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Should Arizona Follow Texas Lead And Deploy 1 000 National Guard To The Border

I need world war 1 information by November 2 2007?

World War I, also known as the First World War, the Great War and the War To End All Wars, was a global military conflict which took place primarily in Europe from 1914 to 1918. Over 40 million casualties resulted, including approximately 20 million military and civilian deaths. The conflict had a decisive impact on the history of the 20th century.

The Entente Powers, led by France, Russia, the United Kingdom and its colonies and dominions, and later Italy (from 1915) and the United States (from 1917), defeated the Central Powers, led by the Austro-Hungarian, German, and Ottoman Empires. Russia withdrew from the war after the revolution in 1917.

The fighting that took place along the Western Front occurred along a system of trenches, breastworks, and fortifications separated by an area known as no man's land.[2] These fortifications stretched 475 miles (more than 600 kilometres)[2] and defined the war for many. On the Eastern Front, the vast eastern plains and limited rail network prevented a trench warfare stalemate, though the scale of the conflict was just as large as on the Western Front. The Middle Eastern Front and the Italian Front also saw heavy fighting, while hostilities also occurred at sea, and for the first time, in the air.

The war caused the disintegration of four empires: the Austro-Hungarian, German, Ottoman and Russian. Germany lost its colonial empire and states such as Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Yugoslavia gained independence. The cost of waging the war set the stage for the breakup of the British Empire as well and left France devastated for more than a generation.

World War I marked the end of the world order which had existed after the Napoleonic Wars, and was an important factor in the outbreak of World War II.

Out of the two US presidential candidates which one do you think is worse, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Strange as it may sound, the question evokes in me a conflict between my gut and my heart. My gut reaction is the country is going into a period of anarchy where the better angels of our nature are betrayed and lost from sight. In that country, I suppose someone like Donald Trump is the better president, although I’m at a loss to say why.I don’t see Trump holding the country together, unifying or building. He seems intent on doing the exact opposite. I do see his movement as a reaction to the excesses of political correctness but for all the rhetoric, that seems trivial.Hillary I see as the president if I feel the country will last another hundred years. That there will be a United States to lead the world further in the directions of the Founders and the Age of Reason. That may sound opposite or obtuse to some who’ve internalized the rhetoric of Originalists, but I feel and think it’s accurate.The conflict between these two impressions sorrows me overall.

If every state of the USA declared war against each other, which would win?

I’m not sure if I really believe it, but since no one else here is making the case, I’ll name my home state.California.California is bordered by three states: Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona. Oregon and Nevada would have to be out of their minds to attack CA directly simply due to overwhelming numbers (as well as geographic barriers). Oregon troops would have to travel hundreds of miles just to reach Sacramento, and the Sierra Nevada gives a perfect defensive barrier against Nevada. Meanwhile, the border between Arizona and California is largely desert, and while Arizonans might be able to mount a significant first offensive, they’d get beaten back pretty quickly.While the other western states scramble to get organized, California could send troops as far as Canada and the Great Plains before it encountered an army large enough to stop it. This is ignoring military bases and military hardware (both of which CA has in abundance) and assuming that territorial gains are the goal of the war. If the goal is simply self-sufficiency, California could easily beat back attacks from other states given its strong natural borders, all while running a perfectly healthy economy off of agriculture and tech. It could also form a potential alliance with Mexico— the only other contestant for that not-insignificant prize would be Texas.In time, other states (especially Nevada) would be forced to give up resistance to California simply due to a need for resources. We practically upended the entire country’s food supply due to a measly drought— what will happen when we cut off those food supplies completely? Then there’s the fact that tax dollars levied from states with larger economies (California, Texas, Florida, New York, Georgia) end up going to expenses in smaller states, making them even more vulnerable economically. While Texas would certainly be able to push for a military victory, California would win the economic war.

What are some slang terms used among police officers?

The most derogatory terms for the bad guys and citizens who are just pains in the rectum:A.H. = Adam Henry (A-dam H-enry) If you don’t get it…..sometimes you will hear it as “Jack Hole”… what starts with an “A” that ends with HOLE ?RICHARD CRANIUM= What starts with a “D” and is a nickname for Richard ? What is the non-medical layman’s term for the Cranium ? Do these clues HEAD you in the right direction ?