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Recommendations For Starbucks

Starbucks Iced Coffee recommendations?

I always order a venti vanilla iced coffee with cream, but I would like something a bit sweeter. Today I went ahead and added 4pumps of Milk Chocolate sauce thinking it would make it sweeter but to me the taste was actually more bitter. :/ Any suggestions on iced coffees that will be sweeter than a vanilla iced coffee? Or maybe should I mix it with something else instead of the milk chocolate? After drinking it there's a bitter taste left in my mouth.

What marketing recommendations would you make to Starbucks as it continues its international expansion?

i wouldn't change a cotton picking thing. I would however, advise them to avoid the temptation to create brand extensions on things that would appeal to the same general demographic, such as Starbucks Records or Starbucks Books. Those things always make sense is the sterile environment of a marketing meeting, but rarely work in practice.

Starbucks coffee, recommendation please!?

The drinks range from $2-5US. They have the basic lineup: espresso, cappuccino, latte, etc. Then there's the frappuccinos, which are blended drinks. You can get them with or without coffee (non-coffee ones are calls cremes, like a Strawberry Creme). I personally don't care for them because they are SO sweet, but a lot of people like them. If you get them affogado style, they're much more tolerable (affogado means they float an espresso shot on top).

I basically get two things there. The first would be shaken iced tea, which is just black tea, shaken with ice. You can get it with lemonade too, and they have other flavors of tea as well.

The other drinks I get there is the Starbucks Double Shot on ice. I get a venti, which is the large size, with vanilla instead of classic (which is just simple syrup). What it is, is 5 shots of espresso shaken with the vanilla and ice, then 1 shot milk (I get it breve, which means they use 1/2&1/2) floated on top.

They have a couple dozen flavored syrups you can add, including a few sugarfree syrups, to change up the flavors of your drink. They used to have cinnamon syrup, but alas, they got rid of it :(

What marketing recommendations would you make to Starbucks as it continues its international expansion?

I have only experienced one Starbucks. Me and my partner were made to wait ages for what we wanted, even though there was hardly anyone waiting, and I did not feel comfortable. What I had to eat and drink, I could have got better and cheaper in an ordinary high street cafe! However, they must have something right, or they would not be so successful.

Is Starbucks Hot Chocolate Good?

YES! Try a signature hot chocolate.
And they are made with milk.

Other beverages.
White hot chocolate mocha - Mostly tastes good by itself. If you have a cookie or something, the drink will taste kinda bitter. Also if you drink it hot it don't taste THAT great, let it cool down and settle.
Passion Tea Lemonade - If you're in the states, ask for it sweetened, or it will not taste that great. In Canada you just say Passion Tea Lemonade. This tastes great, great for a hot summer day.
Carmel Mocha Frap - Good for a summer's day too, but it looks like a sunday dessert :P Topped with whipped cream, carmel and sometimes chocolate.
White hot chocolate - Amazing, tastes good, topped with whipped cream, red and green sprinkles.
The viaos - Depends on which one you get, they taste pretty good. Made up of fruits, milk, and other things.

That's all I've tried so far. Right now, since it's winter I'm only having hot chocolates lol.

Oh and also, you can ask for non-fat milk, 1% milk [I think.], or 2% milk.

But you should check out the starbucks site. :D

Caffeine from Starbucks - A recommendation for a coffee hater?

Why not try an alternative? Like redbull, or some other energy drink. But go with the sugar free kinds. That way, you dont get the let down once the sugar wears off. There is something here in MI called "5 Hour Energy". It comes in a small bottle. Look it up online at There is no sugar let down, has tons of vitamin b, niacin, and some caffeine. Works great for me. Coffee is ok, but there is some crash. If you go with a coffee drink, make sure it has sugar free syrup. You dont want the sugar crash there either. Good luck!

PS. Espresso does not have more caffeine than regular coffee. the water does not contact the coffee long enough to get that much caffeine. Go with regular coffee. McD's coffee and Dunk. Don. coffee SUCKS.

Starbucks in Australia, alternatives & recommendations?

Evidently, the Starbucks marketing model has failed in the Australian market, with starbucks closing 61 of their 84 Australian stores. What operational, structural, functional and marketing alternatives and recommendations would you suggest to Starbucks to assist them to improve their position in Australia?

(answers should ideally be Australia specific)

Is there a low-end version of Starbucks that focuses on selling cheaper coffee?


Recommendations on single serve coffee makers? Pods, K-cups, etc?

Our company is switching from Starbucks to a local brewer whose coffee is so weak I cannot even taste it. I want to get a single serve machine to keep in my office. I don't drink coffee every day, but when I do I want it to be tasty.

My last company has Keurig machines, and I never found a coffee that I liked. Any recommendations on other systems? Thanks.