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Severely Angry With A Friend For No Particular Reason

Why do people get angry at friends for no reason?

Yes, Ive expirienced this. And its not "no reason" its simply that we don't want to share the reason or we are too afraid too. I ignored my best friend for about a month. Didn't take her calls, didn't reply to her texts, nothing. And when we started talking again, she kept asking why I was mad at her and in truth it was because she was so conceited that she never listened to me while I always listened to her, but I couldn't tell her that, so I just said "IDK"

A female friend of mine is angry at me for no reason. What should I do?

Be it male or female, People sometimes get angry without explaning the reason of it. She is expecting you to get the reason from the past few day’s activities or the secrets between you people.Simply think for a while about it and ask her. If it was not the reasons, then act innocently to get the reason from your friend. Its not wrong to behave childish or innocent at times. It even makes our relationship good.One last word. Only close friends will get angry without reason. She might thought you as a close friend. Don’t loss her!Thanks,Mahe❤Note: Let me know the reason, if it not that much personal.

Why does a guy friend get angry with you for no reason?

Maybe the guy friend has a bit of a crush on you. I find most of the time when one of my male friends starts getting to be a little wonky it's because he's starting to get feelings and I'm not reciprocating. The only other thing that sometimes happens is that something horrible is going on in his life and he's choosing not to share it. If anyone's read any of my answers you'll know that I'm not the kind of person that's going to sit around and let somebody talk to me like that I'm going to be in his face and I am going to be saying what the hell is going on spit it out because I'm not taking any of this anymore. 9 out of 10 times I find out the truth right then and there. I wish you much luck my friend

MY friend is mad at me for no reason?

So recently my friends just started ignoring me, and wouldn't respond to me. I do remember saying can't you wait for me just once! because they were waiting for each other, but never waited for me to arrive, or anything. Even if the other friends class was like 4 floors away, they would always walk up to her class and wait. And when my class is just next door, they don't even care to wait. ANd this was like from the start of school. So after telling them if they can wait for me in a friendly kinda BFF shouting way, and telling how I felt, they just started ignoring me, and planning to tell the counselor how I was always so obnoxious, and weird.

And the other time I hanged out with a friend that wasn't in our group, and they started yelling at me for being weird, and how unfair it is that I play with other people. But the even weirder thing is that they always talk to other people, and disclude me a lot. And also another time I had to do a project with someone, so I missed lunch a few times, and they were like, umm why the hell do you ditch us and ignore us? And they know I'm doing a project, so I was like mad, and guess what they told the counselor.

So I don't get it. They now I can be sarcastic sometimes, and I always apologize, if they were offended or something, I help when they need it, I try to be the best friend of my abilities. And now they're ignoring me for one little incident. And I'm kinda getting tired now.

Is it right to feel angry at someone who cut you off as a friend for some seemingly petty reason?

My question is, why are you angry?Emotional attachment is secondary to the act of being rejected, which is what has happened.Anger is a warning sign to you that your emotions are running high and is quite natural to the grief process (loss of an important friendship). I'm sorry for your loss.Be mindful of your feelings. Anger in this case is about you, not them. Your anger stems from how you feel, not what they did. It sucks losing a friend, especially if they are close, and if the break was sudden that means shock, confusion and sadness are manifesting into anger as a defensive mechanism.I feel for you, and I know what your situation is like. I've felt that way myself more than once. I've found that physical activity helps let go. Remember the good times and don't hold on to the anger too long because you don't want to carry it around letting it affect the other parts of your life.I don't agree that anger is normal or healthy. If we let all the stupid things other people do control how we behave, life just becomes misery and who's got time for that?

Why is my friend randomly mad at me for no reason?

everyone goes through certain times when things are too bad to deal with,during the christmas holidays he may of had a argument or had something,and then maybe of taken it out on you,not that he should of,but like yu havant done nothing wrong so it aint something uve caused if he wont talk to you soon then maybe you should go and meet some new people and try and find some friends who like you,ive had it before where my mates been mad at me for stupid things,just give him some space like a week or something and try and talk to him again,if he treats you the same just for the sake of it then he aint worth the effort

Sometimes I feel sad and angry without a reason. Is that a sign of depression?

I think it can be. I believe depression is both an emotional and a biochemical reaction. It can one or the other or even a mix of both. What you are saying makes a lot of sense, because the same thing happens to me.Hey, I honestly can’t write anymore posts about depression, its just to depressingHere look, read these:Paul Johansen's answer to After recovering from depression, how do I regain the full cognitive ability and strength I once had?Paul Johansen's answer to I am terrified of living. I live in constant dread, fear, anxiety and depression. What can I do?Paul Johansen's answer to I’m 15. I have anxiety and depression. My parents think I'm a happy kid who does not get sad ever. I have almost no friends. What do I do?Paul Johansen's answer to How do you recover from severe depression with no support system?Paul Johansen's answer to How do I stop feeling depressed cause of the world around me?Paul Johansen's answer to Why do I do things to depress myself?Paul Johansen's answer to Can you have more than one type of depression?Paul Johansen's answer to How do I fight depression if I am too scared?Paul Johansen's answer to How can I help someone who is suffering from depression and is not willing to see a doctor?Paul Johansen's answer to Is there any way to get out of depression? My parents do not encourage counselling and I have turned from successful to loser in life because of this.Paul Johansen's answer to Can depression make you feel sick or actually become sick?Paul Johansen's answer to How is a person after depression compared to a person before depression?Paul Johansen's answer to What can I do to help myself when I’m depressed?Paul Johansen's answer to How long does an episode of depression last? When coming out of depression, is it gradual or is it sudden? How long did it take you to want to contact the people you pushed away?Paul Johansen's answer to How do you differentiate between sadness and depression?Paul Johansen's answer to How can I deal with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem?