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Seniors Do You Love Getting Clothes For Christmas

Seniors. does most people buy tvs before christmas or after?

I hate human beings like cauldron who pass and purchase issues that folk want just to resell them, grasping, grasping people who basically care approximately ripping human beings off. you could help those scammers and pass on eBay or your interior reach paper or different interior reach on line used sites, however the superb theory is going to gamestop. they have a deal the place you need to purchase a Wii for the first fee, and you gets a voucher that grants you a Wii via the tip of Janurary, so a minimum of you're able to have something to place under the tree.

What will you be giving for Christmas gifts?

The only way that would make kids happy is if they were battery operated and all they had to do was hold them. And even THAT would be on the bottom of their wish list.

I'm giving everyone something different. For my oldest grandkids they will get electronics and the younger ones things they want. I keep notes all year long. I listen to what the kids tell me and write it down. Then buy them when I can. That way I don't have to buy everything in December. We have a Dollar Tree and 99 cent store here so I buy stuff all year long for stocking stuffers. Also Target has a $1 and $2 dollar area that I hit every month or so for cheap holiday decor and stocking stuffers. Then I store it all in plastic totes and drag it out in December. That way I have lots of junk for the kids cheap. They look forward to their stockings almost as much as the main gifts.

I have ONE rule. Grandma does NOT buy clothes. I only break that rule for my grand daughter who loves getting clothes. (Like her Grandma.)

I also try to guy the older teens the pricey electronics when I get my tax refund in February and store them away until next Christmas. That way it doesn't break my budget.

I have a female friend who is getting a tool set because her husband is not handy. My son-in-law wants a big roaster pan/slow cooker for their big family because he is the cook in the household. My daughter wants flannel bed sheets. My son and daughter-in-law I still don't know. I'll find something next payday. Everyone else is taken care of already. I just have to find candy for the stockings.

Soooo, aren't you glad you asked? lol

PS to Savannah's Body Guard: Want to adopt me? I need a car too. lol

Do "seniors" wear Christmas outfits for Christmas?

On all of the Sundays in December, I try to wear something festive (not gaudy or tacky), but something red or green to church. The material is usually velveteen or another dressy material. On Christmas Day, I wear something dressy for most of the day. We usually have company over for dinner, or we go somewhere to visit. It's not silly. It doesn't have to be expensive stuff, but just something to celebrate the season. I have kept the same outfits for several years. I just hope the people at church don't remember them. I try to buy things that aren't faddish, so they'll stay in style. I have a friend who bought a very expensive suit on sale after Christmas about 18 years ago. She still wears it all day every Christmas Day, and it still looks nice on her. It's the only day of the year she brings it out to wear.

Should I get an Ipod or clothes for christmas?

There is no comparison...the IPOD TOUCH definitely.

My daughter, who is also 14, is inseparable from her IPOD. She listens to her music, has apps, uses it for Facebook, plays games, talks to friends on "oovoo", takes pictures... I actually think it has become a part of her hand because she is never without it.

As far as clothes go, maybe you can swap pieces with a girlfriend, earn money through baby-sitting or dog-walking, or even try yard sales or consignment shops to get some inexpensive clothing. And remember, AFTER the holidays, everything goes on clearance.

What do you give your grandchildren for Christmas?

We buy the little 4 inch red with white fur top, Christmas stocking. They sell them every year at Walmart.

We put money in each stocking along with a love note and hang them on the garland across the arch between the living room and dining room.

We have 16 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.

We hung the first stocking 28 years ago for our 1st grandchild.

This year we will hang 24 little stockings.

They love our Christmas Party. They draw names out of a basket to see who gets to take their stockings off the garland.

Now matter how old they are they get excited and we still see the joy on their face year after year.

They all collect their socks.

"Merry Christmas"

Do senior citizen's want to travel at Xmas time?

My daughter, son-in-law, grandson and I will be heading to Ohio (from Wisconsin) on Christmas Day. There is potential for a major storm in the Great Lakes area 23rd-25th so we will stay tuned. I have some back problems and sciatica going on and need to entertain my 6 yr. old grandson in the back seat for at least 7 hrs. so it should be interesting. Packing is not easy when you need clothes, etc for 4 people plus emergency supplies and my SIL's photography equipment. I would like to suggest that my SIl and grandson wear the same clothes the entire time which would leave room for my daughter and me to pack what we want, lol I'll be thinking about you, Lona.