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Riviera Maya Area Resorts Or Cancun Peninsula Area Resorts

What is the best all inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico?

I have stayed at the RIU Cancun. It's in a great location..close to the flea markets, shops, clubs. The first time we went we never left the resort except to go on an optional tour. The second time we visited we went to flea market, shops, dinner and a club. They are all about 2 blocks for the resort. The rooms are all beachfront. Fantastic service..I would definately return there.

What's the difference between Cancun and Yucatan?

Im going on a trip next summer with my school and on the information sheet, it says we're going to Yucatan, Mexico.. everyone was telling me that we're going to Cancun though. i just dont know whats the difference between the two. is there a difference?

Best way to do day trips in Cancun?

I'm heading down to Cancun next week, my buddies and I are wanting to do a couple of day trips. One to the Mayan ruins and another snorkeling. Is it better to book online through an agency or to go down and try and find someone that will do it for cheaper? Either way I'm not sure how to know you are getting a quality trip. Thanks

What are the best ways to get from Cancun, Mexico to Riviera Maya, Mexico?

Every tour guys will provide a bus to take you to Cenote Il Kil, Chichen Itza .. Riveria Maya, get the taxi driver details from the hotel reception you stay. That will be better and safe too.They say driving is risky. But I would recommend take a rental car for 2 days. 1st day to Xcaret Park in Riveria Maya and come home late after the mind blowing Mayan shows in the eco-theme park. Next day, you drive to Cenote Il Kil and chichen itza to spend your own time. The tour guys gave us more time for Chichen Itza than Cenote, which should be reverse as Cenote is fully fun. Chichen itza , I need an hour. Am done with it.Don’t miss out Isles Mujeres . Stunning. Do a snorkel if not Scuba. Anyone can do snorkel. Water would be like in swimming pool but extremely spectacular with natural reeves. Local food is too good with Tequila in Coconut shell mixed with coconut water obviously. Also, spend a night in “Coco Bongo” if interested. Exhilarating crowd!Interactive Aquarium – Swim with dolphins if you want to.Also, heard about some famous sacred bath.At a high level, these are must. But if you want, you can find a place to scuba dive where backwater and ocean meets, and the salt water and fresh water tries to fight each other. Good one if interested.

Which all inclusive resort in Mexico would be the best for hosting a wedding with around 50 guests?

Pretty much every all-inclusive resort offers all-inclusive wedding packages. (4 star or greater)Weddings are BIG business for resorts.30–50 guests is about average so you’re right in the sweet spot when it comes to package pricing.They’ll have venue options for you like:beachchapelrooftopgazeboThey’ll even have a wedding coordinators on staff to organize everything from start to finish. Pretty amazing.The most difficult part is choosing a destination and between the 80+ resorts in that area.The weddings team at have written a ton on the “weddings in Mexico” subject.Articles that may interested you:Guide to destination weddings in MexicoCost of an all-inclusive destination weddingTop Riviera Maya wedding packagesHope that helps ;-)

Is it safe to go to Cancun, Mexico concerning Zika?

You shouldn’t worry, here’s a list of FAQ’s about Zika virus in Cancun.

How do Costa Rica and Cancun differ?

Costa Rica and Cancun differs greatly as Costa Rica is a country whereas Cancun is a city itself located inside a country named Mexico. Cancun is largely a tourist city with lots of beaches and resorts, as well as tourist attractions and timeshares. Costa Rica on the other hand is a country full of Natural wonders and beauties, a country famous for reserving its natural habitat and its conservation effects on wildlife as well as its tropical forest. Costa Rica is more of ecotourism whereas Cancun is more of beaches and man made attractions, which looks artificial as compared to Costa Rica as a whole. Costa Rica also has its fareshare of beaches as well but the climate and weather differs from place to place (some places are cold, eg. San Jose), whereas Cancun is largely tropical city and the only cold place in Cancun are indoors places with functioning air-condition, like Singapore. The list can goes on but those are just some of the differences between Costa Rica and Cancun.

Cancun to Chichen Itza?

NO, it's not difficult to rent a car and drive to Chichen-Itza, but I highly recommend that you just book a trip through an excursion company. It will be a lot cheaper if you do it that way. Yes, there are tour guides there to show you around and explain all the history of the ruins. Chichen-Itza is a very neat experience and you will enjoy it. But, again I highly recommend that you just book a trip with excursion tour. They will pick you up from your hotel, take you there, you will have a guide, you will get two free drinks on the way to the site, and food/beverages once you arrive, and bring you back for one cheap price. It's not wise to be driving around Mexico if you have never done so. It's not worth it to rent a car when you have access to having an excursion tour do everything for you. You can buy the excursions almost anywhere in Cancún and there are always people walking around trying to sell you trips. Also, a lot of the times the company whom you booked your trip with will have a representative on site at your hotel/resort and you can just book all your activities through him. Trust me it's a lot better to do it that way then dealing with all the hassles of renting a car and then trying to find you way around Mexico if you aren't familiar with it. Good luck to you and enjoy your will have a blast!!!

What is it like to travel to Cancun, Mexico?

You must understand, first, that while you are in Mexico, if you spend your entire time, as most tourists do, in Cancun only, you will not have actually been in "Mexico" !  What you see in Cancun is really an artificial construct,  conceived by the Mexican government, as a safe, fun, exciting place for (largely) foreign tourists and a lucrative source of revenue for certain entrepreneurs and of course for Mexico itself. In this Mexico has been wildly successful.   Cancun operates under its own legal system, apart from that of Yucatan, and is, for example, better policed than are most other places in Mexico, again, with the goal of creating a "safe" experience for tourists.  Having said that, it is possible to venture away from the resort area proper and travel to other places.  Merida, the capital of Yucatan, is a pleasant old city and easy to get to.  The Mayan sites at Chichen Itza are very impressive as are other Mayan sites in the area.  As always in Mexico, however, there are caveats:  while this part of Mexico seems to not be involved in the narco-wars that are devastating central and northern Mexico, the rate of ordinary crime is high and much of it is directed at obvious tourists...bag snatching and pickpocketing are common, so advise keep valuables in secure parts of clothing.  More serious are armed robberies, assaults, and rapes (during my last year as US Consul in Mexico City there were eight rapes of American women on the road from Cancun to Chichen Itza), few of which are even investigated, much less solved.    My advice: go...have a great time, take guided tours to the ruins (not totally safe but better than going alone), enjoy the beach fun and the nightime action, and come home with a great tan and pleasant memories!  Buen viaje!