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Samsung Galaxy S4 Ball Of Light Gone

My Samsung Galaxy J5's display is damaged but it is responsing to the touch. How much will it cost if I want to fix it in samsung service center ?

It will take half of the amount which you paid while buying the smartphone.*This is what Samsung service centre told me*My j7's screen didnt crack, touch is also working, but the display blacked out.I was charged somewhere around ₹7000 to get it repaired.

How can one run an Android app on a Samsung Z4?

ACL for Tizen is an app necessary to run ACL (Application Compatibility Layer) enabledapps in the Tizen Store. Simply download ACL for Tizen one time and enjoy every ACL-enabled appavailable in the Tizen Store on your Samsung smartphone.

How long are Samsung's smartphones' lifespans? Specifically, how long is it until it starts to have problems?

If you get a flagship phone, the hardware will most likely last for 3 to 4 years. The battery will need to be replaced within 1.5 years. Peripherals that usually die around 3 years are the charging port and headphone jack. The OS will be updated to new Android versions for 2 years, and additional security patches will be pushed out for another year (3 years software support total technically). The build quality on flagships Samsung Note 4 and before are far more durable, being made of high quality polycarbonate and having removable batteries and modular parts. Samsung S6 and onwards are made out of glass and are super fragile and hard to repair.I myself use a flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 3 since early 2014, its still fine in June 2017 after almost 3 1/2 years usage, except the charging port is getting a little loose and may need to be replaced soon. And I also bought another battery from Amazon in 2015.If you get a midrange or entry-level phone, the build quality, especially on phones before 2015, will be pretty bad. Should last about 2 years before something dies. The new 2016 and 2017 A-series and C-series are pretty good and should also last about 3 years, although the battery will need to be replaced after 2 years.

Which tablet is compatible with the PUBG game? I bought a Samsung tablet and it turns out that it will not be able to run the PUBG game.

It doesn't really matter on the brand of the device. What matters are the specs. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and PUBG works like a charm on it.I guess the tablet you purchased is meant for some light multimedia consumption only. I suggest you go for the Samsung Tab S2, S3 or the upcoming Tab S4.

How do I make my keyboard go back to normal?

Get Rid of É on Keyboard. Find yourself typing away and go to hit the Question Mark and have É instead? press CTRL+SHIFT (press CTRL first and while holding press SHIFT, sometimes you have to do it twice in a row to disable.)

What is the green dot next to the phone icon on messenger?

No, it just means that the person is available to take a call. For example, I have the messenger app on Windows and the green dot appears next to the phone icon when that person is online. It is not there for an offline person. Normally, when you want to call someone and they are in another call, it would give you a notification to call back later.In a sense, it is kind of ambiguous, as it definitely confirms the online status but in terms of call availability, it can depend.Just an example photo.