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Severe Shoulder Pain.

Severe shoulder pain?

i have severe pain in my shoulder. it's getting so if i walk the friction is enough to make it spasm. it's not frozen, i can move it but the joint pops up and down. i've tried doing little exercises to build up the rotator cuff muscles, i've tried more general shoulder exercises, the more i move it the worse it is. especially if i lift above my head, and not immediate pain but like it builds up and eventually is so bad i have to stay in bed and it makes me sick. the doctors that have examined me have only looked at me, and done xrays, no MRI scan. i have had it for a year, i've had injections. put cold on it, rested it, moved it. if anything it's more severe. i am seeing a physio soon, but i dont know if i should be resting it or moving it. when moving it makes it so bad. what should i do??

Severe pain in my shoulder...?

I have severe pain in my left shoulder that is moving up my neck and down my arm. I also have pins and needles feeling in the painful area. This does not feel like muscle pain and there is nothing that I can remember happening to me in the last few days that could have caused this. My question is what could this be and does any one have any ideas as to how I can relieve the pain? I took 800mg of motrin a few hours ago and that did not give me any relief. I know that everyone will say that I need to go to the doctor. I have an appointment tonight at 7:00 so there is quite a bit of time between now and then to suffer this pain. Any ideas?

Sharp, severe shoulder pain?

It very well could be related. What you need to do is have somebody else take hold of your arm while you let it go completely limp. Don't resist at all and don't tense up any of your muscles. Have them move your arm around. Up, down, back, forth, and in a circular motion all while your arm is limp. Then try all the same motions on your own. If it hurts while you move it yourself but not while the other person moves it than it IS due to your rotator cuff and you may need surgery to fix it. I sincerely hope you don't.

Pain in my shoulder/upper back?

If the problem has went on consistently for this long, i would definitely see a doctor. When you said it was from lifting trays, my first guess was it was just a strained muscle, but as i read on and since you said it has been going on for close to a year, it is probably an issue with connective tissue under or around the shoulder blade, or possible even with the cartilage or joint in the shoulder. The least severe thing it might be is maybe a few nasty shoulder knots, i have a bad habit of grinding my right shoulder and i have had consistent knots all along my shoulder blades for almost 3 years now, regular massages helped but i stopped going because i cant stop grinding my shoulder so i just deal with the knots lol..Constant heavy lifting is notorious for causing problems, my friend was a waitress for years and it messed up her shoulder quite a bit from constant strain on the same shoulder, over and over again. It wore down the cartilage in between her joints and was basically bone on bone rubbing against each other, she put it off for a long time and ended up having to have a screw put in her shoulder and she had to stop waitressing. If you keep putting it off, you may end up having to have surgery if it is something serious. Right now if whatever it is is caught soon enough, it may be able to be treated with muscle relaxers, massage therapy, or some sort of brace, maybe even some time off work would help from further injury. Your doctor might even prescribe a mild pain killer for ease. In the meantime, try not to put any stress on it unless you absolutely have to (at work), when you are at home, take hot showers or baths, or use a heating pad in the area when it is feeling stiff or hurting. Take ibuprofen for swelling and pain, if any persists.

Pain and shoulder pain after vomiting?

Since you've been vomiting all day it could be just muscle pain caused by repetitive actions and movements.
I know when i get a stomach bug after vomiting a few times i get a sore chest and torso!

If your still concerned go to your doctor.