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What is the translation of “Bas Yun Hi” from Hindi to English?

“Bas yun hi” is the most common sentence we generally need while speaking.We can say,Just like thatORJust for no reasonORFor no particular reasonORNothing specificORNo reason at allfor “Bas Yun Hi” in EnglishThanks!

What is the English translation of the Hindi word "jugaad"?

“Jugaad” is a Hindi word, widely used by people in India and those of Indian origin. It has varying meanings, based on the situation and context in which it is used.The following are the situations in which Jugaad is used:It represents an improvised arrangement or work around, performed in the absence of sufficient resources. It applies to a creative or innovative idea that provides a quick alternative way of fixing or solving a problem.It may be an idea from which a person can control his or her budget.It is commonly used, while describing a workaround to get through logistical, commercial or legal issues.It has become a movement of Indian creativity that focuses on finding cost-effective ways to solve the issues arising on a day-to-day basis.It also represents the indigenously made motor vehicle that attaches engines with the innovative carts made locally and used for low cost transportation in rural places.Jugaad, by itself, is a science, art, tradition and philosophy.The people, generally, combine their mother tongue while talking in other languages. Similarly, when one talks in English, for instance, with a person who knows Hindi, he may express the following sentence:“I somehow want to see this movie this evening; but, I do not have a ticket. Please do some ‘jugaad’.

What is the most iconic Hindi movie dialogue you have ever heard?

So here I come with some of my favourite dialogues from hindi movies.From Raanjhana1.)Tumhara pyar naa ho gaya UPSC ka exam ho gaya. 10 saal se paas hi nahi ho raha ( your “Love” seems like UPSC exam, in which you are just continuously failing from last 10 years)2.)Dil na sala left mein hota hai , naa right mein center mein hota hai… kyun ki hume dard wahi ho raha tha . ( Heart is neither on left side nor right side.It's in the center of your of body, and I am having pain in that place.)3.)Gali k laundon ka pyar aksar doctor aur engineer utha le jaate hain ( its often that love of street lovers (boys) has hijacked by doctors or engineers)4.)Lovers don’t get hurt when their love (his gf ) gets married with someone elseHe shattered when he ready to gets marry with someone else than his gf.5.)Girl and the rocket can take a man anywhere ,Anywhere means anywhere..From Ae dil hai mushkil6.)Is it easy to be in one sided love in which you don't get back love in revert .7.)Loving someone is not what we can do, but atleast we can go away from love.8.)Have you got slapped suddenly by someone that slap is called Love.And the slap hit you more hardly when some 3rd enter in your life.9.)It's weird story of our love and of frienship.Love is our Actor and frienship is our actress…These are from Love you zindagi.9.)If you don't handle the steering wheel of your life than someone else will be sit on the driver seat of your vehicle (life).10.) Awesome line11.)12.) from Dangal13.) Be careful about your habits.And be genius14.) The best one from Anand15.) From GuideIt seems all wishes will be fulfill .But see there is no wishes left..ThanksHave a good day ahead.