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Release Of The May 2014 Edition Of Empire Magazine

Release of the May 2014 Edition of Empire Magazine?

Hello, Everyone,

I've been looking around the online, trying to figure out when the next issue of Empire magazine will be released.

If anyone could help me, that would fantastic.

So, does anyone know when the May 2014 issue is set to be released? It has Tom Cruise on the cover ((if that helps at all)). :)

Can simple math destroy the Jehovah's Witnesses interpretation of Matthew 24: 14?

Matthew 24:14, New World Translation
14 And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations,+ and then the end will come.

"Inhabited earth" accurately translates the word used in that verse.
Jehovah's witnesses both as an organized worldwide congregation, and as individuals, are working very hard with the help of Jehovah's holy spirit, to fulfill that prophecy during these last days.

As an organization, we are currently approaching 700 languages in our translation of the message. Some of these languages are spoken by only a few thousand people, but to Jehovah they are precious and fully worthy of hearing the message.

Alexa recently revealed that is among the1500 of the world's most visited websites, and is #1 in the category Religion and Spirituality.

Also the Watchtower and Awake magazines are the first and second most widely distributed journals in the world.

We do not only endeavor to fulfill this prophecy organizationally; individually we are doing what Jesus said that Christians should be doing - public preaching and witnessing, and disciple-making. Acts 1:8

For the past 20 years or so, the collective reported witnessing work by individual Jehovah's witnesses has exceeded one billion hours per year. Recently for the last few years, it has exceeded 1.8 billion hours per year. This includes not just house to house, but returning on those who expressed interest, and conducting free home Bible studies.

Therefore, Jehovah's witnesses are interpreting Matthew 24:14 accurately. The inhabited earth is being witnessed to with greater zeal than ever before, and we will continue to do so until the end comes.

Why don't many Americans value education...?

Let's all be honest here, Americans aren't very motivated to study or actually learn. I just recently came back from a trip to China. While I was there, I went to the library at 6:30 A.M. and noticed that every seat in the library was filled with children practicing math and learning english! When I come to a public library or a University library in America, it's nearly empty with the exception of finals week. Now, I'm only generalizing, not all Americans do not taken education for granted. But, how is it possible that some Americans are able to talk about sports the entire day, yet they are unable to name the sitting senator of their state or what's really important in current affairs. The young adults these days care about when Lil Wayne will be releasing his album, instead of solutions for better energy.

Why is Wanda Maximoff not in X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014 movie)?

She is, she's just younger than Pietro in this cinematic reality.  Possibly because of the friction over whom actually owns the cinematic rights to the characters, Fox decided to downplay their narrative origin.  We only see Pietro's last name on the mailbox, his sister is not named, and only a sly remark in an elevator reveals that Magneto is their father.Other than that, the story didn't need the Scarlet Witch, so there was no reason to waste her big reveal.  They can reserve her for a later film, if they choose.

Are crucifixions still performed?

Yes. Sadly, there are places in the world were crucifixions continue to be performed—although they may differ from the ancient Roman method. For instance, in writing about cases of Islamic miltants crucifying people in Syria, BBC journalist Alison Gee offered a short history of crucifixion from ancient to modern times:Crucifixion had become an established form of execution in the Roman Empire long before Jesus's birth."The famous example is Spartacus," says Prof Mary Beard, referring to the Roman slave and gladiator who died in 71 BC, after leading a slave revolt…"In Republican Rome, 1st Century BC Rome, it is a standard and degrading form of punishment," says Beard, a classical historian at Cambridge University…Although there are references to crucifixions hundreds of years before the Romans these may refer to other forms of impalement - cases where offenders were nailed to trees and other frames, where they were left to die.The Latin word "crux" which is generally translated as "cross" originally had a less specific meaning, referring to any object on which victims were impaled or hanged.The Roman emperor Constantine, a Christian, banned crucifixion in the 4th Century AD. More than 1,000 years later, however, it resurfaced as a way of killing Christians in Japan.In 1597, 26 Christians were crucified in Nagasaki and over the following century, hundreds more were executed in the same way…Today, a punishment referred to as "crucifixion" can still be imposed by courts in Saudi Arabia."Crucifixions take place after the beheading," says Amnesty International, which campaigns against all forms of capital punishment."The body, with the separated head sewn back on, is hung from or against a pole in public to act as a deterrent."The pole is sometimes, but not always, shaped in the form of a cross.(Alison Gee, “Crucifixion from Ancient Rome to Modern Syria,” in BBC News Magazine, May 8, 2014, Crucifixion from ancient Rome to modern Syria)

Why did Russia annex Crimea? Why not Ukraine?

