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Rapist Characteristics

What are some negative characteristics of the Greek god Zeus?

-Cannabalism, murder, ate his wife to stop her from producing another son
-Control freak, vile and nasty to those who opposed him
-Relationship with various women
-Uses his charms and powers to benefit his evil desires, very untrustworthy

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What is the main personality characteristic of a rapist?

There is no single reason for rape, and no single type of rapist: Robb's answer to Is it wrong that I, as a woman, like watching gangbangs because I feel the thrill of being dominated by different people?

I have read volumes about the characteristics of narcissism. My mother exhibits all of the characteristics and behaviors of a malignant narcissist. Could I possibly be wrong to label her as a narcissist?

I have read volumes about the characteristics of narcissism. My mother exhibits all of the characteristics and behaviors of a malignant narcissist. Could I possibly be wrong to label her as a narcissist?I’m sure you’ll get varying opinions on the question. I’ll offer up my thoughts based on my experiences.During my marriage, I’d never heard of NPD. During my marriage I also had several “WTF?? moments” as Who, What, Where and Why was often going through my head. I would rationalize all these behaviors, however those WTF ?? moments remained etched in my brain. During the divorce, all of those behaviors came back, only magnified x 10. However, at this point I was “outside the forest” and clearly observing and reflecting these prior behaviors. Often I didn’t sleep and I was right back at “who, what, when and where” ??After it was over, those questions kept nagging at me and I had to figure it out. I spent days in the library and bookstores in the psychology sections. One day I was reading about personality disorders……and it appeared I was getting closer. When I finally came upon NPD………boom, my jaw hit the floor. Those traits were a blueprint of “pre-marriage life, marriage life, divorce life, children, etc.”. NPD literally explained 19 years of WTF ?? It also provided an accurate blueprint of my life. What was, what is and what will be and everybody involved.If you’ve “lived it”, then passionately studied it………it’s highly possible you will come to know. After that “jaw dropping moment of discovery”, I continue to study and learn NPD.When one gets to the point where you KNOW and have NO DOUBT, you won’t be asking the question anymore. It you are positive on NPD….look around the family tree.

Famous rapists in literature?

Tarquin, in William Shakespeare's poem 'The Rape of Lucrece'.

Lovelace, in Samuel Richardson's novel 'Clarissa'.

Stephen Rojack, in Norman Mailer's novel 'An American Dream'.

Patrick Bateman, in Bret Easton Ellis' novel 'American Psycho'. (Bateman is also apparently a psychopathic murderer, although there's some doubt as to whether he ever kills anyone at all - he does, however, appear to have raped Alison Poole, the heroine of Jay McInerney's novel 'Story of My Life', who appears briefly in 'American Psycho' with an obvious deep resentment of Bateman.)

What personal characteristic do you consider most important for a US President?

If one were going to get raped and were offered your choice of rapist, then characteristics of your rapist (attractiveness, cleanliness, disease-free, small size, kindly countenance) may be criteria that you would focus on.But if one preferred — above all — to simply be left alone to choose your own (sex) life in peace, the personal attributes of the person who leaves you be should matter little.Too often we assume that it is inevitable that our rulers will plunder us and bully us, and thus we spend countless hours trying to predict the candidates’ likely violent actions (e.g., laws) in order to determine which candidate will hurt us the least. This rarely works, because successful candidates are skilled at hiding how they will hurt all of us, and we ourselves are far too blind to secondary effects to understand how even the violence that we think will help us, will in the long-term, backfire.Thus, for me, the clothing, hair styles, personal morals, sexual habits, personal eloquence, or social graces matter not a whit.Will he leave us all be? Our bodies, our leisure, our relationships, our bedrooms, our labors, our businesses, our families, our savings, our investments, our trading, our charities, and our support or lack thereof of foreign rulers.Because me? I’m just trying to avoid us all getting seriously hurt! :)See related:What YES/NO questions determine your vote for President?Does it matter if a woman is elected POTUS?Does the US Libertarian Party have a serious chance in 2020?Which political party is most aligned with the philosophy of "Live and Let Live"?Why is libertarianism important in American politics?Should libertarians take over the Republican Party or support the Libertarian Party?How could 3rd parties like Libertarian, Green, etc. have a chance?Who is Larry Sharpe?What is the best lesson we take away from electing Trump as president?Does Donald Trump's success suggest that democracy isn't the best way to select a leader?

Are there any psychological similarities between a rapist and a psychopath?

There are almost no similarities between a psychopath and a rapist, assuming the rapist is neurotypical.Our brains are structured differently and even some of our brain is 18% smaller, that’s how different it is. We wouldn’t think, act, react or feel the same as each other at all.For example, rape can be due to the attackers low impulse control, need for revenge or…I actually don’t know, I can’t think like a rapist. Maybe it’s a control thing, or a power trip?Anyway, a psychopath has almost none of that. High-functioning psychopaths have high impulse control, we very rarely go out of our way for revenge and control/power isn’t something I think of much. I prefer to be in control of what’s going on around me but it won’t go to my head as an irritant or an ego boost.There are literally 0 similarities.

Why is it that power reassurance rapists quiet their victims by treating them like children, such as saying “shh,” to them?

If you want to know more about the Groth typology I suggest reading Men Who Rape: The Psychology of the Offender. This is an old book though and more empirical research into the subject has found sex offenders cannot generally be placed into typologies, and tend to present characteristics from multiple types, or none at all.In Groth’s typology a ‘power rapist,’ does not really think of their assaults as an act of violence, and finds gratification in the fantasy that their victims are or can be a voluntary participant. The less they struggle or object the more convincing the fantasy.

What are some qualities of a rapist?

Women love them.

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