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Ramadan Why Polytheism Is Worse Than Atheism In Islam

Is atheism or Islam worse?

Atheists have murdered hundreds of millions of people over a span of several decades.

- How cute, a fundie lying, who would have ever guessed.

-Muslims steal from Christian morality & twist it to justify massive evil.

- Never read the bible have you.

Atheists steal from Christian morality when it's convenient,

- No, we don't consider rape a marriage proposal.

Atheists pretend not to have a core ideology.

- Yes we do, it is called "thinking and intelligence".

-Muslims believe in eradicating all non-Muslims & establishing a global theocracy.

- Exactly what christians did for 1800 years.

Atheists typically believe in a secular utopia

- Like Sweden, Finland and other places that have virtually zero crime.

scientific dictatorship where man is forcefully blinded from the Knowledge of God

- And the idiot comes forth.

Muslims worship Satan in the form of Allah.

- And then you prove it.

Atheists worship Satan in the form of Gnosticism.

- You are right there. To fundies, thinking and intelligence is satanic.

Atheists are amoral,

- Which is why the prisons are filled with fundies.

Muslims believe in pedophilia by marriage.

- The age of reason in the Vatican is 12 years old.

Atheist liberals are just pedophiles

- No, those are priests and other clergy.

Atheists deny Jesus Christ because

- We have functional brain cells.

Atheists hate the true God because they hate morality.

- Says the person who thinks rape is a marriage proposal.

Which is regarded worse in Islam: Polytheists or Atheists?

That would depend on the definition of atheism and polytheism that we are using. Atheism is defined as the lack of belief in the existence of god(s). Atheism is not defined as god(s) do not exist. Polytheism is defied in believing in many gods and worshiping many gods. The Jews in their early days (e.g. before 2nd Isaiah) believed in many gods but worshiped only one god. Modern monotheism rose thanks to the Jewish adoption and modification of the Zoroastrian idea of god (i.e. after 2nd Isaiah). Even monotheism comes in many forms. Is atheism more worse that polytheism in Islam? To say you lack a belief in the existence of god(s) is to say that you see no good arguments or any good evidence to accept the theistic conclusion that at least a single god exists. There is no logical or ethical issue in not being convinced of something. To say you believe in many gods and worship many gods is to say that you see good arguments or good evidence to accept the theistic conclusion that at least a single god exists. Moreover, that you also see good arguments and good evidence to accept the polytheistic conclusion that many gods exist and deserve worship. Since Islam is historically and mainly an offshoot of post 2nd Isaiah Judaism (and many others) it argues for the existence of a single god and the worship of a single god. In Islam (as mentioned in the Koran itself) to add partners to god is the one unforgivable sin. Atheism is not mentioned in the Koran as being an unforgivable sin. Therefore, I would argue that polytheism is more worse in Islam.

Which is a greater sin: Atheism or polytheism?.?

there is not any the place in the Bible that states that atheism is a sin. It has as against that assume a perception in God and one that states to basically have self belief in a particular God whilst ideals in diverse God's have been known on the time whilst monotheism became a sparkling concept. The verse that asserts a non believer is a fool is according to affirming a fool if non perception in a particular God and perception in the different God is ridiculed, yet in no way does it state that atheism is taken into consideration one of them. so a techniques as diverse marriages, the Bible is chalk finished of diverse marriages as being the norm. in reality, its not suggested to be a sin. It says to not covet yet another guy's spouse, yet it is by using the fact his spouse is his belongings not by fact she's a sentient loose being who merits admire. No the place in the bible or the different Abrahamic faith based holy e book does it state that having extra advantageous than one union in a marriage is a sin.

Which makes most sense? monotheism, atheism, polytheism, deism or agnosticism and why?

Descartes said that, just in case God does exist, it is safer to say God exists than to deny the existence of God just because we do not, "experience" God. Despite all scientific evidence proving the Bible wrong,(Don't forget , the people that wrote the Bible, had no laboratories, computers, microscopes, telescopes, like us they speculated about things, and the Bible stories represent the cutting edge of technology when they were written, by mere men, scientific speculation from the stone ages.) despite Science proving the creation of the Universe was the Big Bang, if we accept that, our universe is just one amongst countless googleplexes of universes, who or what made this Multiverse, until someone comes up with a better theory we have to fall back on superstition and say, "God".

