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Red Spots On My Body That Look Like They Are Spreading

Spreading red spots on legs and feet?

Recently I've noticed small red spots slowly spreading over my legs and feet- they dont itch or hurt some of them are getting quite big and its starting to get a bit worrying.

I searched this and didnt really get any results other than one site which suggested it might be due to alcohol consumption.

I'm getting these red spots on my body that itch, what is it I’m getting worried because they keep spreading?

Well without pictures, or an on-site exam, no real diagnosis is possible. Except for some viral meningitis the symptoms of red dots with itch usually means a parasitic infestation of your skin. Especially if the rash is on your hands and feet initially in the webs of the hands between your fingers. This is scabies. Usually gotten from dogs. Of course this is just a guess without seeing you.

Tiny red dots all over body?

The red dots are called petechiae and they are caused by blood leaking from capillaries in the skin. If you husband has had a fever along with this you need to get to an ER. Petechiae and fever are symptoms that should get immediate medical care. Toxic shock presents itself as a rash after having a fever of 102 F or more.

Otherwise, If you husband has not had a fever, the likely causes are less worrisome. Petechiae are commonly caused by strep throat, and sometimes caused by colds.

If the petechiae do not disappear in a few days, or if the bleeding gets worse, there is another condition called idiopathic thrombocytopenia (ITP) that sometimes develops following a cold or flu. With ITP, the immune system gets kicked into overdrive, and it starts attacking platelets in the blood. Its too soon to worry about this - i am mentioning it just in case things haven't cleared up within a week.

Red spots all over my body. Please Help.?

I noticed in the car this morning that I had red spots all over body, but I was late, so I only had time to see the ones on my upper legs. In the next hour or so, I noticed them on my arms and hands, but I don't think they'd been there long. They're not really raised. If I run my fingers over them, I can feel some of them, but only slightly. I don't think they're bites. They're not itchy and they fade under pressure.
If you look closely at my face, you can see a lot of small spots, really close together, even on my lips. From a distance it looks like i'm sunburnt. And I have something that looks exactly like a rash just below my neck.
They're worse, and much larger on my thighs, especially at the back. There aren't too many on my upper arms, or on my lower legs. My back and stomach are covered in them, but the spots are really small and quite faint. It's been almost 12 hours since I first noticed them, and there hasn't been much change in the last 10.

Some other things I should maybe mention:
- I'm fifteen years old.
- I had a varicella vaccination a few years ago.
- I've never had an allergic reaction to anything before, or anything like this. I haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary lately or done anything unusual.
- A few weeks ago, my arms and legs were extremely itchy, but there were no marks or bites anywhere.
- I had my wisdom teeth removed 8 days ago, and since then I developed a sore throat, and now have a lot of congestion in the throat, but my nose isn't blocked. (I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I thought I'd include it just in case.)

I've provided as much information as I can think of, and I'm quite worried, so I'd appreciate it if anyone could give me some ideas about what this could be, and if it's anything serious.

Red dots all over my!!?

Press on them with a flat, clear piece of glass or plastic (like a CD case) and see if the spots blanch when pressure is applied. Blanching meaning it loses color. If the color stays the exact same shade when pressure is applied, then they can be something called petechiae. Petechiae are small spots of bleeding into the skin. Google it and see if your spots look like those. If so, see a doctor to find out why. If they blanch, it's probably some allergic reaction of some kind and is probably harmless and will resolve in time. If not, see a doc.

What are these itchy spots on my body?

I'm not a dermatologist, but I have been a nurse who has been fascinated with Derm for 15+ years.My first thought is Scabies. A highly infectious mite type creature that enters the skin through the webs of hands or feet (between fingers/toes). Their entry point looks like this:This is actually how scabies are diagnosed (well, other things too, but seeing this on hands or feet can only be scabies).When they spread it can look like:They itch. Now, I could be wrong, of course, but if I'm right, you need medical treatment. Don't go to Dr Google and muck about with "home treatments". They won't work. You'll need something with "cide" in the name of it.If you do have those entry points, call ahead to your health clinic and give them a heads up. They will want to isolate you the second you get there. Good luck my friend!

