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Since you have requested me to answer his question, I would like to disclose upfront that I am part of Xcode, a genomics company based out of India.I had answered a related question earlier - Which tools can be used to analyze 23andMe raw data?. That thread gives you a brief overview of what tools exist to analyze 23andMe data. If you want a DIY type of report, then Promethease is a good place to start. It is comprehensive but will also require you to do some research yourself. On the other hand, if you are interested in nutrition and fitness, along with recommendations with Indian nutrition guidelines, then you should check out FTDNA, AncestryDNA and 23andme raw data Interpretation/Analysis -....

I remember feeling exactly like you not too long ago. For me it felt like I was never quite where I felt I belonged… that there was always some other place, some other time, or some other world I belonged that wasn’t where I was now.It made me feel like I was missing the most essential things in life, since I only knew that this wasn’t it, but I had no idea what was missing!What eventually made me feel differently about it was having something to work towards, something that made me feel like my life mattered!I now know that this feeling of being lost only came from me not having something to work towards, but as soon as I found what it was that I felt I had to do, I felt like I belonged here. Even though nothing else changed, I just felt like everything was coming together step by step, little by little.That being said, I believe what is missing from your life currently is Direction.You may know where it is you want your life to go, but if that is the case then you probably don’t do everything in your power to get there, you are still holding back for some reason. This causes you to only feel partly fulfilled and not as much as you could be.The definition of “feeling fulfilled” cannot coexist with the feeling of missing something in your life. Those two literally cancel each other out. Therefore, right now you are not feeling fulfilled in your life, and most of that feeling comes from doing something that matters.We only feel truly alive when we do something of value, something that makes us feel like there is a reason we were born. You have to find that reason for yourself right now. That should be your biggest task as of this moment forward. Nothing takes priority over this… NOTHING.If you do not find this, then you will continue to feel lost, you will not feel like anything you do matters, and to make things worse, you will always feel that hole inside your heart.Find something that makes you feel valuable, and you will fill that hole.

Your Subconscious Mind could be quite a nuisance at times.So you come home from work, place your car keys on the key-hanger right next to the door, get inside to freshen up. A while later you get a call from a friend who needs you to visit him for something urgent.Now this is something very rare and out of your daily routine. So you get ready again to leave. You step out of the house and feel an urge to check on the lights if you switched them all off. You get inside again and check each room one by one consciously. While you are at it, you get another call from, let's say, your workplace. You finish the important call standing in the middle of one of the rooms, and it leaves you with a few thoughts on your mind (the conscious one). Your subconscious takes over the leaving-the-house act (which was interrupted by your conscious efforts to check the switches). Just like you do everyday, the subconscious makes you get the keys from the hanger right next to the main door. Oops! Where are the keys?Minutes later you realize you already have them in your hand, as you had picked them up last you stepped out of the house.Here's the reason:Your subconscious does what your conscious has taught it slowly and regularly over the years. Habits, we call them!Your subconscious runs 95% of your daily life. In average, you are using only 5% of the time your conscious mind. Yes, that's a fact. Absentmindedness is nothing but the complete presence of your subconscious.Here's what can be done:The 5% of the time we use our conscious mind can be used to provide proper inputs to the subconscious.Rush of thoughts? Stop where you are for a minute. Tell yourself consciously that you are in the middle of something else. Be done with the thoughts for the moment and get back to the present. Move on.I'm sure it won't take more time than that in searching all places what you have in your hand already.Related: Chandraprakash Jangid's answer to Hypnosis: What are some mind-blowing facts about the subconscious?

Cookies, cookies, cookies...every time you search for something online, the site you're searching on (and its affiliates) probably set cookies with information about what you were looking for.  There are huge networks of interoperable and independent ad platforms that share this information, and can use these cookies to present you with information based on prior searches (as well as incomplete and completed purchase).  There are also some platforms that actively store information, based on clicking links and other direct activities, then use that information to "retarget" you for subsequent advertising.It's important to note that most, if not all, of this data is generally anonymous, in that it can't be mapped back to you as an individual person.  But, you're probably well-known as customer 15487963354899797 somewhere.To be fair, I actually think these types of ads are better in the long run than completely random ads that may or may not be of interest to me.  However, when I'm looking up something for someone else, it can be rather annoying to see some of the results of those interactions.

You won’t be able to get the data on the person who is searching for you online. But, Yes there are 3 easiest way to get updated with when your name is being searched.Google Alerts (Add your name filter in Google alerts to get notified)You also can get into the BrandMentions to know about when you are searched.Create your profile on to get updates on when your name is searched.

Everybody, and I really mean everybody is searching for one thing in life; something that makes life feel as though it has meaning. Whether this be in getting their dream job, raising kids, contributing to society, working for charities or even not so innocent things like committing massacres in the name of ideology or other destructive acts; all give the individual some feeling of meaning.Meaning is what we search for throughout our entire lives. Few find that something which really gives them this feeling.We've been put into this wild cosmos seemingly barred from knowing if there's some grand cosmological purpose to this all, so we desperately try to create our own meanings.

Broadly speaking, searching for a thing isn't criminal.That said, considering the following:1. If you're searching for something like "how to download photoshop free" there's an argument that you might be attempting to commit a crime.2. When you Google something, Google keeps a quite robust record of it, as does your computer.  It is routine to admit evidence from a defendant's computer or search history in cases where police/investigators find traces of planning, preparation, etc.3. Literally today, a journalist was sentenced to 63 months in jail for, among other things, posting a link to illegally stolen information online.  He didn't host it, but rather just linked to it.  While I agree with his conviction, it is important to be aware of how little activity you need to engage in to commit a crime.

The question was - How do you search for words in a Word document?In my version, open your Word document and select HOME on the ribbon - then look to the extreme right for “Find’ with the magnifying glass icon. Click on that an a search bar will open on the left - type as many words as you need to enter to get a clear result.Thank for the A2A.