Because occupying anything that does not want to be occupied is, among other things, way too costly in the XXI century. Just look at the US in Iraq and Afghanistan. If even Americans can’t afford it, then Russians definitely can’t.Separatists, like Chechnya, are a different matter. Russia was stuck with Chechnya for historical reasons, thanks to Russian Empire. Many Russians actually wanted to let it go, and did, but had to reconsider later after the independent Chechnya invaded the neighboring Dagestan and did many other controversial things. That war was deemed a necessity, controversial as it was, and Russia had to pour so much money into reconstruction of Chechnya to appease the conquered Chechens that some people think Chechnya came out the winner and Russia, the loser. Don’t know, doubtful, with the number of victims. But to create a new Chechnya out of the blue, on a whim? That would bankrupt Russia. How would one explain that to the voters?Plus, what do Russians need Ukraine for? Three times poorer than Russia, the most corrupt nation in Europe, with Western Ukrainian nationalism? For Russia to annex Ukraine is like for the US to annex Mexico. To the contrary, as we can see in the US, some people actually want a wall where there that much financial disbalance.Crimea is a different matter, because it’s small enough for Russia to afford, and gives tremendous boost to morale on both sides, for historical reasons. As in, jubilant crowds singing the ridiculous Russian anthem on the streets.Historically, Crimea has been a Russian proper for centuries (as opposed to the “Empire” proper, such as Georgia). It was arbitrarily gifted to Ukraine by a widely despised drunken communist dictator who wanted his successors, Ukrainian communist leaders, to rest in lavish Crimean Black Sea resorts. The people were never asked. That is largely seen as injustice, by Russians both in Russia and Crimea. When two parts of a nation want to be one but some idiot unilaterally forbade that, that’s not fair is it? If in doubt, think some drunken jerk came up with a brilliant idea of dividing the USA along the Mississipi river. You’d be feeling phantom pain for decades, and would have reunited sooner or later, no? Especially if Russia started stirring trouble somewhere in Oklahoma.

Why is Turkish president Erdogan hated by western media?

Probably no one in the media hate him, it is their job. Actually if I was a journalist I would love the world filled with characters like Erdogan. If all the world was like Switzerland, there was nothing interesting to write. Erdogan is an asset for journalism.Erdogan himself though has a genuine dislike and distrust for all kinds of media:Jun 2015 - Erdogan accused the Times of campaigning against Turkey's leaders dating back to the days of the Ottoman EmpireMay 2015 - Erdogan accused the daily's editor-in-chief Can Dundar of “spying”Jan 2015 - Erdogan accused Charlie Hebdo of inciting hatred and racism.Jun 2014 - Erdogan accuses CNN of acting ‘like spies’, accused CNN International's correspondent Ivan Watson, of being a secret agentMay 2014 - Erdogan has accused a BBC Turkey reporter of hiring two actors to pose as relatives of dead Soma miners.Jul 2013 - Erdogan accused the Times of "renting out its pages for money"Feb 2009 - Mr. Erdogan accused Mr. Dogan's (Turkish) media company of joining forces with opposition ...Feb 2009 - Erdogan accused Dogan of seeking favors in his business deals, trying to benefit from his position as a media owner.Sep 2008 - Erdogan accused (Turkish media tycoon) Dogan of engaging in blackmailJan 2009 - Erdogan accused (BBC's Selin Girit) Selin Girit of being "part of a conspiracy against her own country.He does not like Internet either:Mar 2014 - Erdogan "accused Twitter of fomenting unrest in Ukraine."Feb 2014 - Erdoğan accused a “robot lobby” of targeting the government through Twitter messagesAbominable. This is an insult for Turkish people.