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Senior Citizen Interview Help 65

What are some interview questions to ask a senior citizen?

Birth date.
Where were you born?
Where did you live?
When I was a baby?
Where did you go to school?
How did you like school?
You did what in school?
How did you get to school?
Did you graduate?
Did you continue your education?
What were jobs you worked at.
Favorite toys and things to do.
Did you go to dances.
What did you do for fun?
What were the popular games you played?
How did you earn you spending money?
What kind’s of cars did your parents have?
What was your first car and who bought it?
What kind of car did you have?
Did you learn to play a musical instrument.
Did you participate in sports?
Did you have a nickname?
What songs, movies and books?
Where did you go on dates?
When did you get married?
Where was the honeymoon?
What was the turning point in your life?
What are special things from your teen years you will always remember?
How has the world changed?
Ask about father - mother -how did they meet?
Ask if they have stories of their parents and grandparents.
Good times - struggles - achievements.
Message he/she would like to leave to his posterity.
Don’t forget to ask what he/she know of his ancestors.
Events remembered - Historical events and reaction to them.

Hope these will help.

Senior Citizens: What do they do most on the Internet?

Firs, the term senior citizen covers a fairly large age group - some people say anything past 60 is fair game.You have a couple of answers for seniors 80 plus, and one that is full of facts and research findings.My husband is 62 and I will be 60 later this year. We are on the younger edge of senior citizen, born in the 1950s.We didn't grow up with computers but were young adults when they started to be used extensively in business. My husband had a very early PC in the early 1980s, a Commodore 64. I had an early job working a Wang word processor. Yes, we are dinosaurs of the computer age.But - we worked with them and had PCs and, as the technology improved, laptops, iPhones and iPads.I am using an iPhone as I write this in fact.We are not unusual for our age. Still, our parents are all over the map. My father-in-law was very tech-savvy and an early adopter all along the technology arc. He died over 2 years ago at age 87, so I think he was one extreme.My mother, age 82, is the other extreme. Towards the end of her career she used computers, but not all along like my generation. However she never has owned a computer or a smartphone. She used to say she wanted to buy a laptop, but never said why.So I think it’s pretty generational, with baby boomer seniors in a very different relationship and comfort level with computers than our parents’ generation.

Interviewing a Senior Citizen?

1. Whom are you named after? Whom am I named after? What was she or he like?

2. What was the house you grew up in like? Who lived with you? What was your neighborhood like? How did you relate to your non-black neighbors?

3. What kinds of newspapers and books did you have in your home? Who read them?

4. What about your family felt black? How was your culture expressed?

5. How did you celebrate the holidays? What special roles did the women in your family play in holiday preparations and observance?

6. What special foods do you associate with your family and family celebrations?

7. Where did you go to school? Did you like it? What were your favorite subjects?

8. Did you go to religious services? If so, where? What was it like? How meaningful did you find your religious education?

9. What did you want to be when you grew up? Why? What options seemed open or closed to you?

10. What did you do for fun as a teenager? As a young adult?

11. How did you spend your summer vacations? Did you go to summer camp? Did you like it? Did your family vacation together? Where did you go and what did you do?

12. (If married) How did you meet your spouse? What were your courtship and wedding like? What were your expectations about roles and responsibilities within your marriage? If you didn't marry, was this a conscious choice or did your life just take that turn? How do you feel about it in retrospect?

13. What volunteer or paid work have you done? How has it been important to you?

14. What has been important to you as a daughter? A sister? A life partner? A mother? A grandmother? As a friend? As a member of a community?

15. Who have been your role models? What about them do you admire?

16. What words of wisdom did your mother/grandmothers/aunts share with you?

17. Who are your favorite cultural heroines? What appeals to you about them?

18. What world and national events have significantly influenced your life?

19. Women's roles have changed dramatically over the past several decades. Have these changes had a personal impact on you? What do you think of them?

20. What in your life has brought or given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfillment? Looking back, what would you have done differently? What would you do again?

Senior Citizen Interview Please Help!!!?

I lived in a small house with my father, mother, and two sisters. My first job was baby sitting, I hated it so much I took care of a little monster all summer long, that was my first job, I then went to work for the telephone Company, I had to wear white gloves every day, I was a long distance operator, we sat in big tall chairs in a upright position. Every call that you placed you had to mark the state and the Telephone number down, the card looked liked a braille card, and if you got more than 5 cards back incorrect you would be fired. My Father was a long distance truck driver, I used to go with him to different states on the week- ends,It was a very hard job for my Father who had back problems.Being on the road so long constantly hurt his back. We had very little money, but for my birthday I would get a doll or a pair of shoes if I needed them. I had 4 or 5 cats I loved them a lot. I always loved the summer time so I could play with my friends. We used to play tin can alley until it got dark. I remember my senior prom, I went to the prom with the love of my life(I thought) On the way to the prom a gang fight broke out between my date and 6 other boys, they were using chains knives, needless to say I did not attend my prom. I was so anxious to go to the prom I had borrowed a prom dress because I couldn't afford one, it was a pretty lavender color, I got dressed four hours before the prom because I was so anxious to go. My date ended up in jail. I never spoke with him again. I lived in a little boring town and there really was nothing to do, I came to a large city to live with my girlfriend. What a shock to my system. Our streets rolled up at 5p.m. in the big city
nothing ever stops. I had a real hard time adjusting to the different life style, I didn't think that I would make it but I did. I missed my family so much and tried to go home by train as much as I could. A year later my mother was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver, my sister was the driver. This was very hard to get over. I have since lost my father,my sister, and 2 aunts. So needless to say I no longer go home. I am a senior citizen. I had a good life and loved my family dearly and still miss everyone.