Is Islam polytheistic?

This is a surprising question and Lara Novakov’s answer to it is correct. Islam is, if anything, less problematically monotheistic than the other two Abrahamic faiths: the great Shema of Deuteronomy 6:4, which asserts that “the Lord is one,” sits alongside residual elements of Canaanite polytheism in the Pentateuch; and Christian history is punctuated by endless discussion of how a deity can be three and one at the same time. Islam has neither of these particular problems. I don’t mention this to suggest that Islam is superior in some way because its monotheism is clearer, but simply as a matter of fact.NOW: what the anonymous OP, who has supplied zero details for this question, may or may not know is that Arabia, prior to the rise of Islam, was rich with both polytheism and henotheism. Pre-Islamic Arabs soaked up the influences of Christianity from the Abysinnians to the south and Zoroastrianism from the north - both forms of monotheism — and prior to the rise of Islam the deity called Allah was the supreme, but little-cultivated, god in the pantheon enshrined in the Ka‘ba, the sacred shrine in Mecca. But that shrine also contained idols of the prophets and gods of the Judeo-Christian tradition and a bevy of native deities, such as the goddesses Allat, al-Uzza, and Manat. You can read more about these deities and the Ka‘ba on Wikipedia: Religion in pre-Islamic Arabia. (The space between the earth and heavens was occupied by intermediary spirits called djinn(i), whence the Anglicized term “genie.”)Islam is noteworthy for banishing these idols and establishing Allah as the one and only god — identified, crucially, with and as the god of Abraham, father of Ishmael/Ismail and putative founder of the Arab gens. Prior to the rise of Islam, the strongest monotheist cult indigenous to the region were the Hanif.Again, Islam banishes this polytheism, and follows the Hanif in adopting Abrahamic monotheism (as reimagined in the Qur’an).EDIT: Details have been added. Like humans, angels and shaitan and the like are parts of creation, not masters of it; creatures, not gods. Therefore, still no polytheism. A holy person does not undergo theosis in Islam. A holy person obeys the only true god and receives his or her reward for it; they are not among those who have gone astray. That is all.

What is better, monotheism or polytheism?

For all practical purposes, Polytheism is any day far more accommodating and and inclusive than Monotheism.Polytheism recognises the diversity in mankind and provides for different temperaments and liking.Monotheism is way less tolerant and requires its followers to forgo their belief in any other symbol of belief than their own.The best example would be the two major Abrahamic religions of Christianity and Islam, where you HAVE to believe in their respective prophets to be called a believer, and believing in any other form of divinity is blasphemy.On the other hand, Polytheism is based on the appreciation of natural forces, and each deity is fine tuned to the likes and dislikes of his / her followers.Also there is respect for those deities even whom you don't follow.The Greeks, Romans, Hindus and Egyptians were respectful of each other's deities when they traveled, and this can very well be seen in the Gandhara school of art, where Buddha is depicted in the style of Greek gods, as the invading Greeks maintained respect for the local deities.If you look at philosophical and logical explanations, Monotheism doesn't even make sense. Claiming there is ONLY one God who created everything seems to imply that this God is seperate from the world we live in.Now, to create something that is separate from you, the creator and the creation both have to exist as a part of a larger universe. Simply implying that this creator God is not the ultimate truth out there, and larger forms of power exist.Polytheism on the other hand talks about a natural order, which is not a material thing but a set of conditions, which have to exist for creation to happen ( or not happen). It doesn't hold the creator and the creation to be separate, as all are part of the same natural order.

Should we ban books criticizing atheism and polytheism?

Should we ban books criticizing atheism and polytheism?Since some religions (monotheism, particularly christianism and islam) would support (if not advocate) a ban of blasphemy, shouldn’t we ask for a ban of all books insulting or threatening us? In other words, don’t believers understand reciprocity (the golden rule predating all of your religions)?No,what you suggest is not the golden rule, but eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.The golden rule is to do unto them as you want them to do unto you, what you suggest is do unto them what they did or wanted to do to us, AKA retaliation.Furthermore it would hurt your cause. You should promote all religious and non-religious ideas to get attention instead of just one or none. We should allow all criticism on every idea out there, have it all open on the table and let the better ones survive.Religions might need the protection of censorship and filtering to thrive, but atheism doesn't, the more atheist bashing the better. If it is the true nature of some belief systems to insult and threaten then make sure they show their true nature to the world.It is just like advertising: it doesn't matter so much whether it is good news or bad news, what is worse is not being in the news. Anything that can make people see what goes and helps them to think critically is useful.

