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Should A War Of Peace Be Waged

Should China wage war to cure the "peace disease"?

With who? America? You're fucked. Russia? No reason to, and you'll get fucked too. Japan? Hello NATO! North Korea? Nuclear time! Vietnam? That little monster? HELL NO! Philippines? Hello USA! India? Pakistan? Eat nukes. Laos? What reason? Oh and UN sends their regards. Myanmar? Good luck getting through their forest. Nepal? How do you get across the Himalaya? Mongolia? What's the benefit? England? France? Germany? Spain? Halfway there and you're fucked. Syria? Iraq? Iran? You'll get fucked on the way to Europe there.Conclusion: China does not have reasons nor power to actually invade another country and come out alive and well.

All who wage war know my name?

there is a commercial for a new game called "darksiders" you play as "war" one of the four horsemen. during the commercial he emerges out of flames i think and says "all who wage war know my name".. thats the first ive ever heard that quote. maybe it came from somewhere else but he definitely says it in the commercial. by the way, its a great game.

here is the commercial by the way:

Can you simultaneously work for peace and wage war as a nation?

Yes you can.Si vis pacem, para bellum - WikipediaWhen you are to weak others will take things from you.If your nation don’t want to fight at any cost, the cost of freedom is not that high,Also is it better to be enslaved and live in peace? Or is it better to be free but at war ?If you think this is bogus then I have great example for you:WW-II in Europe. Hitler could have been stopped relatively easy for at least 5years before he attacked Poland, in 1936 Poland alone could take whole germany and get rid of Hitler, but France and UK said they will protect Germany..When he took Austria, he entered demilitarized region between Germany and France, when he took Czechoslovakia, if French natio would be ready to fight and not be in great depression after ww-1 there would be no WW-2. If they would have supported Poland as promised WW-2 would end in a year.But war is not always a good solution you have to be ready for it you don’t have to start it. For example USA coalition against Iraq that was easy war but it completely destabilized region and created domino effect.

Is it necessary to have war to attain peace?

There is a difference between defending an ideal and killing for gain.What we are witnessing in Aleppo is not the defense of an ideal it is killing for gain.God states ‘Thou Shalt not kill’. But only after the meek have defended themselves by defeating those who are evil, would be my development of that commandment.Throughout the Bible and the Quran God makes it plain that the defense of Good against Evil must be countered with the word of God., and the strength of the word of God.Where then is the word of God in Aleppo as children cower in fear and die in agony?Where will Putin and Obama be on Sunday? Seeking the blessing of God no doubt. Both must unite as one to bring Peace to Syria.To defeat the oppressor a force is needed that is tempered with the word of God - that must sound familiar to ISIS and Al Qaeda.But it must have as its shield the foundation of God’s Philosophy - respect. We must respect each other and our differences. Al Qaeda and ISIS do not show that respect to all those who follow God in all theri different ways.To obtain Peace we must be prepared to defeat those who prosper by ensuring that war exists.Peace will not come by itself we must fight for it.

Why do people wage wars over religion?

I'm answering this question for a paper in English 2. I don't want any biased answers. I have no idea where to start on this. We are reading the book Night by Elie Weisel. It's about the Jews and hitler and all that. So why do you believe we start wars over religion?

When Russia and the United States will cease to wage war? Why Germany for example not is beginning to war?

Germany's constitution prevents them from engaging in conflict unless they're attacked

Why wage war on Pakisthan - Dont you think we are all mixed community world wide ?Arent we borderless1 nation?

• Dear Global Gullible fellow mates.....

We are no longer just India / Pakistan / USA / Australia .....

we are all mixed up one single Global Nation ...........we are all mixed community.

There are more muslims in India than in Pakistan ............

We have Millions of Rouges in Pakistan as well as India ..........we are living in a time when ...........we have millions of our own enemies ...all around us ...every where almost every form

so the question is how can we wage a war against Pakisthan ...we we ourselves are not purely Indians ...???

We have to wage war against Destructors of all forms ...
we have to wage war against all kinds of atrocities in all forms

we have to wage war against USELESS Education system

We have to wage war against billion cow like softy nation .....we have to grow ..strong people from among ourselves .....strong like SARDARS

We have to wage war against disturbing lifestyle full of noise all forms ...we should spend at least 15 min , min morning and evening in silent Meditation - EMPTITATION - QUITENESS of MIND and Soul the Muslims do ( like NAMAZ)..........which gives a lot of strength and power to do any work ...and struggle in a fruitful direction.

We should have education ...which will encourage us to do a lot of physical hard work ...and make us physically strong ...we should reduce the current education ..which only emphasizes in writing , reading , mugging up ...for nearly 24 years ....till late youth.

We should start EATING BEEF become STRONG LIKE Europeans and Muslims ..we should stop portraying weak looking Lord Ram as our hero ..........with soft features .....

we should stop hating strong features having RAVANA ..........and we should start cultivating bing bodies RAVANA ensure our survival

We should Start growing beards and mustaches SARDARS ..........and we should stop looking like WEAK SHARUKH / HRITIK / AMIR

Lets wage WAR on our own selves ...
so that we can fight our enemies from every quarter

Lets Become Strong ...............Strength is the only virtues said Swamy Vivekananda - the latest ultimate Guru in Hinduism

Best wishes

pls give your feedback

If waging war is inherent in human nature. Is absolute world peace inhuman?

If waging war is inherent in human nature. Is absolute world peace inhuman?Logically, you're providing your own answer.If we humans cannot help ourselves from waging war and if warfare is inherent in human nature, then logically it follows that yes, peace is non-human. And thus world peace is utterly unreachable.However, nothing indicates (to the very best of my personal knowledge at least) that war is "inherent" in human "nature".Conflicts, sure! Disagreements, of course! Differences in opinion and life style, definitely!But these things do not in themselves constitute an argument, that warfare is human and/or inherent in our nature.On the contrary Humanity is a term which explicitly denotes the difference between primitive animals and modern man.And while "warfare" (i.e. fighting and eating each other) in deed seems to be inherent in lower species, it does seem that humanity actually has risen to a stage where "war" could be eliminated, should we choose to do so.So, no: "war" is not the "natural" behavior for humanity. And no, peace is not inhuman.Actually peace is probably what distinguishes humanity the most from our non-human, animal cousins.Cheers :)