I have a dark spot or area that itched and it spread into a large spot, at times when I have rubber boots I noticed it not going away. What should I use and what do I do when its itching?

It can be many issues, I've faced similar issues so that I can answer this questions.It is said that the dark spots are itching and spreading. You should immediately go to doctor. It may be a little thing but if left ignored can cause very much harm to you. For example I had some fungal infections over my body. It has the similar issues like dark red round spots and intense itching. I've ignored it for FUCKING 6 MONTHS!! And at last when it was unbearable I appointed a doctor and she said your fungal infection is horribly infected. The thing which takes only one week to cure, in my case it took 2 MONTHS! That 6+2=8 months are still nightmare to me…I request you all please if you have any symptoms in your body. Consult a doctor ASAP! Your 7 days of treatment could be 7 months or even years if it is not treated early.Thank you all. Be happy and healthy. Have a good day.

Small red spots all over my body, not itchy?

It might be a petechial rash. Look at the photo in the link below (don't pay too much attention to the description of ITP - there's many different causes and the most common ones are just a temporary reaction to a drug or a previous viral infection).

If you think you might have a petechial rash, you can wait a while to see if it goes away. If you don't want to wait or if things are getting worse instead of better, the first thing to do is arrange a blood test and physical exam with your doc. Arrange your blood test a day or two before the office visit so the results are available when you meet with the doc.

Sudden red spots on skin?

Hi there,

I'm worried because i've been developing red spots on my body over the past 3 or 4 weeks occassional red spots on my skin. I've had a few on my stomach, leg, neck and lower back. They appear very suddenly, the area is red and inflamed and it looks like an insect bite (but isn't). They itch slightly for a start, while they are all red and hot, then they settle down and the redness goes away to leave a small red bump that looks like a spot but it isn't pussy. A couple have faded away to nothing quite quickly. The rest fade away over a few days. One appeared suddenly last night, i was quite hot at the time - would that influence it? I've also been rather stressed out recently?

They only develop one at a time, once they calm down and aren't angry anymore they just look like normal spots, i've had about 5 or 6. I'm getting really worried, is it something serious do you think? They just seem to have appeared out of nowhere.

I'm 22 and female.

What are these tiny, itchy clusters of bumps spreading on my body?

I was diagnosed by a professional nurse at a local health clinic with a moderate case of scabies in October, 2006. I had developed an outbreak of numerous itchy red bumps, some with small whiteheads, across my groin area and inner thighs. I was prescribed Elimite to treat the outbreak, and it seemed to work, however a few bumps remained and I treated again a week later. I was not able to get rid of all of the bumps, and they spread to my legs and abdomen. I bagged up all of my clothing, and laundered the rest, drying everything at a laundromat on high heat. A few weeks later, I reached into a bag to grab out a shirt, and the next day I had a huge outbreak on both arms. I went to a second nurse, who rediagnosed me with scabies event though she had never seen scabies before, basing her decisions upon my original diagnosis and treatment. I treated with Elimite again and it seemed to work ok. I was never able to get rid of all the bumps however with Elimite no matter how hard I cleaned. I bought the purple Extreem Clean off the DermatechRX website and the Mitactin salve and spray and that seemed to work better. I threw out a couch, and a rug, and a set of sheets, and began cleaning everything on a daily basis. I mopped my floor, did laundry, covered my mattress with a mattress cover, and wiped it down everyday. My girlfriend and best friend got it too. My friend went to see a third nurse who told him he had Folliculitis, which is basically a bacterial staph infection of the hair follicles on the skin. Well I laughed at first not believing that two previous medical professionals could have been wrong, but I researched it online and sure enough, the symptoms and bumps looked exactly like what we had. We immediately stopped using the mitactin, and permethrin on the skin, and stopped cleaning with the extreem clean. Instead we bought antibacterial soap and over the counter antibiotic cream. My girlfriend and I began scrubbing our entire bodies daily with the soap and an exfoliating sponge, and put cream on the red spots. It worked like a charm. Within a week everything had basically disappeared, except some spots that were obviously still healing.