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Should I Buy My Ten Year Old An Iphone

Should an 11-year-old have an iPhone 6?

No. I had my first smartphone at 15 and I’m only 18. I cannot tell you how much of a benefit it has had in my life. The difference between 11 and 15 doesn’t seem vast, but what we learn at these ages is so dense that there is a world’s difference between 11 and 15. Now, a phone feels like an accessory to me, not a necessity.Perhaps the biggest problem with an 11-year-old having an iPhone would be social media. If the child gets the iPhone, the child will eventually download social media. It’s inevitable and it’s dangerous.Age 11 is a critical age for growth. You’re learning about the world around you, school is getting a little harder (middle school), and you’re probably awkward and maybe slowly starting/reaching puberty. A child in that stage of life shouldn't have an iPhone simply because that kind of development should not be made while on social media. Even as adults, many of us struggle with the image of body standards and life standards on social media. Imagine learning about the world through social media. Imagine letting Instagram or Twitter shape how you see the world.

Should a ten year old be allowed to have an iPhone?


Should I get my 13 year old an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus?

I would recommend the iPhone SE. It has the same memory and specs as the 6s at a very affordable price ($399 for 16GB and $449 for 64GB).If you’re buying used, the 6 is a very capable device.

Is it a good idea to buy an iPhone X for my 10 year old son?

Sure!Get him a car too, he’ll need that about as much as he needs an iPhone X.Get him a $100 Android phone.If he can keep that in good condition for a year, then maybe upgrade him to something a little bit nicer.Like a $200 Android phone, or a used iPhone 5s, 6 or SE.My son went through three $100 Android phones before he figured out how to look after them.The first one was left at a restaurant within the first two weeks. I made him pay for its replacement himself. He wasn’t happy - it took all the pocket money he’d been saving for months.The second one fell out of his pocket while riding his bike to school about six months later.He paid for that one too…Then, finally, he got it. Since then he’s managed to look after them, not lose them and not smash them into a thousand pieces.He’s now 14 years old, keeps his phone in great condition, and upgrades himself when he wants, with money that he’s earned or saved from doing chores.Teach your son the value of things.Teach him what it means to earn something.Teach him how to stand up on his own and make his own way in life.Or, get him an iPhone X.If you do, just be prepared for the day that he comes to you with tears in his eyes when he loses or breaks it. It might only be a few days away.

Is it right for an 8 and 10 year old to have iPhones?

This really isn’t a question of right and wrong. Having a cell phone can give the parents the comfort in knowing their kids have immediate access to a phone in case of an emergency. That’s a good thing.But it needs to be used in moderation. And the moderators need to be the parents. If they are crying when the phone is taken away, those kids are spoiled. They need boundaries, and they need variety in the types of activities to which they are exposed. As other people who have answered have suggested, they need to spend as much time in the physical world (if not more) as they spend in the virtual world.There is also the question of responsibility. iPhones are expensive. I’m going to assume the parents are well enough off they could afford to replace lost phones. They had better be — my guess is those phones will get lost or stolen a couple of times a year. My suggestion would be to get them cheap phones — not smart phones. They would still be able to call someone in an emergency, but would be forced to live in the real world most of the time. Limit play in the virtual world to iPad Minis that stay at home and use the controls Apple provides to limit their use to 2–3 hours a day.

Should I buy an iPhone for a 10-year-old boy now? He is sometimes behaved.

