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Seems Like We Should Be Able To Form An Alliance With Blacks Against This Illegal Alien Invasion

Libs: Was Desert Storm an illegal war too?

They kept saying it was a war for oil. Libs aren't too bright. If they were, they'd realize that we get most of our oil from Canada.

Here is a typical liberal drone. This is what we are up against:

Why did business leaders create new forms of ownership like monopolies, cartels, and trusts?

An even cleverer question might be:

JUST HOW did business leaders create new forms of control of state and federal legislatures, so FRIENDLY laws would be sure to pass?

The answer my friends is a old as the hills.


I need help with us. history mulitple choice?

1. the cold war
2. the iron curtain
3. to oppose Soviet expansion and keep communism in check
4. the Marshall plan
5. Berlin Airlift
6. to coordinate military training for the Allies (i think)
7. to develop an Asian ally against communism
8.North Korea invaded South Korea.
9.President Truman fired him for insubordination.
10.North Korea and South Korea remained separate with a demilitarized zone along the 38th parallel.
11.Red Scare
12.a tactic of spreading fear with baseless accusations of communist activities in the United States
13.expected other nations to do their part
14.the power of the military-industrial complex