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Should Filmmakers And Viewers Be Expected To Draw The Line Between Entertainment And Education

What is animation? Explain different types of animation techniques.?

Animation is a technique of art in simulating moting by fast moving images. It usess pictures (2-D) in a framed sequene.

Traditional Animation
This type of animation consists of-as said before, many picture drawn with slight adjustments. This technique is no longer used. The last show to ever use "cell's" was the 1999 Cartoon Network show Ed, Edd, and Eddy, which switched over to computer celled animation after season 3.

Stop Motion Animation
The series "Wallace and Grommit" are probably the best examples of this. It is when ACTUAL 3-D OBJECT's which are usually made by human's (like clay or plastic or rubber). They put the scenery up and everything, and take a picture of it. They then make very little adjustments to the sculptures, then take more pictures. It takes a very long time to make these scenes. This type of animation usually has been replaced by computer animation.

Computor Animation
Almost all animation these days are dome by computers. The list includes

CG animation (3-D)
Computer celled animation (2-D)
Editing (not really).

With animation are 4 catagories-
CG Simulations
Has a story line- based in the US
Has a storyline, very "surreal"- based in France AND the US
Storyline, detailed, personallity used- based in
Nippon (japan)
No purpose, used in intermissions (commercial break's) very short- No based

And there you have it-

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Why is animation important?

Animation is the only medium that can bring fantasies to life.We all grew up with the legendary Mickey mouse, Donald duck, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Dooby Doo and Pokemon. They have connected with us very well and are ever imbibed in our memories.The reason why animation has deeply connected with us since childhood is because it allows to depict unrealistic events easily which our mind fails to touch.Animation is an intuitive art form- just like a canvas painting. It is a mix of imagination, creativity, meaning, colors and a story. In fact, it is the only medium that has a dimension of storytelling in it.It depends on how the animator creates the visuals and tell a story through it.As for as its importance, animation has evolved through the years and have touched every single domain.Teachers have been heavily implementing animation in their teaching strategy to help their students understand the concepts that cannot be imagined or perceived.Business, on the other hand are using explainer videos (Mostly animation) to spread the word about their products in the form of short and engaging videos.Cartoons, Gaming, business, Edtech , Films and what not? Animation has created its place in every industry.In recent times, animation video creator softwares (Animaker, Animatron, powtoon etc) have emerged as a substitute to costly animation studios. These softwares have been doing very well in giving away equally beautiful elements (characters, assets, properties, backgrounds) as that of animation studios.

Who unvented the television show sesame street?

If you mean invented it was Joan Ganz Cooney and Jim Henson.

Why is DIsney not making hand-drawn animated movies anymore?

If you want to blame someone for the lack of hand-drawn animated features, don't blame the filmmakers or the producers or the studios; blame the movie going public, because by and large they aren't going to see hand-drawn animated films. Whether the reason for that is that the scripts haven't been as ambitious or they came out at a bad time in the box office or some other factors (personally though I think it's most likely the former, Dreamworks and Disney's early 2000s hand drawn movies for the most part were pretty 'meh' save for 'Lilo and Stitch', and I'd personally take 'Kung Fu Panda' over 'Prince of Egypt' anyday), the end result is that recent hand-drawn animated movies haven't been raking in as much jack as the CG films. All it would take is for 1 hand-drawn animated feature to pull in Tangled sized numbers and others would surely follow. But hand-drawn animation isn't dying just because people aren't using it the way you'd like. Personally I don't care if something is hand-drawn, CG animated or whatever, as long as the quality of the art, writing and direction WITHIN the medium the film/tv show is animated in comes out strong.

And to everyone who implies that animating in CGI is 'half-assed' or lazy, I have a friend who's going into that field of animation that would like to challenge that statement.