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Ready To Get My Life Back On Track Help

How do i get my life back on track again?HELP?

This is what we call The "Rebellion stage!" :) Don't worry. It's normal. We all have it and we all go thru it. If you want to stop it then start practicing again. Don't hang out with people that upset you and piss you off. Maybe you need to take some time off to relax? sometimes stress can be a big factor in this. If you feel too stressed out and too pressured with homework, it can have that affect. Most importantly......NEVER and I mean NEVER give up on your dreams and future. If you want to go to college, if you know what you want to be, then keep at it. If you have to take a break in order for you to continue then do so, but don't let anyone pressure you or guilt trip you into anything. You have your friends and family there for support. Talk to them and tell them what's going on in your mind, i'm sure they want to help you out and give you guidance. Give them a chance. :) If you can't concentrate on your homework, try studying with friends. If that doesn't work, then try using a different method of studying, like listening to music and studying at the same time. Get a tutor, that could help as well. Don't stress yourself and also relax. I hated doing homework in High School and I still do and you still have potential. Just because you screw up one year, doesn't mean that you can't come back next year. Don't let it get you down. You'll be just fine. :)

Help me get my life back on track, in the past my life was full of dreams and positive thoughts?

I guess something has happened to you that made you feel sad and you can't get rid of this gloom.I would like to have more details but since your question is a bit short,here are some general advice:1.go to the gym,generally start moving.Exercise releases endorphins and all that goal-setting to become faster,stronger etc is very some new clothes 3.volunteer.Helping others make you feel better about yourself.4.go out with your friends and try to make new ones.Meeting new people can be very shops like Macdonald's etc while traveling,opt for unique local shops in order to experience the real deal of the place you are visiting.

I am a 47-year-old lady. How can I get my life back on track?

I thought you would know better than most of us here do.If you don't.. Then it's never too late to figure out what you are missing in your life.Sometimes a trek, a tour or who knows a little walk could help you understand yourself more. It depends on You…I was depressed and didn't have any focus in my life for months when my dad passed away. And a small black dotted dalmation pup changed everything for me. He brought the sunshine back.And when I was back on track and was about to get married he went back to where he came from. Yes, he died. Thanks for everything Dony..

How do I get my life back on track?

Change your job or switch to some other company. Maybe the same monotonous job is making you lose interest in your life.People who spend time alone and don't like socialising are kind of introverted type of personalities. Such people love solitude. There is nothing to worry about staying alone perhaps it's the best time for self introspection.To get back into track do the following:Travel to a small place.Switch to another company.Watch a good movie,I would suggest "The pursuit of happyness ", if you've already watched it then just reflect on the struggle which Will Smith will go through to raise his son,I'm sure you'll get back on track.

How to get my life back on track?

Just be yourself. Try doing social activities that you enjoy and chances are you will find more friends there. If your friend don't want to hang out with you because you have some problems then she wasn't a very good friend. Not everybody will understand you and that is very difficult trust me I know but remember there are the people that do understand you and certain people you can turn to. You sound like you might be depressed and you won't be the same person you were before until you get better. Just don't let people bother you and be yourself and you will find friends to have a social life with. I've been in your shoes and I know its not fun but I finally found one true friend out of it and she sticks by my side no matter what. She was the only one who would want to be around me when I would cut my wrists. You are doing the right thing by being in therapy and it is a long road but you will get better. I believe in you. If you need to talk my email is I've been in your shoes I know how you feel. I was hospitalized 4 times for cutting my wrists.

Someone please, please help me get my life back on track?

I'm a junior civil engineering major at the University of Maryland currently. 2009 was an absolutely hellish year for me because I went into this severe depression from a whole host of personal problems, became suicidal and had to be hospitalized. I want to get my life back on track career wise because I graduate in May 2011 and need a job. The thing is because of my depression i did not focus on internship/job hunting that much and I feel like I am way behind. I was looking for internships last night and there are not many. I'm really worried the bad economy is going to prevent me from getting any job. Is there someone who can help me? Someone I can email who's good at finding jobs? Please help! I'm desperate! I do not want to become depressed and suicidal again over something like this!

I don't know how to get my life back on track?

