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Really Sad Tragic Movie To Watch

What movie was so sad that you will never watch it again?

Sarbjit. Saddest movie ever. The most depressing part was I knew, all along, that it is not going to end well. Still, an awesome movie, all the actors did a great job, worth watching for the first time.

After I watch any movie I get a sad and depressing feeling. Is it normal?

We all love to live in fantasy. When you watch the ending of a movie or a show which u loved the most, you come across the fact that the fantasy is now over and you have to get back to your not so exciting/adventurous life. It is just a feeling that twists your heart.  We want to live a life just like our favourite characters who ahieve everything and solve everything in the blink of an eye. There are different types of people, one type for whom it doesn't matter anything if everything goes on smoothly. And the other type who wants their life just like a fairy tale. Me and you probably belong to the second category and there is nothing wrong about it. once we stop watching fantasies and want to make something out of our life, you my friend may be the one who actually makes a difference. come out of that fantasy and make your life astounding. don't let your mind be idle. Dream and work to achieve it.P.S: I am still working on it. So i actually can't suggest you how to come out of it. But give it a try your way.

How sad is the movie Titanic?

It's sad. You know, very sad. Actually, sad enough to make you feel like to suicide in a slow, tortuous fashion.

The saddest part of it is, by far, the fact you'll waste three hours of your life watching a boring James Cameron movie, while you could totally be doing something else, like cleaning your house or reading a book.

Oh, you mean if the movie is sad by the actual drama in it? Well, that would be a big, shiny "no". The movie is a gigantic soapy-operatic with dull performances by the leads and poor story development. Wanna watch a nice Cameron movie? Go ahead and pick up "True Lies".

The saddest movie you have ever watched?

endless love
the notebook
and the end of forrest gump :( i cried
schindlers list

Saddest movie of all time?

Let it be known I tear up extremely easily in movies, so I tend to avoid 'tear-jerkers'. I hate crying in public, and when ever I see an upsetting movie it sticks with me for quite a while. For example, do you remember that Jet Dry commercial that came on in the late 90's? The one where the woman starts using the liquid dishwasher, and the powdered detergent is alone crying. I use to have to change the channel because that messed me up so bad, so let it be known that's where I stand. Here are a few movies that tear me up.

-Saving Private Ryan, I only watched till the scene where the young soldier is crying for his mother, with his intestines hanging out. Then I walked out of the theatre...blubbering so much, I had to wait 30 minutes before I could call someone to pick me up.
-Titanic. cheesy yes. But the first time I saw it I was gone.
-The Lion King-the whole Mufasa in the sky part.
-Grave of Firefly, this movie is heart wrenching, it made me feel sick for a few days.
-Schindlers List. I had been avoiding watching this movie for some time, but we watched it in my world history class and I had to leave to throw up, I watched the whole thing a few years later by myself in my dorm room, I honestly don't know how.
-Up! Why why why would they do this in a kids movie? I did the whole embarrassing hiccup breathing thing.
- Kung Fu Panda 2 The part with the mother panda, I was ok, but then this tiny kid in the theatre yelled "Where he mama go?" Gone.
-The Champ- The ending, that kid can act.
-The Green Mile. Didn't watch it to the end. Too much.
-Dancer in the Dark- most depressing movie ever.

I know there are a lot of 'tear jerker' movies I left off the list, but that's because I probably haven't seen them.