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Quick Questions On Damage To The Liver Afterwards Help

Question about meth overdose(please help ASAP!!!!!!!)?

Did they make you come down somehow? depending on the strength of the meth you smoked and how much, you could still just be feeling the effects of the drug and not some side effect from an overdose. I've never heard of a meth overdose while i was doing it except in conjunction with the use of another drug, but "overamping" is what you described and could lead to heart failure or something similar. Like I said, those effects sound like you are still spun out.

You won't have a heart attack, although I can't say whether your liver will be damaged (not significantly, anyways). Drug overdoses are very quick and painful, you should be fine now and if you weren't, you would definitely know. Most likely the symptoms are from being worried about it. That being said, smoking meth is the most harmful way to ingest it (more so than shooting it up). There is a reason why people who do meth lose their teeth when they are 30, its because they smoked it. If you do it again, i can guaruntee you will have not only liver damage but everything else in your body will be f---ed up, permanently.

How can I try and help my liver after a Tylenol overdose?

I did this very thing almost 28 years ago. Remember fading away, but someone found me on a hiking path (sunny afternoon) and called the ambulance. I woke up the next day in the hospital with drips, and my stomach hurt (I guess from the charcoal and pumping?). Sorry, it’s been so many years.I did not drink anything for a long time as I washed the pills down with vodka and I don’t drink much anyways. It was just repulsive afterward.Livers are remarkable organs and can regenerate in an amazing way. Look after yourself and I would ask an internist or gastro doctor for the best advice and they might recommend a liver function test to see how you are getting along.Beware of liver detox quick fixes and special diets without talking to a doctor first.You will be fine… and I am glad you (and me) are still here!

What is the fastest way to cure a hangover?

The consumption of ethanol which is found in wine, beer and distilled spirits, leads to hangover. A hangover is the experience of various unpleasant physiological and psychological effects. We all have at some point tried out Bhang during Holi, gives you a nasty hangover.Symptoms of a hangover are headache, drowsiness, concentration problems, dry mouth, dizziness,vomiting, absence of hunger, sweating, hyper-excitability and anxiety, which last for several hours or for more than 24 hours.Ways to get rid of the hangover:-Drinking water before going to bed or during hangover may relieve dehydration.The most common remedy for a hangover is have lemon water, it restores the salts in the body and rehydrates your system.Getting plenty of sleep after heavy drinking can help your body recover.Take warm water bath to soothe your nerves followed by a walk (fresh air) to get rid of the hangover.The fructose and sugar content will energize and rejuvenate, so have lots of fresh fruits.Mix up some cold milk, bananas, carrots, strawberries and other nutritious berries, add a pinch of salt and blend the mixture.No significant correlation between caffeine use and hangover severity has been found, so have caffeinated drink.Eating a good breakfast is a renowned hangover remedy. It can help restore blood sugar levels,What to avoid — Painkillers and fried snacksBe Healthy - stay Happy!!Source - Tips- beauty & health

4 lb. puppy ate 200mg phenazopyridine yesterday. not acting right today.?

She threw up shortly afterwards, played like normal. She also urinated all of the orange out. Still acted normal. Today she isn't acting right, she's not playing, just kind of sits there or lays down. What can I do for her untill I can get her to a vet on Monday?

Liver biopsy - Is it painful?

It's not painful. You shouldn't feel the stick -- maybe just some pressure.

Local anesthetic is used. Conscious sedation is used for young children or anyone else who can't be trusted to hold still.

The liver can and does bleed a lot. To avoid a situation where someone bleeds to death, after the biopsy you will be instructed to lie on your right side. That puts pressure on your liver and helps seal off the puncture. In addition, your hematocrit will be checked repeatedly. (This is a finger stick blood test that helps determine any internal bleeding.)

Take a book or music or something. You may have to lie there for up to 4 hours after the biopsy.