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Read All Of This Did Any One Get A Call From There Bank To Day Saying That There Creditcard/bank

How long does it take to receive Bank of America credit card in the mail?

Receiving the card can take 7 to 10 business days. I don't know for sure if this will work but you can attempt contacting Credit Card services and let them know the situation. All but one or two of their cards comes with a balance transfer which also allows for the option of putting a deposit directly into your checking account (whether or not it's a Bank of America checking account). From what I recall the last time I spoke with them they can do the transfer before you've received the card. I think it takes about 4 to 5 business days to be in your account. So you need to call them as soon as possible. Credit Card services is open 24 hours so I'd call as soon as you read this. 1.800.732.9194 There's the direct telephone number from Credit Card services. If you get stuck in the automated system (I don't know if it's the same as the one for checking and savings I had a direct transfer number when I worked there) either press '0' or if it lets you talk to it say "speak to an associate" either will get you to a rep right away.

Why does it take PayPal 3 - 5 days to transfer money to my bank?

I personally don't believe this is anything more than a marketing decision to make it more appealing to leave your money in your PayPal account (thereby showing as an asset on Paypal's balance sheet), continue to earn interest as long as the money is stored under their control, and encouraging you to use their own branded Mastercard (which means they get the fees for use). They have a business interest in making it simply take so long.The reality is that financial transactions can be instant when they want to be. Banks and Paypal certainly can take my money out at the moment their MasterCard is swiped at a store.True story from a couple of weeks ago: I walked into a bank (not my own) to make a credit card payment because I had a Visa from there, and I gave them a handwritten check. I happen to check my own bank's checking balance not 10 minutes later, and the money was already deducted from MY bank -- because this other bank had scanned the check right there at the teller, read the numbers at the bottom, encoded it, and instantly transferred it from bank to bank. So banks and processors certainly CAN do this. Paypal simply chooses not to.

If i didnt make a phone call to a sex hotline but my card was used, am i liable for the charges?

Tell the sex hotline to go away. Better yet, don't tell them anything, just ignore them.

Possession is 9 tenth of the law. You possess the money, they don't. Let them take you to court. First, they won't take you to court. Not for $300. But if they do take you to court, it's up to them to prove the case. And that's going to be tough to prove.

On their side, someone made the calls from your phone, the phone records seem to prove that.

On your side, you weren't there. You where in the field, so you didn't make the call.

It's up to them to know that the person is allowed to make charges on the card. Then again, it's up to you to secure your phone and card number.

I don't know, a judge would have to decide. I'm not a lawyer, but I bet there's not really a clear cut way this would go. As long as the bank doesn't let them charge the card, I think you should just ignore them until they go away. They will pester you for awhile, but eventually they will either give up or take you to court. My guess is they will give up.

Why are debit cards sometimes declined even when there's money in the bank?

A declined debit transaction normally has 3 main reasons:1. Declined by the issuer Bank.  Reasons include: Insufficient funds, Invalid PIN, blocked card, and all other response codes related to the state of the card or the linked account in the Issuer Bank.These reason may include (incomplete list)Card not activeCard not configuredCard ExpiredCard SuspiciousCard SuspendedCard Stolen - pickupCard LostCard Not FoundCardholder Not FoundAccount Not FoundCardholder not activeCardholder not configuredCardHolder expiredUsage Limit Reached2. Declined by the Acquirer (use at Merchant / ATM Network). Reasons include mainly all the related validation of transaction data and the accepting device itself (POS/ATM) belonging to the accepting networkThese reason may include (incomplete list)Configuration errorInvalid terminalInactive terminalInvalid merchantDuplicate entityInvalid AcquirerInvalid amountMissing fieldsExtra fields existInvalid card number2. Declined by the transportation networks (payment networks . franchises). Reasons include mainly all the technical and telecommunications problems involving transport parties. These are pure technical reasonsThese reason may include (incomplete list)System Error, DatabaseSystem Error, TransactionTimeouts Errors.Issuer Bank Off-line

Chase unable to read card?

There can be many reasons why a card is "unable to read". It can come to close to a magnetic field, such as a scanner at any store such as Walmart, Target etc. Has the card taken a trip in the washing machine and dryer. If it sits in the direct sunlight for extended periods of time, sits near an actual magnet or gets scratched in certain areas will also cause this message to appear. All of these things are definitely something that the reissuing of the card will fix.
Hopefully your bank has instant issuance and you can just walk into a branch and get your replacement card immediately rather than waiting 7+ days for a card to be sent to you. Good luck!