It depends. My son has had varying amounts of Cell phone access (his own simple android phones to nicer phones) since he was 7 years old. Media devices (phone/computer/TV/tablet) only available during certain hours of the day.Can he keep it without losing it? My son also carried his own epipen/inhaler backpack without leaving it behind starting around 6-7 years, but each kid is different.Will it be safe from damage? Other kids/people stealing it? Stepping on backpack/ dropped and lost?Will it be used for more than games? Besides playing games, I’ve found my child has:Called me when his teacher did not show up/texts me when he needs meEducational Videos on Youtube (Google has timed access to videoplay) and parental oversight/youtube kid friendly video)Looked up vocabulary words on google.Helped me set up wifi and temp hotspot.Entered google Map spots in the car to help me navigate—similar to reading thomas guide. identify freeway exits.Download apps/sent texts to family when I’m busy drivingTaken photos of my receipts on camscanner and data enter my health insurance claims.Rudely commented on someone’s videos and got an earful from an adult. Funny teaching moment for my 7 year old.Entering school events on shared family calendar.Rocking out on youtube songs while doing chores/cleaning toilets/folding laundry. “It’s Friday” or “Rude”Sending texts/emails to grandparents. Like Dear Abby recommended, texting between grandparent to grandchild is so much quicker now.His passion at one time—How to make fidget spinners at home on Youtube.Yelping allergy restaurants.Scanning sheet music in app to hear it —rhythm and sound—for an horn audition.Tracking. My child can track our phones location and vice versa.Android phones work well with computer android accounts/google classroom/Drive/documents/spreadsheets.Each of these experiences is a life lessons about Legal Media responsibility (no body photos and why), public communications (No disrespectful postings), dangers (internet viruses and pedophile/stranger danger, child should sign a family media contract and post it) and what resources are available on my phone/in the world, and how Media fits in. Phones can be harmful or useful as you allow it.I am training my child for the world that is, not the world that was or that I wish it were.

Should a 10 year old get an iPhone 6s Plus as their first phone?

Firstly, the Plus part is useless.I mean, the only thing it does is increase the size. It was probably to attract Android users, who are used to bigger phones. (Edit: actually it increases battery, camera and screen quality. But it still seems like the 6S would do)If you're thinking about giving a 6S Plus, you should probably just get the 6S - less money wasted.Now, should you give it to him as his first phone?No.See, a certain someone, when they were 10 years old, got a phone. An iPhone 3GS, but it's still an iPhone. And they already had a history of breaking electronic devices.They literally destroyed it.It started small. At first, it was just dropping it from a bit too high on the table.Then it went to dropping it on the floor…It soon became frequently dropping it inside the toilet (while being used, mind you).I don't remember all the details, since I was just 8. But I remember that when they were done with it, I didn't think it was an iPhone. Let's see the damage:Home button out of place and not working properly.Lots of dents.Screen covered by scratches.Wi-Fi not working properly. (Breaking the Wi-Fi antenna is quite a feat… gotta give them some credit)And for the grand finale…The battery exploded.Maybe exploded is a tad bit too much, but when we took it to repair, there was no repair. Either we had to buy a new one or keep that useless chunk of metal.That warrior has seen many battles, and had finally gained rest.So no, you shouldn't.Start small, with a simple Nokia Undestroyable Brick (a.k.a the 3310). Or a VeryKool Rock RX2.☼

Will you buy a clone iphone5 for $30 that work for 1 year or real iphone 5 for $300 that can work for 10 years?

will you buy a clone iphone 5 for $30 that work for 1 year or real iphone 5 for $300 that can work for 10 years?

My 10 year old son has been begging me for a smartphone. Should I buy him one? All of his friends have them but I'm concerned that he is too young to have one.

No, do not buy a smart phone. The only reason a child would want a smart phone is to feel the prestige of being “in the club” and, perhaps more strongly, avoid the shame of feeling like an outsider. Never buy anything for your children when the purpose of the item is to acquiesce to some sort of social pressure. Note that the world contains real boundaries and artificial ones. For example, you cannot (currently) drive a car from New York city to Los Angeles in 2 minutes flat. Popular kids at school, and bullies, enjoy creating artificial hoops which they persuade other children to jump through. They dangle the hoop, bounce it up and down tantalizingly. They ostracize their peers for not jumping through it.Teach your child to not enable the hoop makers. The children who act self-important for having a cellphone; show it off; behave as braggarts; and who belittle children don’t have one, will grow-up to be the scum of this earth.At the moment your child is all doe-eyed, and looking-up to them with admiration. Teach your child what’s real. Tell your son that it’s downright stupid to go-out-of-your-way to walk around invisible fences that aren’t really there.Your child will come up with reasons to persuade you to get a phone that are unrelated to their real motivations.Anything for school that a child could do on a phone is more easily done on a laptop (type an English essay, do internet research, etc…).You might want a child to have a phone, so that in the event of emergencies, they can call you, or the police. However, that does not require a smart phone. A cheap little thing that makes phone calls, and only phones calls, works for that purpose.