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Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging And Battery Life Problems

My Samsung Galaxy J5 takes too long to charge. What is the problem?

There could be numerous reason for that1) Bad Power adapter 2) Bad USB cable 3) Bad battery 4) Bug in operating system (this is rare case scenario though)5) Not genuine USB cable or power adapter (Try to use OEM power adapter and USB cable or similar to your battery's power configuration)To troubleshoot it Use power adapter and USB cable of someone else typically of same mAh battery's power adapter and USB cable try 2-3 more variation of power adapter and USB cable if problem persist problem could be of battery if you have removable battery check if there is any bulge on battery if you don't have removable battery maybe you will need to replace the battery.

Samsung galaxy s3 not charging?

My samsung galaxy s3 hasnt been charging properly for a werk now! The phone detects the charger as i can see the charging icon, it either charges but super slowly and only reacher a maximum of 50% or it doesnt charge at all, sometimes the percentage starts to decreasewhile on charge!!

I experimented with it to see what might b the cause and i found out that:
1- the battery is not the problem since it charges when i put it in an other samsung s3
2- the charger is not the problem since its charging the other samsung s3 just fine
3- I factory reset my phone to make sure its not a software problem, it didnt work

What else could b the problem???

Samsung Galaxy S3 charging and battery life problems?

I own an S3 since Christmas, and the battery has just been getting worse and worse. I was experiencing problems with charging it with the original charger, it wouldn't charge, even when I wasn't using it on charge. I changed to another Samsung charger I had from my previous phone (Galaxy Y) and that seemed to work for a while.

However, now, if I leave it on charge, sometimes the battery won't charge even if I leave it alone. And if I text, or do anything else, the battery goes down really quickly. One night I left the battery at 77% and took it off charge, and when I woke up the next morning, the battery was at 11%! It usually only goes down by around 10% when I sleep.

Is there anything I can do? I think it's a year warranty I have, but I heard that the battery warranty is only 6 months! Any help will be appreciated.

Samsung galaxy s3 battery life question?

Well for starters, make sure to turn your brightness down pretty low (not all the way, but around 25%). Second, cut down on the texting. Because of the 4.8 inch screen taking up a lot of the battery, of course your battery wouldn't last long. Third, kill any app that you're not using (hold the home button and then swipe the image of the app to either the left or the right). Finally, turn off your mobile data whenever you're not using it.

Do all of this and you should see an improvement. But your signal can also be another reason on why your battery life is bad. Finally, don't charge your battery when it hits 20%. Just charge it whenever you can (I charge mine when it hits around 7% or so). Hope this helped.

My Samsung Galaxy S3 is charging very slow?

Alright, so I have this fairly new Samsung Galaxy S3, got it around december 10th. It has a few cracks that I have yet to show my parents, and I'm getting the screen replaced next weekend so I cant show my parents untill then.

My battery seems to not charge well and I changed chargers! It stays at around 2% or 0% and I left it charging overnight for school for around 10 hours and it only charged 34%! Help!

Galaxy s3 (battery life)?

Would "turning off" some apps that come in your galaxy s3 help your battery life to last longer? I noticed you can turn them off and i was hoping if it actually helps.

My Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 takes too long to charge. What is the problem?

Ever wonder why your phone seems to charge more slowly on some electrical outlets or ports? You’re not crazy – there’s a good reason for it, and that reason is USB. USB 2.0 ports output 0.5 amps of energy while USB 3.0 ports output 0.9 amps of energy. When you charge via a traditional electrical outlet, you can receive anywhere from 1 to 2 amps of energy. The more amps you send to your phone’s battery, the faster it will charge. 1 to 2 amps of power may not seem like a lot, but 2 amps is four times as much power as you’ll get from USB 2.0, which roughly translates to 4 times faster charging times.

What is the problem with my Samsung Galaxy Duals goes off even though the battery charge at 70%?

How old is the device?How many times have you changed your battery?If your phone is older than 2–3 years, and you haven’t changed it’s battery at least once, then most probably it’s an issue with the battery. I can’t be 100% sure, so I recommend you take it to the nearest Samsung store or to a GSM service to troubleshoot and fix the phone for you.

Why is my Samsung S3 battery life awful?

Could be battery age, apps calling home frequently (using more cpu power and keeping the 4g/lte radio active )Disabling backround communication will help.I had that problem with my Samsung Galaxy note 3. Seemed the replacement batteries weren't legitimate samsung batteries.I ordered a power bear replacement battery. It's part of a kit with a screen protector and a replacement back panel.I've been able to use my phone for two days between charges. It's not been a week yet since the battery arrived, but so far the battery life has been amazing.I've no doubt that something similar will be available for the S3. Take a look on Amazon.