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How do you detox your body for a drug test in less than 12 hours?

You need to be a bit more specific here for a better answer to this.In general, these are averages and very from person to person. We’re all different and all of our bodies function differently, hence, we might metabolize a toxin faster, assuming you have a healthy working liver.Blood is about 12–24 hours, urine is about 2–5 days (drink a lot of water - unless they’re testing for THC, which is stored in adipose tissue, which is fat, you can just sweat more), and head hair can detect as far back as 3 months and can go even longer for body hair.Essentially, my advice to you is to sweat and stay hydrated to where you’re urinating regularly. Drink the recommended daily value of water a day, which is about 2 liters of water. You can flush our the metabolized drugs faster that way.

Do detox drinks really work for urine drug test?

Absolutely not.

Being a recovering alcoholic and currently a Fitness/Personal Trainer, I can tell you the best way to get alcohol out of your system is by giving yourself enough TIME to recover and let your body's natural filtration system work, aka THE LIVER. It takes 1 hour for each drink you consume.

You cannot beat the test. I've even watched an episode on this very question on channel 8 (the Discovery channel) on a show called Myth Busters which tests myths and rumors and they could not break this urine test.

What detox drinks do is give your body herbs which help GENTLY eliminate toxins in your body over a length of time such as 7 to 28 days. If you have been smoking pot, then you must give several months to eliminate the toxins left in your system. I don't know about coke or others because they were not the drug of my choice but I can tell you that they do store in your glands in your body. They are man-made materials and take longer to remove.

I don't know your life or your story but I want to share this..maybe this in not the life you really want to lead....worrying about failing drug tests. It's never too late to change your lifestyle and I am proof of that. I've tried and failed 3 times before I got sick and tired of being paranoid and being sick and tired. The ball's in your court my friend. Something to think about, or not. Rehab saved my life.

God bless you and I wish you great peace and happiness no matter what you do. You deserve peace.

Can probation/parole drug tests detect detoxifying drinks,?

Wanting to know if anyone can share whether drug test for something like probation/parole (not employment tests...they don't care enough) can detect detoxifying drinks that claim to pass any drug test. Any altered tests obviously result in a fail, which is bad.

This is purely hypothetical, something I was wondering. I have been sober from alcohol and clean from drugs for 9 months. Thanks for all taking the time to respond!