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Should I Change Isaiah

Christians, Isaiah 58:9-12 question?

Your interpretation is good. Notice that the prophecy is conditional:

"IF you remove from your midst oppression, false accusation and malicious speech; IF you bestow your bread on the hungry
and satisfy the afflicted; THEN light shall rise for you in the darkness, and the gloom shall become for you like midday; THEN the LORD will guide you always and give you plenty even on the parched land."

The logic of conditional statements is that only if the antecedent occurs (removing oppression, false accusations, malicious speech; bestowing bread on the hungry; satisfying the afflicted) will the consequence occur (light shining on you, gloom becoming midday, the LORD guiding you and giving you plenty in a parched land.

The true religion glimpsed by Isaiah and proclaimed by Jesus is an active religion that requires some heavy lifting. It is not just a mental assent by faith alone.


How can I change from being one of the people mentioned in Isaiah 58? Also, my heart has become indifferent to God and sin, how can I change this?

Do you want to change your relationship with God? My thoughts are, if you do want to change your relationship with God then a way will be provided for you - perhaps even in Quora!Trying by yourself is not so easy so I would find someone to talk to about this. Go to a Bible study, read the New Testament a few times. (What I found exhilarating was reading the whole Bible without verses and chapters - the New Testament reads like a speeding bullet! In time you will find clarity.It is a coincidence that almost a week ago I highlighted the latter half of Isaiah 58 in my bible as a promise from God that I can attest to. It is so true that if you give without expecting anything in return then you will indeed be blessed.Fasting is not about food, it is about heart. It is about sacrificing something you have, knowing it will never come back. This could be a mealtime or it could be giving someone money. A lot of people in the Old Testament used to fast to demonstrate piety. (Indeed, Christ talks about this.) They abided by rules without understanding the reason. God, through Isaiah, scolds the worshippers for this.In Christ you have been set free - or at least in the general sense - so you do not need to follow rules. however, because the Holy Spirit lives inside of you your desire to do good fights continually with your body which wants to be selfish. Fasting - as outlined above - disciplines you so you are not part of the early chapter of Isaiah 58 but of the latter art of Isaiah 58.This should answer the first part of your question.The second part will come more as you see the last part of Isaiah 58 acting out in your life. Count small things and write them down. Try to find a regular time to pray. My walk with Christ only came about after a real and tangible event which let me know, beyond a doubt, that God is alive and relevant to today. This was after a lot of years being a skeptic.Feel free to correspond with me if that will make life easier, I do not have all of the answers but it is a familiar path.Alan

What is the exact meaning of the Biblical verse Isaiah 46:4?

God is basically assuring us that if we believe in Him, trust Him and follow His ways, He will always be with us, will never forsake us, will be our strength and protector 24/7.
He knew us before we were conceived. He knows us now and will for the rest of our lives. So its a great promise for His children

Is Isaiah in The Torah the same as Isaiah in The Bible?

Paperback: i want to thank you so much for helping me to understand. I never doubted Jesus as I have felt his presence in my life so real and God [and I will write his name coz I don't believe it to be disrespectful] has spoken to me so clearly these passed few weeks that I just know he is real and alive . I thought the scripture where completely wrong as I was led to believe by some Jewish people in another question, however, you have written it out so clearly that I can see that what is argued is so so slight that I don't think it really matters at all. I say 'sofa' you say 'couch' what's the difference? A Greek man might even say 'settee' it's all the same difference? I can see that Isaiah and all the others [barring David coz I'll grant you that I believe David wrote abt himself not Jesus] were true prophecies of Jesus and i believe he was the messiah and I believe that he is God or Immanuelle - bless his name.

What can be done to put an end to climate change, terrorism, rape, corruption and poverty from the world to make it a better place?

1. Learn about our Grand Creator, Jehovah God, and serve him:The Truth About God | Bible Teach2. Learn more about Jesus Christ. Why? They promise a world where the following things will happen:Wickedness, warfare, crime, and violence will be gone. “The wicked will be no more . . . But the meek will possess the earth.” (Psalm 37:10, 11) Peace will exist because ‘God will bring an end to wars throughout the earth.’ (Psalm 46:9; Isaiah 2:4) Then “the righteous will flourish, and peace will abound"—Psalm 72:7.People will live in security. Isaiah 32:18; Micah 4:4.Food shortages will not exist. “There will be an abundance of grain on the earth,” sang the psalmist. “On the top of the mountains it will overflow.” (Psalm 72:16) Jehovah God will bless his righteous ones, and “the earth will give its produce.”—Psalm 67:6.The whole earth will become a paradise. Lovely new homes and gardens will occupy land that had once been ruined by sinful humans. (Isaiah 65:21-24; Revelation 11:18) As time passes, parts of the earth already subdued will expand until the whole globe is as beautiful and productive as the garden of Eden. And God will never fail to “open [his] hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.”—Psalm 145:16.There will be peace between humans and animals. —Isaiah 11:6-9;65:25.Sickness will vanish. "No resident will say: ‘I am sick.’”—Isaiah 33:24; 35:5, 6.Dead loved ones will be restored to life with the prospect of never dying. All those sleeping in death who are in God’s memory will be brought back to life. In fact, “there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.”—Acts 24:15; John 5:28, 29.