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Should I Apologize Or Keep It Moving .

Should I apologize to the mom of my ex?

It sounds like you have a lot to say to the mother in law.

Now suffice to say, you may not get it all out, in the moment, when you did choose to speak to her.
Thats why, i would say, in this situation to put it all in a letter and send it to the MIL.

At least that way, u wont walk away, thinking you left something unsaid, so to speak.
It gives closure, to the whole relationship, and the relationship with the MIL.

How do I apologize for being shy?

Today i went to lunch with a group of friends. 3 guys and 1 girl. I only knew i person well (he was my good friend). At lunch, I was very shy and hardly talked. Now, i feel really bad that i was so shy because the two people i don't know well probably think I am weird. I wanted to have lunch with them to get to know them but I failed miserably. What should I do and how should i apologize?

Should I apologize to my ex?

Depends.Had you done anything you shouldn't have? Did you break up with her/him in a way that wasn't right- was it abrupt? Angry? Not needed? Felt like an unfinished business?More importantly, does s/he expect an apology from you?If it feels like an unfinished business or you feel guilt regarding your behaviour with her/him, then yes. Even if they don't expect it from you, you clearly haven't got the peace of mind you wanted regarding that phase of your life. What they make of your apology is none of your business, you should move on and the apology will help.If s/he is expecting it from you... All the better. Though a word of caution, you will be opening a can of worms and you might hear thing you did in a new light (and not like it). In that case, don't start arguing about semantics. It won't change a thing. Everyone has their own perspective about incidents and it might be their way of coping with the break up.

Should I be the one to apologize?

You answered my question with honesty and integrity. I will do the same for you. I think that I have been in his shoes. Yes, I will speak from my autobiography; however, it might be relevant to your situation.

Inevitably in many of our relationships we discover things about ourselves that lead us no choice but to keep discovering, which many times means we have to sleep around or date someone else and we tend to want to hide it from our parteners.

Somehow trust was broken and you were left with no option but to check into stuff and invade the privacy. My-ex did that too. It's weird my-ex after 2 years still comes over to my house and checks stuff and I find my computer volume turned down or a plant moved or maybe something else.

I don't think you should apoligize for invading privacy and I don't think he needs to confess anything since you regard him as an ex; however, I wouldn't be against a confession and an apology:) A little communication after a relationship ends does seem to help the moving on process if there is one, in your case. It also might lead you and your ex to be able to accept them with someone else, as it has in my life.

Best wishes

Accept apology or keep ignoring him?

i think you should accept his apology and have a great two weeks before he leaves. What are the chances of seeing him again? Even if you don't feel that you want to forgive him, isn't it worth doing so just for the sake of an old friendship to try? It sounds like he has persisted in saying sorry and means it. Have a serious think as to whether the relationship is worth it, has he been there for you before? have a think and then decide! Best of luck!

Should I apologize to my ex that dumped me?

If you feel bad about what you said, apologize.However you should have NO ulterior motives. So by apologizing it does not mean that you should instantly ask her out or something.Simply saying sorry may make you feel better.I used to date a girl and at some point we broke up. she said some horrible things but I remained calm and handled things appropriately. A month later she apologized and said she felt horrible that she said those things. She did NOT try to get back together and even mentioned this. she just wanted to apologize from the bottom of her heart.I appreciated this. If she didn’t disappear afterwards, who knows, we could have still been friends.

Should I try to apologize for drunken texting my crush or just move on?

This may seem stupid but it's really bugging me. So a couple of nights ago I drunkenly texted the guy friend I have a crush on. I have no memory of what I wrote (phone didn't save sent messages). I also attempted to call him late night (thank god he didn't pick up). I think I may have really annoyed him because I tried to apologize via text but got no reply. Haven't heard from him since (which is weird, he's always texting me).

Now I'm torn about what to do. Should I call him and try to apologize again, or see if he's even upset (or ask what I said)? Or should I just ignore the whole situation. I'm afraid I'll come off as clingy, or really dramatic if I try to bring it up. What do you think the guy's perception of me is?

This is convincing me that he doesn't feel the same way about me that I feel about him.

How do I move on from a past mistake even after apologizing countless times to my partner?

It depends on the mistake!Apologizing really isn’t all that important in the scheme of things as its only ONE part of the equation.Example….I will admit I watch some of those awful Housewives shows because I’m interested in relationships dynamics and how people function in the world.Do you notice that nearly EVERY week they have to fricking apologize for some awful thing they said or did that offended the other person????WTF? You can’t just apologize EVERY time and that suddenly makes it okay. How about thisget control of emotionsthink before you speakstop acting out like a childlearn new behaviors so you don’t repeat the patternThat is what you need to do. Stop apologizing. Start doing. If the person can’t or won’t accept it there is nothing you can do so stop trying to force it.Sometimes people need to process in their own time and not on your timeline and your partner isn’t going to appreciate you expecting them to forgive before they are ready because it shows them that the apology is really all about you and not about seeking true forgiveness.

Should I keep trying or should I move on?

Here the storyI dated 1 of my co-worker that never been in relationship before. I go on the second movie date with her and gave her roses bouquet. We exchange whatsapp text often during the working hours, but during the evening she slow and never response. The next day she will either tell me busy or fall asleep, but the fact is i can see she is online and texting others. I took my courage to text her, told her that i have like her for quite sometime, if she is not comfortable and not interested, i will back off. She read the text but never response until the next morning. She apologize to me, and bought me a coffee with a kiss text. Things go smoothly for few days, we have breakfast together every morning. I even asked her if i make her bored, and she replied not bored, but just not much common topics. I told her i will try, and she response she will try to. Last few days ago she went for long vacation with her family in japan, she even texted me when she landed. Since she is on vacation, i never text her until yesterday and show her a picture i won a teddy bear plush for her. She read my text and never response. After 5 hours, i texted her again apologize for bothering her, and told her thought she will like the teddy bear. I asked her not sure why you did not response, but let me know if want me stop, i will leave and back off. She apologized and said she was walking whole day and its hectic. She thanks me in advance for the teddy bear, and said she think i tried a lot of times to get the teddy bear from the claw machine. She seems very hard to please and doesn't really give me a confident, and why don't she say no to me, and i will back off? Should i just move on or continue with this?I have texted her again after few days knowing that she stuck in japan due to typhoon and apologize for things i ever said few days ago. She responded to me that the wind had gone. I also sent her a gif image to have a safe flight home, but she did not replies to me.She seems very hard to please and doesn't really give me a confident, and why don't she say no to me, and i will back off? Should i just move on or continue with this?