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Rate These Guys On Scale 1-10

Rate me on a scale of 1-10(guys only please!)?

omg, you don't know how hard I just laughed!!
here, have a star =]

How much would you rate your beauty, on a scale of 1-10?

Hi,Thank you for the question.Physical beauty is variable and has different scales because people have different criteria depending on their perspective. A very pretty girl to me could be plain trashy to you and vice versa. Our ancestors were very wise to come up with the adage “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder “Now, coming on to me, people tell me I look the same since the past 18 years or so.. Now I was your typical nerd when puberty hit me- I grew shy and awkward. During my graduation, I stopped paying attention to my physicality and accumulated about 10 pounds.Got married and had 3 kids- was told for some seven years that I am not good enough in anything including looks- which led to a lot of self-doubt and extensive gymming leading to meniscus tears(side ligaments of the knee).From the past year, I am on a spiritual path -learning to love myself, faults and all- from the inside out. It has led to a change in my thought system. A beautiful thought brings about a change in facial expressions and even the skin texture. So I believe a change in my perspective about myself has led to this change -and I feel I have never looked this good.I am flooded with coffee offers on a daily basis. I am kind of intimidating and no-nonsense kind of girl in real life, have to be- i am a practicing doctor!! I hardly say yes to anyone for coffee-guess being abused leaves emotional scars.The most important thing is- I love myself.Thank you for reading.Love and regards,Apurva.

Girls what would you rate this guy on a scale of 1-10?


Why do many teenage guys rate girls on a 1-10 scale based almost purely on looks?

I'm not sure if you want to know why only guys do it and not girls, or why guys focus on mainly looks while girls tend to notice personality more but I'll try answer both.Firstly, everyone judges people of the opposite gender (or the same depending on your sexual orientation) based on what they find attractive. Girls just tend to be more discrete.As to why guys tend to judge more on looks - well, guys find both looks and personality important factors in attraction. However, as guys typically approach girls first, they have the freedom to go up and talk to girls way out of their league (even if they are rejected) or 'reject' a girl before they even talk to her. Also to take the initiative to start each interaction with a girl and 'chase' them takes courage and energy.A girl by contrast, even if not impressed by looks will have to interact with every guy that approaches her and will therefore get a glimpse of their personality whether they like it or not and in the end will require no commitment, and little effort to reject.This makes the value of looks much more important to a guy, as it is a non-committal way of deciding who they find attractive. Of course, girls have the freedom to approach a guy as well - its just much less common.That's just the basic psychology and logic to it, however, if you're looking for answers on why some guys take pride in being openly vocal about it, there's a whole myriad of reasons. To name a few: Historically society has been very patriarchal and these are considered cultural norms by some people. Some guys also think that dismissing women who aren't 'good enough for them' or purposely being insulting gives them some sort of power and upper hand. Others think that being called a 9 or 10 is flattering for a girl.These are all reasons why the culture is unlikely to change easily, however if this is an important issue for you, there's always something you can do to change the culture around you. I've tried to focus on the logic and mechanism behind it and I hope this has given you a better understanding of why the culture exists.

On a scale of 1-10, rate the boy's name "Aster"?

Kids are more likely to be made fun of because of their appearance, personality, or interests than their names, nowadays. That aside, I just don't see "Asse-turd" happening. I think its an exaggeration stemming from the fact that, yet again, the ignorant users of Y!A have banded together in their stupidity to try and stop the usage of a genuinely innovative boy name.

Aster is new, it's exciting, it's beautiful, intelligent, charming and isn't grossly overdone - which is what intimidates a lot of users on this site. They don't like "unique" boy names, they like standard, dull and predictable ones. Well, I have news for you. There are millions of boys all over the world with "safe" classical names like Alexander, James, William, Henry etc. and, guess what? They're still being teased and bullied! Why limit your baby name options for something which might not even happen, or will happen regardless? And certainly won't happen once he reaches adulthood?

Still, I've gotten off track. Aster is a perfectly lovely boy name with a lot of character, depth, meaning and history. To say that, because it's a flower name and thus unable for a boy is entirely sexist and equally stupid. After all, when was the last time any of us said; "Look at those lovely Aster flowers?" It's a lesser known plant and it's not JUST a plant. From its Greek origin, it means "Star" which is beautiful symbolism as well. On the whole, I like it.

@angrygumballll - Your sexism repulses me.

Girls rate these guys on a scale of 1-10 on attractiveness?

Johnny Depp

Channing Tatum

Zaf Effron

Brad Pitt

Cristiane Ronaldo

James Franco

Jude Law

Ryan Renolds

Vin Diesel

The Rock

Chad Michael Murray

Ryan Gosling

What do you guys think about each of these Asian girls (1-10 scale)?

Seeing as how nobody has rated AND explained why, I guess I'll have to do it.

Girl 1: 6. She could probably do something with her hair, maybe get it wavy or something.
Girl 2: 7. Her face is okay, but has a nice body. Maybe not voluptuous but she has some boobs, she seems to eat something at least.
Girl 3: 5. The eye lid surgery gives her a weird doll face. She's lying down and upside down in a french maid costume so it's hard to see the rest of her body.
Girl 4: 5. A little pale but really her thighs are just not thick enough. Maybe a little more meat on her thighs would help
Girl 5: 7 or 8. Nice body and face. Hair could be a little wavy or something but overall she looks nice. And has some boobs and thighs as well.
Girl 6: 8 or 9 for sure. She has a nice face, maybe she has more makeup than the other girls. She has nice boobs, long flowing hair and reminds me of brenda song (the only asian girl on the disney channel)
Girl 7: 8 or 9 as well. She's very pretty, reminds me a lot of a white girl but with a sort of exotic look and not to mention she has nice boobs.
Girl 8: 8 or 9. Again, may be mixed with white somewhere along the line but still has an exotic look to her.

6, 7 and 8 were my favorites. Though I'm not as much into asian girls, I could see some good in all the girls you listed. Whether they had nice boobs, small stomach, or whatever I try to see the good stuff in someone.