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Recommendations Regarding How To Properly Consider Far Better

Can you recommend a good movie you consider the best?

It depends upon the genre that you like, but still here are some few:Schindler’s ListPursuit of HappinessGood Will HuntingCinderella ManSilence of the lambsJohn WickSe7enPulp FictionSpotlightScarfacePrisonersThe Bucket ListThe Shawshank RedemptionThe GodfatherForest GumpFight ClubMartianSplitThe Great DebatersThe Wolf of Wall StreetThe Green MileThe MatrixThe Bourne SeriesAmerican History XCaptain PhilipsAny one would do.

Which dog name do you like better? what are your recommendations?

I like your choices. If you'd like to consider names from the Alaskan Native group (Mahlemuits) that developed the breed centuries ago, here are a few:

Akiak (AHK-ee-ahk) brave
Atka-- guardian spirit
Iluk-- frost
Maguyuk-- howler
Mekussuk (meh-KOO-sook)-- shaggy dog
Nanuk -- polar bear
Kahnnik-- snowflake
Kimmik-- dog
Kuvianuk (ku-vee-AHN-ook) -- joy
Siku-- ice
Suka-- fast
Yakony-- red colored northern lights

How do you get a good recommendation on LinkedIn?

To steal a line from the late Richard Feynman, you just ask. Most people won’t write a recommendation for you unless you ask them.That said, think first about whether it’s worth asking. If the person you’re asking doesn’t think the world of you, it’s unlikely that person will write you a great recommendation. You might even be putting that person in an awkward position. And if you get a recommendation that you don’t like, it’s even more awkward for both of you.Besides, most people don’t bother with LinkedIn recommendations. People have learned that LinkedIn recommendations often say more about the recipient’s willing to ask for them than about the recipient’s worthiness. You might be better off having people who will say great things about you when asked.Or, better yet, even when they aren’t asked.

What foundation do you recommend?

Haii:) I'm 14 years old and I need foundation because my face tends to get red. I have kinda tannish/whitish color to my face.I'm gonna buy it from wal-mart.Anyways what foundation would you recommend?10 points for the best answer:)

What do professors generally consider and write in their recommendation letters for their undergraduate students for graduate studies?

I’ve written a few letters for people who took my class, at least two of whom got into the master’s program at Stanford. Usually, I would write aboutWays in which the student went above and beyond. One person found a lot of mistakes in my lecture notes, and I was quick to mention that as an example of her “analytical thinking.” The same person helped a lot of students on Piazza, and I mentioned that as an example of “potential for teaching.”Academic performance. If they were one of the top 5 students in my class, I would mention their class rank. If they had very good homework or exam grades, I would mention that too.Circumstances that make their academic performance more impressive, e.g. “X got near-perfect homework grades and always made time for the class despite working full-time at a demanding startup.”If they came to my office hours a lot (which were early in the week) I would talk about how they were so hardworking that they started all of their problem sets a week in advance.I usually included a brief paragraph about why getting a good grade in my class is a big deal, and implies a certain level of work ethic and analytical thinking.If I really had nothing to say I would look through their homework and exams and talk about their performance on specific problems. “X had a very clear solution to Problem 3 on the exam, which required students to spot an error in a proof, and which most people in the class got a 0 on.”We also had to answer multiple-choice questions ranking the applicant in comparison to their peers. The choices were usually “top 1%,” “top 5%,” “top 10%,” etc. Generally if I was writing a letter for someone they would be at least top 10%.

What Prenatal Vitamin do you recommend?

I am taking the new One A Day Prenatal Vitamin with DHA and more iron. My doc says DHA is great for development. I haven't had any problems with them, they have more iron so the constipation sucks but if you keep up on the water and fiber rich foods you shouldn't have a problem.

Recommendations for a comfortable jumping saddle?

I assume that you are talking about the saddles you see in catalogues and in tack stores?
Those are what I consider 'stock' saddles. They come a dime a dozen, and are extremely hard to get custom fitted.

Look for saddle makers in your area.
The good thing about buying your saddle from a local saddlery business is that you can (usually) get it adjusted over time, as horses' backs are always changing (due to age, most often).
The place I ride at is fortunate enough to be located only about half an hour away from a great saddlery business, called Master Saddlery. They are a phone call away and the man who crafts the tack comes out about once a year to check on all of the saddles, making sure that they fit and such.

If you buy a 'stock' saddle, and need an adjustment made, it costs a butt load of money and you have to send you saddle off to the company for a couple months. Just not worth it.

Edit- I understand completely. I wouldn't be able to get my hands on anything above the low thousands. The good thing is that at local saddlery places, their "stock" saddles can be adjusted, but not measured inch by inch like a custom saddle is. It costs a ton less.
Also, I know that it isn't a walk in the park finding saddle makers. I guess my trainer is just lucky!
Anyway, have you asked local barns/trainers/horse people about saddlery shops? Sometimes businesses can only be found by word of mouth.

Do you recommend reading the Twilight books?

if you like romance novels. the Twilight series, in my opinion, is more romance than horror as most people think it is. i recommend it to young readers because it's a very easy read, and it lags like crazy. if you're more into the adult reading level, then read the host by stephenie meyer (i love it!). and though the first three twilight books aren't that great, the fourth book (breaking dawn) is by far the best. i really really enjoyed it. but you should read the first three books first.

the order of the books are: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and then Breaking Dawn (my favorite!)

What college do you recommend with a 3.1 GPA and a 1480 SAT?

What colleges can I apply to with a SAT score of X? will help you further to arrive at a target list of USA colleges.