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Ramadan I Know One Shaitan Born To Muslim Family But Always Very Handsome

Why destiny is so unfair???Why i born in a Muslim family?Why me?Why not you or else?Why .........?

Anytime that I have something going on in my life (suffering of some kind), I know that I can take one of two approaches. I can become angry and ask "why" or I can learn from it, and try to overcome it, and be a better person for it. It may be hard for you to see today (not sure how old you are). The Islamic World and some practices in other countries are changing dramatically. In our country (US) roughly 60 years ago the freedoms that black people (descendants of slaves) enjoy today were unheard of. There were lots of unwritten laws (similar to Sharia law) that if violated the person and or their family paid dearly for it. Not everybody realized it at the time, but there was a lot of resentment and anger amongst blacks and all it took was a black lady named Rosa Parks that was tired after working all day, and was riding the bus home, and refused to get up and give her seat on the bus to a white person. This had never been done before!!...What was she thinking?...Well the black people organized rallies and did whats called a boycott where they pretty much didn't ride the bus anymore, slowly but surely things started to change, we had the civil rights movement in this country and black people have been able to advance greatly in a short period of time. That same anger and resentment is coming to the surface in the Middle Eastern world and most Muslims are beginning to realize that they have been lied to. That America is not the " great satan" ...Things will change very rapidly in the next 10-20 years in the Muslim community, it is the destiny of this planet that bad people, and bad governments cannot exist anymore. You never know, you could be in the forefront of change or you could just benefit from it. Embrace who you are at the moment, but never let it define you, what defines YOU is what YOU do with your life, your suffering, and or experiences are happening for a reason and it is up to you to determine that reason (it may not happen till later in life that you figure it out) and then act upon your destiny....Your destiny ends when you pass away (die) so as long as you are here, you have a purpose.....I wish you nothing but the best...

Ramadan: Do I live in abuse? Is running away haram?

Aslamu Alikum Warahamathullahi Wabarakahu Dear Sis, May Allah help you in your hardship Amen Ya Rab *hugs*

Dear Sis, don't you have aunts or uncles or any relative? If you have any, why don't you live with them rather than live in abuse? Sis, Islam teaches us to respect and obey our parents unless they ask us to disobey Allah Subhana Watala.
I feel you Sis, and am sorry I can't do anything except advise you. Sis, do you think you can do a part time job? like a receptionist in the Library or something small where intermingling with men doesn't occur much? If so sis, try one that you can do [make sure its halal] and save the money..this way you won't have to beg your parents when you need something. As for you parents calling you this and that, then remain patient, because with patient, you'll succeed Insha-Allah. I hope insha-Allah you marry a good man who will make you happy and give you more love that you didn't get. Remember the future is in Allah's hand, so return to Allah and make Dua sis in your Sujjod, hope Allah respond to you soon and make everything easy for you. May Allah send peace and tranquility in your heart Amen <3.
Also Sis, in your other question, some users were rude to you just because you don't know how to cook.I also don't know how to cook well and I am ashamed of myself because I am elder than you [6+). Sis, we are not created to cook and even after marriage, we don't even have to lift a cup. If we cook for our husband, then they should be thankful and honor us. Those users who called you names, just ignore them because some of them wouldn't understand your situation, unless they have more empathy. Islam honors us women Alhumdu Lillah. I am not saying you shouldn't learn how to cook, am just defending you and saying that its not the end of the world if you don't know how to cook, cooking can be learnt easily Insha-Allah. I am learning :)

Email me anytime Dear Sis :) *hugs*

Im Muslim and I'm constantly worried about Death?

Salaam, I was in much of the same position earlier in life. I suggest you do the following:

1) Find a place where you are by yourself, alone with your thoughts and away from distractions and sit down with a pen and some paper
2) BREATHE inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale relax
3) Now think. Search deep inside yourself and evaluate. What parts of your life are you proud of? Not so proud of?
4) Keep all of the things that you are not proud of in your mind....and let them go. repeat Astafirallah thinking of everything one at a time until you feel a weight lift from your chest. keep in mind this will only work if you are truly sorry for any bad actions from the past
5) Accept and renew. remember you can't change the past and Allah does not expect you to. If you sincerely apologize and make a pact to do your best to be a better person and clear your heart YOU ARE FORGIVEN. congratulations you are a new person
6) now you must accept death is a natural process and so if fear of death. Allah never said not to fear death because you should in way so that you are not putting yourself above death but not so much that you can't go on living life. when you are closer to death (i.e. old age, extreme illness, etc.) remember that you cannot avoid it and if you are pure at heart you have nothing to fear in the afterlife and you can look at it as one step closer to Allah
7) now grab your pen and paper and make of list of changes you want to see in your life. try to start small. maybe try to be consistent with prayer maybe not five times a day but at least one and build from there. and keep that paper handy
8) remember you are still a child and Allah only wants best for you and is always with you so don't stress out. at this age you are still learning and developing. so relax! :)

Hope I helped :) salaam and good luck!

p.s. you may want to also look at this link as well this is one of the many answers that are a simple google search away!

I going to convert to a Muslim!!!!!!!!!!!!.....?

My dear friend... I am a Christian. I will not criticize your friends that are Muslim. Today, there are many Muslims that are converting into Christianity. There are people going to India for missions. Our pastors and leaders have come back with testimonies that people are accepting that Jesus Christ is their Lord and savior by the HUNDREDS. Before you convert into a Muslim, please check out this link.

The term "Christianity" has been distorted by corrupt churches, leaders, etc. I prefer to call someone of the faith as A True Christ Follower. Christianity, is NOT religion. It is truth. You don't WORK to please God, but rather, God already loved you, thought of you before you were even born, and offers a plan for your life. Please... I beg you, do not live for a god that you have to PLEASE in order to receive his love. The true Lord, savior, and almighty Creator is one that loves you ALREADY.

"By grace you have been saved by faith, and that not of yourselves. It is a gift of God. Not as a result of works that no one can boast." Ephesians 2:8-9

So please click on the link below. You have nothing to lose right? if what I am saying is FALSE, and doesn't move anything in your spirit, then go to Allah. However, if I am right.... what would it mean?

I have found the answers and purpose in life through Christ Jesus alone. Father, Son, Holy Spirit in one.

Please, believe in Jesus. He loves you. So much... He weeps for you.

A Follower of Christ