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Revising For A English Literature Exam In University Uk Only

Is English Literature A level hard?

I am choosing to do A level English Literature also next year, and speaking to a friend who got an A at it at A level and is currently studying Law at University said as long as you prepare, practice and put your mind to you are able to achieve a decent grade. The key is to plan and prepare. This will give you the upper edge when it comes to the test. For example practice questions, essays etc are brilliant as it familiarises you with the types of question, but also how to answer them and how long to spend on them. Also the Russel group universities (the top Uni's in the UK) view English Lit as a brilliant subject as it develops very good writing skills and techniques that will help you in almost any white-collar working job.

How do I score good marks for English literature?

First of all improve your grammar. Board exams are generally lengthy and torturous, even good students tend to make a lot of grammatical mistakes making the answer unintelligible and thus resulting in reduced marks..Secondly, read the chapter first every time you study. Make character sketches, solve back exercises and try to position yourself as the protagonist. Might sound bizarre but this one practice made my answering ability improve from nil to a hundred..I won't recommend this but I watched sitcoms and movies to improve my prompt answering skill and it really reflected my performance when it came to writing. It's a distraction? I had PCM with comp. science. I got 93.25% aggregate and 95/100 in English. These things don't really effect your studies until you have everything balanced.. DONT WRITE A LOT TO CONFUSE. Board examiners are pretty well versed and extra long answers just reflect the nervousness and incapability of the student to answer a question. Keep your answer short, compact and rich in content..Last but not the least, jump out of your comfort zone. Read novels, poetry and non-fiction books to get that required flow in English Language. Don't just care about your marks, they're temporary. Try to learn English to better yourself and your personality after all it's just an exam that won't decide your future.Kudos and all the best for your exams :)

AP Literature: which of the following could be considered works of literary merit?

Les Miserables, Fahrenheit 451, The Outsiders (Maybe, I wouldn't use it anyway), and the Glass Castle (some teachers think the book is literary merit, others don't).

I'm also taking this test tomorrow, so good luck to both of us! :)

How hard is AP Spanish Literature and AP English Literature?

Depends on how good you are at english. Unlike with most ap courses you cna't study for an eternity and get a 5. By the time you wright your first essay it is very easy to determine what you will get on the ap test. To be quite blunt this class is about bullshitting. The better you can bullshit the better you will be at this class. You can write an essay with barely and knowledge of the book and ace it when you know how to bs or read the book 10 times have no clue how to a bs and do poorly. AP lit asks you to interpret the book in a general way not to be specific. Its one of the easiest aps in my opinion because I have a natural talent for bsing and am naturally good at english. I never read a book, or even sparknotes in ap lit and got a 98 in the class and a 5 on the ap exam. As for spanish I honestly dont know, sorry. I took ap latin/vergil and that was pretty hard I got a 4 on the ap exam and an 86 in the class, It was really hard and Im lucky to get that.

What colour pen should I use to write for an exam, blue or black?

As i read the answers i find most of them say use blue pen for writing answers but according to me DO NOT USE BLUE PEN to answer questions.Always use BLACK BALL PEN and NOT GEL PEN to answer questions. When you are appearing for you boards and semsesters i.e the exams which generally takes time to declare result ,the answer sheets are kept here and there for a long period of time in which it may happen that the color may fade. That’s why prefer black ball pen.It is also evident that when you use ball pen for writing then you speed is generally faster than that while using gel pen.Always use BLUE GEL PEN to highlight the points or underline them. As it is shiny in nature and will be clearly visible in one glance.Well ,you asked for advice so you got one or many but write with that color pen in which you feel comfortable with. And if you asked your senior teacher they will also given you the same suggestion which i gave you.Hope you find it reasonable and helpful. Take it easy and “fod dena” ALL THE BEST …!!!

Is having A.C.T score 14 bad for first time taking it .?

To be honest, a 14 is almost definitely worth retaking for (so it's good you are). The 50% percentile is about a 21, so you are below the midway point.

Did you study before you took it this first time? If not, you should definitely try to study for it. The thing to keep in mind is that the ACT does not try to trick you; it tests your actual knowledge.

Here are some stats that you can look at:

Auburn (Main Campus)
ACT Composite: 24 / 30
ACT English: 24 / 31
ACT Math: 23 / 29
ACT Writing: 6 / 8

ACT Composite: 29 / 33
ACT English: - / -
ACT Math: - / -

ACT Composite: 30 / 34
ACT English: 31 / 35
ACT Math: 29 / 35
ACT Writing: 8 / 10

ACT Composite: 31 / 34
ACT English: 32 / 35
ACT Math: 31 / 35

ACT Composite: 31 / 34
ACT English: 30 / 35
ACT Math: 30 / 35

ACT Composite: 31 / 34
ACT English: 31 / 35
ACT Math: 30 / 35

ACT Composite: 24 / 31
ACT English: 24 / 32
ACT Math: 25 / 33

Washington University in St. Louis
ACT Composite: 32 / 34
ACT English: 32 / 35
ACT Math: 31 / 34