What is the age of ladies for senior citizens?

As per govt gazette, a person (female or male should enter the 60th year(meaning after completing 59 years of age) to become a senior citizen entitled for certain concessions like higher rate if bank interest on fixed deposits, railway/roadway/air travel concessions, preferential treatment in few instruments & transactions.In some non govt institutions, one gets classified as Senior Citizen upon completion if the 60th year i.e one should enter the 61st year to avail certain concessions & benefits. HDFC, ICICI bank, Pvr airlines etc fall into this some rare Pvt places a senior citizen is given his due after completion of 62 years of age.In India, senior citizen privileges do not amount to much due to sheer numbers. In banks etc sometimes the queue for seniors is longer than general category of ppl.In absence of genuine/strict social security measures, a Senior citizen is used to being his right & dues. I/my spouse senior citizens & have been assertive & demanding our dues. Sometimes we succeed & many times we are treated indifferently. We lump it.

What age is a senior citizen in India?

60 years

Please help! Interview questions for senior citizens?

I will help you as you are polite and did not ask personal questions.

1- I was born early 1950's
2- My father was a journeymen glazier, my mom a housewife. We were middle class. We had a nice place to live and my dad brought home a good wage. We in they 60's lived comfortably.
3-Kids could play out doors and walk to school without fear of drive-by shootings or kidnappings. Neighbors knew one another and looked out for each other.
4- the 60's were a liberating , rebellious time. Free 'love', drugs, rock-n-roll were on scene. Many hippies, protesters, and draft dodgers, race riots. I think things are not any worse from the 60's because each generation has their own way to rebel. One thing that may have played a part is parenting became more lax..... do your own thing kid attitude.
5-remember Viet Nam was never declared a war. It was a conflict that left over 58,000 Americans dead. Yes my brothers best friend enlisted or was drafted, but I am not sure which. He fought and made it home and was going to re-inlist for another tour, but my brother talked him out of it. It was not a good time for that. Our vets were spit on, called names and forgotten.
6- I don't think we ever learn from our history. There is a saying....''Poor young men fight rich old men's wars''. Nobody wins a war, conflict, or anything. We have a right to retaliate. and protect our own, but don't go looking for trouble.
7- most God awful thing for me was President Kennedy getting shot. Most special was 1969 moon landing
8-Besides President Kennedy being killed was an awful thing was Charley Manson and his followers. Google Helter Skelter/Charles Manson.
Hope this helped. You were polite .Thank you.

Senior citizens or 65+ interview questions plz?!?

whilst ever I interviewed everyone i grow to be drawn to their answer, no longer whether it grow to be spectacular, incorrect, politically spectacular or regardless of else you opt for to call it. It sounds to me like the quite a few interviewers you're discussing at the instant are not interviewers yet debaters. easily, that's a challenge with maximum information retailers at present. The journalists at the instant are not information human beings, they have an schedule and could spin something they in all hazard can to slot there very own desires. that's unhappy yet real, i won't be able to locate any source for impartial information. that's plenty easier to get a liberal slant than conservative in the information media. in the entertainment media, rather talk radio, the conservative view comes via very for sure yet basically as a results of fact the liberal stations won't be able to attain or carry an aim marketplace sufficiently great to warrant a corporation's advertising money. Interviewers desire do no longer something yet record what they are instructed. there is not any precise or incorrect whilst somebody is asked their opinion on a topic. for occasion: i grow to be discussing golfing with a guy who labored for me. i do no longer play yet i admire the serenity and wonderful thing approximately a golfing direction so I many times watch it on television. besides, he grow to be telling me approximately golf equipment etc. Then from rather much nowhere he asked me, "are you able to hit a golfing ball farther with a golfing club or a baseball bat?". I spoke back, "With a baseball bat". He at latest entered right into a speech approximately head speed and shaft loading. This went on till I interrupted him. I reported, "carry on a 2nd, YOU asked ME if i ought to hit a golfing ball farther with a golfing club or a baseball bat and that i responded the question". the factor is not any answer is ever to any extent further effective than the question, and an interviewer that tells somebody their answer is faulty isn't an interviewer, they seem to be a debater.

At what age are you considered a senior citizen 55 or 65?

My mom and I had a debate this weekend about the age of senior citizens she'll be 58 this year and thinks that because she participates in AARP that she's a senior citizen. I tried to tell her it's age 65 and she tells me it's 55 and of course gives me the line "I'm older than you I think I know what the age for seniors are" I hate that comment that's like nails down a chalk board, just because your older than me doesn't mean your right.

(Senior citizens only, Ages 65 or older) What is your favorite decade of the 20th century?

60's and 70's were food for music. late 50's were ok. Nice music revival in the 80's thru 2000's for bluegrass.
... Sorry but most of the rest just sucked. Social stuff, and monetarily.

Your question isn't very quantitative. Most people will look back fondly on the time of their teens. I know some who look back on Elvis as a great performer, but I did not.