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Raising Money For Student Exchange

Ways to save up money for a student exchange to Japan?

I want to save up for a student exchange with the program AFS. Their program seems the best after I've watched videos. Currently the tuition is $15,000 and I want to save up at least $500-$600 dollars for pocket money. How much money do you think I could save up in 3-4 years? Do you have any ways that could help me save up a lot of money?

Annoying exchange student?

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Are there student exchange programs that allow 14 year olds & homeschooled?

Most programs will work with homeschooled students. However, NO reputable program will send a 14-year-old. Government requirements state that students should be between 15 and 18 1/2 to do a foreign exchange. Unfortunately, you sister will just have to wait another year. Besides, 14 is just too young. I know I would not consider hosting a 14-year-old, or even a 15-year-old for that matter.
However, that's not necessarily a bad thing. That gives her more time for language study and time to raise money. Exchange years are expensive!
Since she is home schooled, it make take a bit more work with the exchange program as well. She may have to be tested in order to provide some form of transcripts.
To find a program, first make sure it's CSIET listed ( You might also make a call to the local high school and see if the counselor there will recommend a program to you. A program is only as good as its local representatives. AFS, Aspect, Rotary and YFU are generally reliable everywhere. Rotary is the cheapest, but most competitive. I do know that YFU takes homeschooled students for sure, as I was involved with one of those a few years back.
For more information on becoming an exchange student, have your sister go to -- an online community of exchange students.
Good luck!

How much does it cost to be a foreign exchange student?

I've been studying German recently and I think it sounds really fun to maybe do a foreign exchange program and live there for a few months. My mum says it's very expensive though, and I can't seem to find an estimate or even something exact on the internet. So I'd like it if someone answered? Thanks.

I want to study abroad, but I do not have enough money. What can I do?

You can apply for a scholarship …I'm from india and I didn't have any money with me when decided to study abroad . After a long search for some scholarships I found so many chances all over the world . I didn't have money and time to prepare for IELTS or any other English proficiency exams. So I couldn't apply for a number of scholarships . But I found Turkey govt. Scholarship (Home - Türkiye Bursları )doesn't need that kind of exams and it's application system is very easy . So I applied for this scholarship . After one month they sent me a message that my application was successful and they invited me for an interview in Delhi. I went there alone after borrowing some money from friends (it's like 2000km away from my home). The interview was very easy for me . After one and half month that beautiful news came to my email .. I was just jumping and dancing when I see that… then I got visa and flight ticket for free ..and ..yup I'm in Turkey… I'm getting a scholarship of 250$ every month besides the food ,accommodation and health insurance. I'm studying well…. Yea . Even poor can study wherever if he have academic caliber.. my dream is studying masters degree in Oxford or Cambridge university. I will study hard until I get a scholarship to study in the no. 1 unv. In the world..In nutshell, you can study anything anywhere if you really want to do it… good luckFind the best scholarship for you from this website

My daughter wants to be a foreign exchange student? help?

My husband and I have hosted 5 exchange students (aged 15 to 18) and have always wondered how our kids' natural parents could handle being away from them for that long!
I will re-iterate some of what has already been said. You should contact a local person with the program that your daughter wants to use. Call the national office (or many programs have an online inquiry 'form') and they should help you find that person or talk to you themselves. They should be able to answer all of your questions about how the host families are screen for safety and appropriateness for your daughter. You can also (many times) contact parents of former exchange students. If you daughter happens to be thinking about using YFU, you can go to and for help.
Only you know your daughter enough to decide if the experience she will get out of going abroad is "worth" the loneliness that you might experience. (You will have to consult an attorney about how it might affect the financial support you get -- I would think that it wouldn't.) All I can say is that one of my biggest regrets in life is that I didn't look into it more when I was in high school. (My thinking was that someone who goes to school with holes in her shoes has no business asking to go abroad - I didn't know there are (competitive) scholarships.)
I'm glad that you are thoughtfully considering letting her go. I'm sure that you will reach a decision that is right for ALL of your family.

I need to raise $15,000 dollars in 2 years for a foreign exchange program to Japan. What are some good fundraising ideas for achieving this goal?

It's great that you're investing in your education. Good for you!Some ideas:- expand your lawn care business by using online and offline strategies, maybe get other students to do some of the work and take your cut as the business grows. I made my first money doing lawn work between the ages of 14 and 16 and it's a great way to get started, it pays well and you can scale- ask family and family friends to sponsor you or loan you the money at interest. You're investing in your education so your earning power will go up. Maybe there's somebody around that sees that as being a good deal, while helping you personally- I'm assuming that a lot of the $15k are expenses in Japan so you don't need the money on the first day you get there. Get a job teaching English - it pays well and you can do that while you're there- crowdfunding among family, friends and further acquaintances, using GoFundMe or a similar platform.Good Luck.

How do I raise money for a new venture capital, VC Fund or Accelerator, that invests in business startups?

Here’s an idea that could bring you some operational funding (month by month).You’re surrounded by Universities offering entrepreneurial course and programs, all guided an facilitated by professors who are talking about stuff they’ve never even seen (never mind done). So you have huge credibility to offer.Offer to let them and their course-students into the programme in exchange for funding from the University (which will be in turn collected from the students). Say about $500/student per month. Per 20 students, you’re getting $10,000/mo for operational expenses.???Good hunting.