Ramadan: What's wrong with Islam?

Nothing is wrong with Islam

I will basically repeat what I answered here;...

Usually you will find that their leaving Islam is due to materialistic, worldly reasons or their reluctance to constantly pursue knowledge of Islam and their impatience in expecting knowledge to just be spoon fed to them without them making the effort to contemplate and ponder more deeply on the truth that is Islam

EDIT: Yes, those testimonials also seemed fake and far fetched to me and you clearly see deliberate exaggerations which once more clearly reflects the desperation such have to show in order to try and prove Islam wrong

EDIT: Allah is most wise and at times you might come across something that might make you wonder about Islam but what is actually happening there is that Allah is forcing us to think, forcing us to ponder and contemplate as He so often exhorts us to do in the Glorious Quran and basically those who leave Islam are not patient enough or determined or willing enough to ponder and contemplate. What I've always found is that when I start to patiently ponder, contemplate about any aspect I might maybe find indifferent, the lights start to turn on and I start to find things starting to make brilliant sense and I start to feel my knowledge and wisdom growing and more and more of the beauty and sublime wisdom of Islam starts to manifest itself to me, Allahuakbar :)

EDIT: Here are just a few of the many links which I know of to Muslim rebuttal sites which totally refute Ali Sina's and other anti-Islamic websites:

Ramadan: How can islam be true if it is monotheistic?

Unity of God:

Some polytheists argue by saying that the existence of more than one God is not illogical. Let us point out to them that if there were more than one God, they would dispute with one another, each god trying to fulfill his will against the will of the other gods. This can be seen in the mythology of the polytheistic and pantheistic religions. If a ‘God’ is defeated or unable to defeat the others, he is surely not the one true God. Also popular among polytheistic religions is the idea of many Gods, each having different responsibilities. Each one would be responsible for a part of man’s existence e.g. a Sun-God, a Rain-God, etc. This indicates that one ‘God’ is incompetent of certain acts and moreover he is also ignorant of the other Gods’ powers, duties, functions and responsibilities. There cannot be an ignorant and incapable God. If there were more than one God it would surely lead to confusion, disorder, chaos and destruction in the universe. But the universe is in complete harmony. The Glorious Qur’an says:

"If there were, in the heavens
And the earth, other gods
Besides Allah, there would
Have been confusion in both!
But glory to Allah,
The Lord of the Throne:
(High is He) above
What they attribute to Him!"
[Al-Qur’an 21:22]

If there were more than one God, they would have taken away what they created. The Qur’an says:

"No son did Allah beget,
Nor is there any god
Along with Him: (if there were
Many gods), behold, each god
Would have taken away
What he had created,
And some would have
Lorded it over others!
Glory to Allah! (He is free)
From the (sort of) things
They attribute to Him!"
[Al-Qur’an 23:91]

Thus the existence of one True, Unique, Supreme, Almighty God, is the only logical concept of God.

Islam: Is it true that in islam polytheism is a bigger sin than murder?

Yes. Look at Qur'an 4:48 which is translated as:Indeed, Allah does not forgive association with Him, but He forgives what is less than that for whom He wills. And he who associates others with Allah has certainly fabricated a tremendous sin. (The Noble Qur'an - القرآن الكريم)And Qur'an 4:116Indeed, Allah does not forgive association with Him, but He forgives what is less than that for whom He wills. And he who associates others with Allah has certainly gone far astray. (The Noble Qur'an - القرآن الكريم )Both verses says the same thing.This is my thinking - You can't have 1+ masters at the same time. If you ask for forgiveness to other gods, Allah will be really pissed and you won't be forgiven. If you're a muslim and committed murder or raped your own mother, you may be forgiven 'if Allah wills'.This might help: Articles and FAQs about Islam, Muslims, Allah, Muhammad (pbuh), Quran, Hadith, Woman, Fiqh and Fatwa.