  Spies might be all around us and the bomb could drop at any second.  BUT, I always wanted to visit Russia and see who the people really were.  I learned to cook Russian food and even hosted a Russian foreign exchange student for the year before 9/11.  Most recently, I discovered that my mother's father's family immigrated from Russia to the US, back in the 1910s.  They were German Mennonites who lived along the Volga River for many years. German settlements in Russia began during the reign of Catherine The Great!  Lots more to the story. Huge contrast between what i was taught, versus what i know now! What an amazing world!