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Real Name Of Prerna In Drama

What are some good Sanskrit or Hindi names for an NGO I'm interested in starting?

It is so sad to see the other answers, 98% of them is booked for NGO names thus useless but they deserve appreciation anyway for thinking and feeling that they are helping here on Quora.Let me suggest you some unreserved names.Sudhadham - epithet of moonSuphal - a good fruit, successUdgam -riseMoracha - place of protection (you can have several good combinations of it)Udbhav -birth, prosperityKamyadaan -a desirable giftAarav Disha -direction of echo/soundMaunitva Nirakaran -refutal of habit of silencefor more you will have to contact me personally, there is a fee.

What are the things in the Indian daily soaps and serials that you hate the most?

Indian soaps think they are a reflection of the society. However they fail to be one in all aspects. The lead is by default a woman. If men rule cinema, women rule television.Illicit relationships - There's ALWAYS another woman prying on the lead’s husband. God. It's so tiring. I am sure, once married, most women (men too) never try to separate a couple. Instead, they get married to someone else and enjoy their lives.The lead character is always in trouble - Everyone wants to bring sorrow to the lead character. It's their full time job to plot against the lead woman and make her cry. They don't have a life of their own.The characters never age - They are always as fresh and young as they were when they were a teenager. Right from the great grandmother to her youngest grandchild, everyone looks of the same age.The couple during their wedding.The couple with their grown up children now.Weapons like guns are so accessible - Right from the lead to the villian everyone is given an easy access to bombs, guns and everything that is used to kill people. Sigh.Plastic surgeries are a common thing - Someone died? No worries, they ll come back in a few episodes as a completely changed person because of the plastic surgery. Right from skin tone, height, weight and even the voice is different. Haven't met one person who changed so much after a plastic surgery.Polygamy is completely acceptable - In most the soaps, the hero is married at least twice. And worse, his wife(the lead) is the one who arranges the wedding due to various reasons. A divorce isn't needed. All you need is love from your wives.You never know what they are do for a living - Almost all families live in palaces. At least 10 rooms. They are dressed heavily all the time. But you never know what work they do. Mostly it's the term “business” that is used to cover up. Someone please teach me the tricks of that “business”.Sigh.

How come some people with good opinions are ignored?

Why is it that hateful or rude opinions on social media get certain people tons of followers or likes but then respectful intelligent opinions are just completely ignored?

Rasa Leela?

One Paramtman, and many Atman(with their vasana). Once they loose the vasana, they find the Paramatman.

According to Bhagavata Puran, Lord Krishna was loved immensely by gopis. The love gopis felt for Lord was not carnal,it was prerna (Divine love).The love for Sri Krishna was so strong that gopis forgot all about their worldly chores. The gopis were totally merged in the love of god through the practice of constant smaran (remembrance). Sri Krishna was ten years old when he performed Rasleela. Rasleelas are particularly performed in the city of Vrindavan.

The dance symbolises the soul's unceasing struggle to break clear of the constraints of the body, to make contact with the supra-reality it sees out there. This intensely private struggle is an abstraction, but so compulsively felt by the soul straining within the body as to become an obsession. The indulgence of any obsession is a behind-the-scene, secret activity, for it has undertones of guilt.

2 nuns in a bath 1st nun says pass me the soap 2nd nun replies yes it is rather? what does this mean? help....

I don't get it either, but am I the only one that can't figure out why two nuns are taking a bath together in the first place?