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Real Women Are You Into This Or Turned On By This

Real women are you into this or turned on by this?

So there is this site called (Google it to find out more). Basically it is strikingly beautiful women between the ages of 18-21 having sexual relationships with men 55 and up. I only ask because it appears some of the women really get into it. It is terribly ironic that I am a 28 year old good looking man (six feet slim/slender, I have been told many times I look similar to Adam Levine) who fly's helicopters for the Coast Guard and spends my spare time volunteering at American Red Cross, Habitat for humanity and Big brothers Big sisters. Yet I have still never been with a woman this good looking??? I would like to hear some answers from young women about your thoughts on this. How do they do this??? I mean seriously how does an 18 year old girl have sex with a disgusting 67 year old man??? It makes no sense to me. Sometimes I just hate this world and all the things that go on in it!!

GUYS: Do You Get Turned On By Catfights, Women's Wrestling, Or Mixed Wrestling? And If So, Why?

only if its for real. i can't stand that fake crap they put up all over youtube. but watching womens mma or jui jitsu or judo, stuff like that i find quite entertaining. mixed wrestling is kind of interesting to, but again only if the guy is really trying to win, which very rarely happens. its just stupid when the guy sits there and purposly gets beat. but i find it fascinating when a woman can legitimately defeat a guy in wrestling, not sure why.

What turns a boy into a real man?

Some kind of trauma. I have no idea of what nature this trauma needs to be, but I went to a youth group at one point whose leader was about 22. Now this 22 year old STUD was standing there, teaching the good word etc… but no one cared. It just wasn’t clicking with anyone, and that was clear to all excluding the “teacher”. And it was simple, the kids were more mature than him. They wouldn’t even talk about teen sex, kinda a common thing nowadays and a good topic to be educated on because of the fallout being so disastrous, but instead would talk about having a “clean vocabulary.”… I know, retarded, right? The biggest issue was that all these kids had grown up in an economically depressed area while he was from a baptist family whose biggest argument was over the leader dropping a secret that was supposed to be ya know…. kept. These kids were dealing with addiction, abusive parents, drug addiction, suicidal ideation, and the so called teacher could see none of it and kept on beating that drum of purity or whatever. So basically, no one respected him and as a result no one listened to him, because they had lived more than he had at half his age. And I believe they were more mature because they had been exposed to traumatic circumstances.

How come Trans Men look like real men but Trans Women dont look like real women?