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Should I Buy A Wii U A Nintendo 3ds Or A Psvita

Which would you choose, PS Vita or Nintendo Switch?

Yes, it is! Except, not really. Hear me out:The Vita has been around for a few years, and has a pretty respectable library, especially if you’re into RPGs. If you already have a PS4, there’s Remote Play, meaning you can play your PS4 games on the couch, bed, or anywhere your Wifi signal is good enough. If you subscribe to PS Plus, many games are cross-buy with the PS4 and/or PS3, and it’s not uncommon that the Vita gets more than the 2 games per month. All that being said…The Vita is abandoned. Dead. Finito. Over. Sony still has decent sales for it in Japan, but in the west, it never really took off. The hardware was pretty good when it came out, but is woefully underpowered nowadays. Odds are, a recent entry level smartphone has more raw power. Most games still coming out for it are either dumbed version of bigger games or simply gimmicks. Wasted potential if I ever saw it.Don’t get me wrong, I love my Vita. But getting one now hoping for new games is pointless. Getting one for the (very)respectable library of games and/or Remote Play is pretty valid, but as far as BETTER choices, the Switch is the way to go right nowEdit: fixed some typos

How much memory for wii and nintendo 3DS?

Each "Block" noted by the Wii & 3/DS/i is 0.125 MB or 256 KB.

That means...

8 Blocks = 1 MB
80 Blocks = 10 MB's
320 Block = 40 MB's (max for WiiWare titles)
400 Blocks = 50 MB's
800 Blocks = 100 MB's
1000 Blocks = 125 MB's (~0.125 GB)
2000 Blocks = 250 MB's (~0.25 GB)
4000 Blocks = 500 MB's (max storage for the Wii's internal storage)
8000 Blocks = 1000 MB's (~1.00 GB)

On the 3DS, the Nintendo Video app on the 3DS uses ~2500 Blocks for the 4 3D videos it has on it at any given time. Individual videos (like the Mario Kart 7 trailer) uses about 150 blocks.

As for the Wii, save game data must be stored in the Wii's internal storage, which is only 512 MB's... or roughly 4000 Blocks. However, you can archive MOST savegame data onto an SD card.

Unless you purchase a LOT of stuff from the Wii Shopping Channel OR the 3DS eShop, 2 GB's is a good entry point for storage. Otherwise, 4 GB's should cover all your needs. For the Wii, you will want to have a 2 GB SD card on hand for some older titles that utilize the SD card (like Super Smash Bros. Brawl) as they're hard-coded to use SD cards & cannot use SDHC cards (4 GB's or higher).

Should I buy a PS vita?

Cons: Not much "Must Have" games on the system, Frame rate on really big games like Amazing Spider-man ( Which is a direct console port ) tends to dip, mediocre camera, Not as large of a library as it's competitors Mobile and 3DS,

Pro: A decent sized library of games for both the soft and hardcore audience, Remote play, has great ports of console titles, Games usually cost $20 less then the average console title ( You could literally buy a brand new copy of Injustice:Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition for $40 dollars on the Vita, which has the same features and functions as it's $60 console brother ). and as shown by Killzone:Mercenary capable of handling good looking games.

These are my personal thoughts on the system: I absolutely love the thing. Not a day goes buy where I don't feel the need to pick it up and play it. It has cheaper and well working ports of console games, something that you don't ever really get. It also has cross play with certain games, allowing me to play multiplayer against other Vita and PS3 owners alike. Hell,on days I don't feel like using it as a game system I could just download certain apps ( Skype, Youtube, Netflix ) and dick around with those.
I will admit the Vita is not my primary source for gaming, that is still my PS3. I don't believe the Vita on it's own has the strength to keep a gamer happy, but as you mentioned you have another console do this shouldn't bother you. It's also very neat and easy to use. Nothing with the console i particularly difficult to understand, hell most 8 year olds could figure out how mostly everything works in an hour.
While it's nothing to rush towards the nearest Gamestop for, it's a very nice portable gaming system to have around, especially if you have a PS4/3. If you ever come across one for a good sale don't be afraid to pick it up.

Just make sure you buy a LARGE memory card. You'll get rid of the default 8 GB memory card in no time.

What do you think about the 3DS vs. the PS Vita?

Well unlike what most people think the 3ds isin't just a new ds with 3d slapped on it, it has much improved graphics similar to the wii (yes we know vita has better graphics) and unlike vita has lots of great games out and coming out for it, such as zelda, resident evil (not exactly a kiddie game is it?) mario, dead or alive dimensions. Plus the vita has 2 touch screens with1 on the front and 1 on the back I personally wouldnt like to touch the screen with my fingers it'll get fingerprints all over it. Plus the ps vita will probablh decline or become non existent much like it did with the 1st psp. So if you actually want to buy a system which games willbe produced a lot for choose the 3ds.

Which console is better, the Nintendo Wii, the Sony PlayStation Vita or the Nintendo 3DS XL?

The Nintendo Wii is a home console, mostly focused on party games, motion controls, and 1st party games. It does have some media streaming features like Netflix. The Wii has been discontinued.The Sony PlayStation Vita is a portable system, it has a larger focus on visual novels, JRPGs, and indie games, it has not had any first party releases since 2015. What it lacks in media streaming it makes up for with portability. The Vita has a touch screen, and a touch pad on the back, some games take advantage of these features, but not many. This system also has the ability to play PS4 games by streaming, given that you have a fast and stable enough connection for both systems.The Nintendo 3DS XL is also a portable system, it’s focus is mostly on first party Nintendo games, with some 3rd party support. Much like the Vita, what it lacks in media streaming it makes up for with portability. It has 2 screens, the bottom being a touch screen, many games and applications utilize both screens effectively.Each of these systems have their own unique features and exclusive games, none better than the last. You should really ask which one best does what you want, I personally spend more time on my Vita than I do either of the other two systems, but I do remember spending quite a bit a time on both the 3DS and Wii in the past.

Should i buy a ps vita or astro a50?

If you have a PS4 I recommend you to pick PS Vita. Because with PS Vita you can play almost all of your PS4 games on your bed or on the toilet with the "Remote Play" feature on the PS Vita.

The 3DS VS The PS Vita?

i havent had a handheld since the gameboy advance came out and i would like to get another one but im not sure witch one is better. Can you guys explain why that system will be better and wich one will have a better web browser? And can the 3DS go on youtube and watch videos?