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Quote Sanskrit About People Using Hurtful Words

What are some beautiful but unusual Urdu words?

From the point of view of someone who speaks “good” Urdu, none of the words will sound unusual. But most people would find these very beautiful. Also, translations are hard to do since that is the very criterion to list these words; they should invoke a new emotion.Ahtaraq- To light up, inflame somethingKoh-i-noor- Literally mountain of light. Most people don’t know koh and noor are two different words, koh meaning mountain and noor meaning light.Ayadat- To go to meet someone when they are facing troubling times.Iztiraab- Painful anxiety, anguish, trouble, tortured/agitated.Riqqat- (Almost) beg softlyFaaqa- State of living without food.Inteqaal- Means dead. But in literal sense, inteqaal is to get transferred. From Islamic perspective, it means transferred to hereafter.Unsiyat, ulfat, ishq, muhabbat- Unsiyyat is simply acceptance or state of neutrality or mild acquaintance. Ulfat is strong liking and bonding. Ishq is love, and has a degree of lust involved.Muhabbat is pure love. Love without any physical intimacy.Masla- This word has so many meanings; ruling, topic, issue, complication, hurdle etc. Plural is masail (ma-saa-il). One of my uncles got thrown out of a plane when he told his fellow passenger he had lots of masail in his life which air hostess mistook as missiles. No jokes.Nafas/Nafs- Comes from Arabic and denotes self. Also used colloquially in Hindi as nabz/nafs to refer to heartbeat. However, the original term popular in Urdu is pretty complicated and is spirit of life. Closest translation I can think of is neshemah in Hebrew and no, it does not mean soul.Mujahida- This word has been maligned severely since it comes from root JHD, which reads jihad. It means facing hardships to progress spiritually. However, more commonly, it is used to refer to state of hardships in general.

Why do Jains ask for forgiveness only once a year using the words, "Michhami Dukkadam" or “Uttam Kshama”?

Before I answer your highly respectable question, please answerWhy do you wish valentine’s day to your partner only once in a year?Why do you wish Mother’s Day to your mother only once in a year?Why do you wish Father’s day to your father only once in a year?So, my friend “Jainis” have a festival called SAMVATSARI PARV. On this auspicious occasion, they fast whole day and do a prayer called “PRATIKRAMAN” (Pratikraman (literally Sanskrit "introspection"), is a process during which Jains repent (prayaschit) for their sins during their daily life, and remind themselves not to repeat them) . Through this prayer they ask for forgiveness for all the wrong deeds they have done in a year. Then, they call their relatives and close ones to ask for forgiveness by saying MICHHAMI DUKKADAM.Saying sorry is very difficult now a days (because of ego). We Jainis try to put aside our ego and ask for forgiveness to our elders as well as to those who are younger to us, whom we have hurt intentionally or unintentionally.We also, forgive people who have hurt us through their bad deeds.P.S.: That doesn’t mean, you murder someone and ask for forgiveness and you will be forgiven. It is for the deeds you regret from your heart.MICHHAMI DUKKADAM _/\_

What is the best thing to say someone who cheated on you while you talk to him for the last time?

When you find out that the love of your life , has been cheating on you, there is nothing smart or witty left to tell him/her. You feel stupid. You get flashes of all the time you have spent with them; of all the time they dodged you; of all the times you thought they are the one for you; of all the times you could have caught them red handed, of all the times you felt lucky to have them. And you feel utterly stupid that you let somebody trick you like that.You go through a emotional turmoil, where the ‘sensible you' demands how you let yourself befooled and the 'inner you' wants to know why they did that, were you not good? Some other part of you hopes to have them back.Amidst all this you go head and meet them. In your head you think of all the things you can ask them/ tell them, but your senses fail you. You lose the will to make sentence or to sound indifferent.When I went to meet him for the last time, I literally pleaded him to stay. When somebody asks me if I will trust him again if he comes begging to me I laugh off n say no. Nothing can make me trust him again. But I know I wouldn't have given it a second thought.And I think one shouldn't say anything, as they are, definitely, not bothered.

I have auditions for farewell anchoring tomorrow. What are some good funny lines?

Thanks for A2A.In my school, we celebrated farewell recently,when my two sisters were the anchors. Here are some nice beginning lines,which" i think" are good:1.We all came here as strangers,saying"pata nahi yaar kese dost milengey,kesi teachers hongey..kese sab baat karenggey..?" And now we all are so perfectly glued to each other that even Fevicol would feel jealous.2. Life is not just a journey from beginning to the end(destination)....sometimes it is the horrifying journey from class to principal's office ...!3. The situations of life are a way harder to bunk than a class.4. Sharing lunch was hard..and even harder when other friend hasn't brought one :p.5. We all like surprises,but that doesn't mean that teachers should take surprise tests.6. Good friends are tough to find but impossible to get rid of..when become bestis!7. Its said that books are best friends of man...but hard to realize this in library.!Good luck!

If someone says 'I forgive, but I don't forget', do they really forgive? How do they show it or is it just lies?

Forgiving is extremely empowering and a huge relief it allows you to get back on with your life, if you don't forgive you end up being resentful for a long time. The never forget bit is important too. Forgiveness comes down to 2 different values Mercy and grace. Exercising either of them requires you not to forget the transgression (and nearly all humans will have a very hard time forgetting a betrayal anyway).Mercy would be offering forgiveness when someone asks for it and has repented, it doesn't require you do anything more than this , forgiving doesn't mean regression back to the former state of things it is simply holding no ill will towards the offender. You can forgive and ostracize someone (this is not a punishment this is indifference you just remove yourself from their company), and that is a valid response dependant on the value of the relationship and the number of transgressions.Grace is far harder. Grace is taking the unrepentant offender forgiving him regardless and finding it within yourself to help them, not regress things back to the former state of the relationship because that would be positively reinforcing a bad behaviour, but take them and yourself on a different path of understanding each other help them understand their evil and show them a way to act more virtuous by example.In both cases the relationship what ever it was will never be the same as it was, it could grow stranger or desolve altogether, but it should not be forgotten, because you have to learn from it to avoid the same mistake in the future, notice someone likely to do the same or learn not to push someone to some kind of behaviour. Usually this leads to more umderstanding and better communication skills.