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Revolver Issues Does Anyone Know A Solution

Does anyone know what the solution is to the problem -2x+y= 5 and x-y= -3?

-2x + y = 5
x - y = -3


-x = 2


x = -2 and y = 1

Does anyone know how to put a UHC spring revolver back together?

Most male rats will not fight and in some cases get along better than females do. Get the new rat, quarantine it for at least 3 weeks, then introduce them in a new cage, bath tub, just some place that neither has already claimed as their own. Other than that there is a really good chance they will get along. There are very few bucks that will aggressively pick on each other. I have a friend that breeds them on a big scale and her male colony consists out of at least 30 bucks. Out of all of those 3 have been mean. You could actually fit several more into a critter nation so that is definitely a big enough area. Good luck :)

Does anyone know about the UN gun control treaty?

It truly would not make any difference. truly it truly is to suppress hands dealing, and you recognize that it will no longer artwork. u.s., Russia and China will proceed to furnish weapons to international locations in conflict with the aid of secret bargains! what is going to the U.N. do, positioned one or all the huge 3 in penitentiary! The treaty has to do with shifting weapons between international locations, no longer interior ones own usa!

Does anyone know where I could buy a smith and Wesson model 10 snub nosed revolver?

Have you tried local gun shops?

And if you don't have to have a Model 10, look into some of the modern .38 Special snubnose revolvers S&W makes. They can be had for under $500 new, and likely under $400 used. Sometimes it's easier to get the next closest thing, especially when you're talking about a gun that is probably rarer than chicken teeth these days.

EDIT: He's looking for a snubnose Model 10. Right now, S&W appears to only be making service-style revolvers in the Model 10, hence my suggestion that he looks into some of the other S&W snubbies.

Does anyone know how to solve these trig problems?

question 04:
f(u)=u (it's an identity)

question 03:
sin u=1/3 ===> sin^(-1)1/3=u ===>u=19,47

cos u=sin(pi/2-u) (identity) ===> cos u=sin(pi/2-19,47)=0.94

sin v=1/4===> v=sin^(-1)1/4=14.47

cos v=sin(pi/2-v)=sin(pi/2-14,47)=0.97

sin u+v=sin u cos v + cos u sin v(identity)
=1/3 * 0.97 + 0.94*1/4=0.56=67/120

question 01:
sec x =1/cos x (identity)
sec^2 x=1/cos^2 x

===> 1/cos(^2) x -2=0
1/cos(^2) x =2

cos(^2)x= (1+cos(2x))/2 (identity)

(1+cos(2x))/2 =1/2
cos(-1)0 = pi/2
===>solution is : pi/4 +2kpi (because cos is always 2kpi it makes a full circle)

N.B: do not write the comments between the parentheses on your assignment paper it's just an explanation for you to understand the formulas)

Does anyone know what the laws are in the state of MA regarding online gun auctions?

You would take possession of it just like any other gun that you purchased from out of state when you are not out of state. Have it shipped to a dealer in your state, go there, fill out the paper work for a background check, and if you pass, pay the dealer for his assistance, and if you live in a free state, take the gun home with you. MA may have a waiting period.

Does anyone know about fuel problems with a '96 Polaris SLT 700?

If you don't run the gas out of the carb at the end of the day while loading it on the trailer, then its most likely you let its carb gum up too much. This is one of the regular boating/PWC'ing rituals that must be done each and every day of use.

You will probably need a carb cleaning and/or rebuild.

Another piece of advice, keep an eye on the oil injection system if yours has one. If this fails while out on the water, its big problems. Most people I know don't use the oil injection system and just pre-mix it with the fuel tank.

Does anyone know how to solve this Chemistry Problem?

mass of water = 58.3 g
mass of metal washer = 60.6 g
temp of hot water bath = 101.0 degrees celcius
temp of hot water in styrofoam cup = 19.7 degrees celcius
highest temp of cup of water = 27.1 degrees celcius

how do i solve this equation??
heat lost by metal = heat gained by water
(metal x Smetal x highest temp in cup after metal added - boiling water) - (mH2O x 4.18 j/gc x highest temp in cup after metal added x water in cup before metal added)

i'm really sorry, i know this is a lot of help to ask for, but I don't understand how to do it at all. I've been absent this week, and then we had a sub today, so i couldn't get help.
i need to have it by tomorrow. so basically i'm screwed.
if anyone could take the time to help me out here, then i seriously appreciate it.

Does anyone know of an FFL Liscenced gun dealer in Howard County, MD?

i've got owned over one hundred weapons in my existence so some distance - and that i do no longer difficulty paying for on line because of the fact my close by gunsmith has consistently been waiting to locate me issues with the aid of his contacts for allot much less. Why you may prefer to purchase a gun on line once you get no guarantee, no returns, and so on - and - in no way understand what the transport, coverage or broking pass fees would be - makes no fricken sense to me. the employer many times palms the gun to his FFL and then it gets shipped on your FFL. in case you dont have a chum with a FFL which will pass it to you for unfastened, then I specific wish you delight in bending over the barrel. some fee $50 to do the paperwork, yet, I even have them fee as much as $a hundred and fifty for 'severe maintenance' human beings. you may desire to locate a FFL - places like Buds, Cabellas, and so on many times in no way take on line auction weapons or inner maximum transfers. examine the telephone e book for gunshops and commence calling them - confirm to invite how plenty they fee.