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Should I Be Playing Sports If I Have Os Good Slaughter

Can you still play sports with osgood-schlatters disease?

I have been diagnosed for about a year now. I quit my cheerleading and running team. I really miss it so I want to go back. I want to know if it will be okay to start again. I rarely have knee pains. I really miss sports and my coach asked my if I could play. would it be okay if I did?

Can an adult have Osgood-slaughter?

When I was a child, my doctor told me that I have a disease called Osgood-slaughter. I played a lot of sport and have always been very active. I will be 37 in August and I have been to several doctors and they have told me that there is no way that I could ever possibly have Osgood-slaughter cuz this is only a childhood disease.

Well, in my right knee, I have the bump just like I did when I was a child. It is very sore and hurts a whole lot. My leg is week and gives out on me a lot. They have told me that there is nothing that could be done about what I supposedly have now but there has to be something that could be done.

I always call it an extra bone in my knee. It sticks out very far. If I had Osgood-slaughter as a child, then how is it possible that when I got older, that they same bump on my knee is not the same thing as what I had when I was younger?

DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO STOP THE PAIN? It make my whole leg numb, hot, tingly, and hurts so bad that I will beat on my knee to try to get the pain to stop. I have tried ice, heat, raising it up, wraps, braces and everything else that I can and nothing seems to help.


Can you play catcher when you have Osgood-Schlatter's disease?

I had a bad case of it and so did one of my kids. It depends on how bad it is and how much pain you can tolerate.

Growth spurt: Osgood Schlatter disease?

The last month, I felt certain pain by my knees and they are still hurting. I did not suffer from any injury though. It is more prominent in the left but I have some in the right too.The pains are sharp but not permanent, I just have them a couple of times a day.

My coach and nurse told me I had osgood schlatter disease. I did self investigation and I would like to ask some questions please:

How long does it take for me to have my growth spurt?
How long does this disease last?
How much can you grow through that period of time?
How do you know if I have recovered (any signs symptoms)?
Can you grow after you've had osgood schlatter disease?

Background info:
I am a13 year old male(I turn 14 in this month). I am currently 5'7 1/2. When I was 12 I was 5'3. Small parents (5'7, 5'5) and tall realtives (male: 5'11 over female 5'8 over)

Is knee pain while growing a direct cause of Osgood-Schlatter disease or can there be other reasons?

There can be tears in the ligaments during sports or a broken knee, nerve entrapment coming from the spine, or a broken knee cap like anyone else.Even fibromyalgia can cause knee pain. Inflammatory joint issues like rheumatoid arthritis can affect young people.

Do people with Osgood Schlatter always have a bump?

Osgood-Schlatter disease causes pain and swelling just below the knee and over the bump at the top of the shinbone, where the growth plate of the shinbone is located. Tendons canbe injured suddenly or they may be slowly damaged over time. Your childcan have tiny or partial tears in the tendon.Some tips to solve the problems..Rest the joint. Limit time spent doing activities that aggravate the condition, such as kneeling, jumping and running.Ice the affected area. This can help with pain and swelling.Stretch leg muscles. ...Protect the knee. ...Try a strap. ...Cross-train.

What should I do with Osgood-Schlatter (o) disease?

Well, as experienced as your soccer coach may be, it is never a good idea to assume that his/her diagnostic acumen is comparable to that of a medical doctor.If you have a painful lump below your kneecap, then its most likely OS but you need to see a doctor for that determination. Usually OS doesn’t cause one to be inactive. Resting anything that hurts is always a good idea. Most boys get OS between ages 13 - 14, & girls 11 - 12 yrs old…in both cases it usually stops being a problem when the child is done growing. Some of grow more later so if you’re like me it would continue to be a problem until age 19.Regardless, you need to find out exactly what is wrong so you can stop the pain & not create further injury to the joint. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard at least 1 adult complaining about their knees, its a very active joint & easily injuredGo see your doctor, but before you go, read the info about Osgood-Schlatter on WEBMD. There are home remedies, but you need to know them to ask the doctor what he/she suggests.Good Luck!