Well first of all, you have to shake off all that laziness you night be having and be like tomorrow I will find the strength to start what I want do. You're going to start by cleaning up your room even thought its sometimes a drag. Get rid of stuff that you don't need and save money for what you might need in college. Hold off on the partying for now until you've straightened out your life. Get going on those things you need to fill out for college. Get your supplies for college. Go to sleep early-ish at night so that you'll have the energy to get up in the morning. Start eating like you did when you were high school, have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can even have snack between those meals but loosen up on the junk food. I know fruits and vegetables may not be as appealing but once in a while eat one or two of your favorite fruits or vegetables. Then when you've gotten the things you need to do out of the way, find a quiet place even outside if you need to, and paint your heart out. Get inspiration, go to an art store look at art supplies that's always a motivation to paint knowing that you can create beautiful paintings with different supplies and inspiration. Then when you're done with painting, go to the library and pick out some books, you're bound to find something thats catches your attention. If you have no luck on your own, then ask the librarian if books for your age group. Hope that helps:)

How do I put my life back on track?

Be practical about your issues.Try this: go outside, leave your phone at home, bring a journal with you, and go for a walk. On your walk, reflect on how you got to where you are today.What relationships have I been in? Have we been building each other up or getting wasted? What do I do first thing in the morning? What excuses have I been making myself and other people as to why I am where I am?Go for this walk, have that conversation, be honest with yourself, and identify the beliefs that are holding you back.30 minutes into this walk, sit down somewhere with your journal, and first- identify 5 problems that you have. That's the first step. Then, what I want you to do, is for three pages, go on a stream of consiousness writing spree where you write and you write and you write without lifting your pen from the paper to second guess yourself.Get all your thoughts out. Start having a conversation with yourself. Where can you improve. What steps can you take to improve this. Who can you talk to about these issues to get some feedback. If not now, then when?Do this everyday for a week. The first 3 days will suck, because you'll be writing about the issues that are on the surface level, but after a while, you will get closer to the root and essence of what's been holding you back, and you will have freedom in knowing the reality of your situation.Noone else can bring forth these changes in you. You alone must walk this path. Don't be afraid, feelings come and go, listen to what they are telling you and you will find peace. Good luck.

I flunked out of college. How to get my life back on track? Please help?

how about grow up and live? college keeps you acting like a child during the most important time for you to become a productive adult. you've gotta go out and get yours stop waiting for it to come to you or you will wake up 30 and don't know what to do. like the rest of my generation. i started my business below when i was 19. i've lived on my own since i was 13. and just in case you think i'm stupid, i graduated high school in 5th grade and got a perfect sat score a year later. i didn't go to college cause i wanted to work and live a life. i can't even talk to people my age cause now i've been doing this for 12 years and my "peers" are still living with their parents and playing video games. i wish i could learn something from a college student but they're all just chasing higher paying jobs. that's bad motive and the result of it is so obvious in today's world. we have severly decreased product quality, customer service and overall productivity all the while the largest problem we could possibly have (ignorance) has grown more in the last few decades more than ever. why do people go to college, simple, cause everyone else is doing it. i thought i remember my boomer parents saying something about "what if everyone else was jumping off a cliff, would you do that too?"

How do I get my life back on track diligently?

I can well understand your circumstances but you have to understand that life is all about changes. It comes with all ups and down and if we keep holding downs of our life, we will never be able to move on towards better life.Life is not easy. At least you have a decent job. I have seen people with no job, no family and no money, still struggling hard and trying to make their life better.Take a hold on your life. The girl you love is in love with someone else. I know its heartbreaking to see the person you love is with someone else but if you really love her, let her go. Some things are meant to be 'let it go' because they are better that way.If expressing your feelings will make you better, go do it but be strong to accept and embrace the consequences. You should start indulging yourself in activities which gives you happiness. You can join gym, mediation classes, club or anything that you love to do. You can join some NGOs too. I am sure there are many people in need of help more than you do. Try helping them out and discover the real happiness of life. Expand your social group, keep a pet, help others, be positive. I mean there are many things you can do for your self improvement. The day you start finding peace and happiness in yourself, start searching a suitable partner for yourself and get married.Life is beautiful only if you make it. Nobody can make it beautiful or happy except you. I have seen people who have got everything money, love, family and still they are not happy. So happiness lies in yourself not in your crush or your company or people around you. Only you can help yourself. People here can only give you advice and suggestions but it is only you who need to implement and work on it.Don't loose hope. Good Luck !!!