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Replaced Ipod Touch 4th Gen Screen Now Half The Screen Is White And Won

Damaged iPod touch screen (vertical lines)?

this is actually common try to restore it by

Make sure you have iTunes the program installed on your computer and it's running. Plug the iPod Touch into the computer (into a 2.0 compatible USB port) using the USB charging cable the iPod Touch came with. We are looking for the iPod Touch to show up in iTunes on the left hand side under the devices category. If the iPod Touch does not show up instantly the computer may be having issues recognizing the iPod Touch is plugged in. Try plugging the iPod Touch into the back of the computer if you are on a desktop computer or another USB port if you are on a laptop computer.
When the iPod Touch shows up in iTunes on the left hand side under the devices category, click on the name of the iPod Touch (in most cases it will say "owner's ipod" or "your name's ipod") to navigate to the summary tab. Once you are at the summary tab (you should be seeing a larger image of your iPod Touch on the screen with the name, capacity, software version and serial number) hit the button in the "versions" section that says "restore."
Once you hit the restore button iTunes will ask you if you are sure you want to restore your iPod Touch. It is essential you do not backup your iPod Touch or restore from a backup because if you were having issues with the software before, the restore from a backup will just put the same issue on the iPod Touch again. Hit restore/okay to continue restoring the iPod Touch. The whole process can take up to a half hour depending on how much content is on the iPod Touch.

if this does not worktake it ot the apple store and they may be able to fix it but you will have to pay.

How much does it cost to fix a cracked iPad/iPad 2 screen?

Robert, good to find you here!At a local geek shop (not Apple),  expect to spend about $99 for parts and labor.  Same day turnaround or next day.I know because my 3 yr old is the a WMD (weapon of mass destruction.) Pictured above.

Why does my iPad say 'not charging' even when it is plugged in?

The problem: The iPad says it’s "Not Charging", and two things could happen:it is not chargingit's actually charging, but really slowly.The issue here is that iPad is receiving enough power from the charger to operate, but it's not enough to charge the battery.The iPad requires certain power level to charge normally. For example an iPad Mini usually uses about 1.7W-2.2W while you're using it. If the charger only passes this amount or less, then you’ll get the “not charging” message.To solve the problem, you have to check 3 things:chargercableUSB port/ outletThe problem is caused by one of these 3 elements.Your USB port could be old (not high-power), the cable can be damaged, or the charger could be a cheap, non-MFi-certified charger, or maybe an iPhone charger.If you use the regular iPad charger with the original cable + power outlet, you shouldn’t see this message. Also, in some cases on USB port of the computer will charge the iPad, and the other won’t.But if you turn off the iPad it will charge faster as it will not use energy while you are charging it.