Saw Iv Horror Film The Chair Trap What Is It

The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell?

Its about a man named Rainsford, he falls off of a ship and into the amazon river. He finds land and discovers a huge chateau(mansion/castle). There is a man named General Zaroff there who takes Rainsford in and clothes/feeds him. Zaroff tells rainsford about his hunting experiences and how hes read rainsfords book on hunting, then he tells rainsford that he became bored of hunting animals so he invented a new prey Humans! Then he tells rainsford he either must be beaten/tortured by his servant who is an expert whiper, or he will be given a few hours to hide on a small island of forest and then be hunted, and if he is not found in 3days he wins. So rainsford of course chooses the later, sets a few traps and wounds the general his hunting dogs and his servant. At the end he wins and returns to the mansion and kills Zaroff and sleeps in his bed.

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1) Detective Hoffman's motives for being the new Jigsaw apprentice are still unknown which will be further explored in SAW V.

2) Wrong: Hoffman didn't know the games will continue. The events in SAW IV occured at the same time as SAW III. We saw Hoffman lock FBI Agent Strahm with the room that had Jeff, Jigsaw on his death bed, Amanda dead, and Doctor Lynn's head blown off at the end of the film. The tape that claims the games will continue occured after the events of SAW III and SAW IV. Det. Hoffman (the new apprentice) was helping with all the traps in SAW III and SAW IV while Jigsaw was alive, not after he died since Saw III and SAW IV occured at the same time. The autopsy tape showed at the beginning of the film was really the end of the film: it's what happens after III and IV. So when he heard that the games will continue, he meant the games for SAW V all along, and that just because Hoffman is the last man standing doesn't mean that he wont be tested.

3) Interesting question. From what we got was that the Lawyer didn't know Hoffman was the apprentice. Jigsaw and Hoffman had set that ICE/ELECTRICITY trap up themselves. The chair Hoffman was strapped to was most likely made so that the indavidual in it could release themselves from it. The lawyer was ordered to abduct Hoffman and put him in the chair with Det. Mathews on his side. With Hoffman and Jigsaw knowing this, they made it so he could released most likely.

If you have any further question please feel free to email me. Just remember the events of SAW III and SAW IV were occuring at the same time. If you want to see the ending of the film here is a link to it on youtube with good sound quality, and alright vision with an amatuer camera. You can still see the ending again and see that the tape occured after SAW III and SAW IV because you see Jigsaw dead after Hoffman states GAME OVER to Rigg.

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Oh and at 2:21 on that video, we see Hoffman come through a door and close the door on FBI Strahm, Jigsaw had died only just a few moments before he had opened through that door and locked FBI Agent Strahm in there. Most likely while Hoffman was strapped in the chair, Jigsaw was dieing at that very moment. The autopsy is then shown, meaning everything he said on the tape is about SAW V.

What is the body count for the saw series?

I'm not exactly sure but I think its

Paul (razor wire maze)
Mark (flammable room)
Detective (Shotgun in hallway)
Zep (hit with toilet lid)
Adam (suffocated by Amanda..we find this out in the later films)

Saw 2=10
Michael (Venus fly trap)
3 members of a SWAT team (electic staircase)
Jonas (nail studded bat)
Xavier (slit throat)
Laura (nerve gas)
Gus (gunshot when looking in peep hole)
Obi (set on fire)
Addison (hand trap)

Saw 3=7
Troy (rip the chains from body)
Detective Allison (angel trap)
Dr. Lynn (shotgun collar)
Danica (freezer)
Tim (the thing that twisted his body)
Amanda and Jigsaw (shot)

Saw 4=9
Cecil (knife chair)
Trevor (he was chained to that thing with the other guy, one had mouth sewn shut the other had eyes shown shut)
Brenda (blood loss from hair being pulled off)
Motel clerk (pierced eye)
Crime scene photographer (impailed)
Rex (impailed together with his wife, i belive she survived if i remember correctly)
Art (shot)
Eric (head smashed by blocks)

which gives a total of 30