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Should I Confront My Friend Or Let It Be For Now

How do I confront my sex crazed friend.?

I've known my friend since middle school and thisis where it started. She went over our other friends house and had sex with her older brother in the backyard WHILE THE PARENTS WERE HOME!

When we were in high school she got her first job and had sex with coworkers in her car during breaks. She even went to a guys house and let him pierce her breast.

Now we're in college and she's having sex online with random guys around the world.
There's a picture going around online of a naked girl but her face isn't visible it looks A LOT like my friend and her apartment in the background. I haven't showed it to her yet.

Now she has been chatting with a guy online and is meeting him to have sex. That's so dangerous!

How do I tell her to stop without sounding judgmental? I care about her. I just don't think she loves herself?

How to Confront Fake Friend?

I want to know, how to confront a fake toxic friend.
He has betrayed my trust in the past.
Gossiped, spread rumors about me, talked **** about me
sometimes he tried, and sometimes he actually disrespected me in front of other people,

When i tried to talk to him in the past, about this situation
and the way he is/was acting. he denied it
even till today if i was to talk to him about it, he would try to deny it,
and try to change the subject.

He always try's to prove me wrong,
try's to undermine me, and my intelligence

I don't know why i didn't see it, or realize it
in the past. I don't know why i didn't just ****** confront him years ago and be done with it.
I ended up holding myself back, because i guess im not the confrontational drama/argue type of person
but now its pissing me off, and i feel like this has messed with my self confidence and self esteem.

I was worried and scared that if i confronted him, he might have not talked to me anymore
and we wouldn't be friends anymore. but now that i think of it, why the hell would i want to be friends
with someone like that in the first place,

i ended up keeping things bottled up, because i guess i was afraid of confrontations, and people not liking me
Also he has a personality, that if you say, or do something to him, that he doesn't like
he will go and tell everyone !!

I want to start being assertive, and start living and enjoying my life to the fullest.
So what should i do about this situation,
how should i talk to him, what should i say
i want to see like a step by step guide,
give me a few examples, on how i should solve this problem.

Should I confront my friend about being a bad friend?

This is a tough question, with no easy answer.A lot depends on HOW this person has been a bad friend.  What exactly have they done?The first step is to ask yourself is if your evaluation of this person’s behavior justified.  Did they betray your trust, somehow?  Then again, did they simply fail to meet your expectations?Assuming your feelings are justified, you then have to ask yourself what you realistically expect to accomplish by confronting this person.  Do you just want to air your feelings?  If so, then go for it!  Do you expect this person to change?  If so, you might be wasting your time.You see, expecting a person to change simply because you confront them is a lot like complaining about bad service to the waiter involved.  If they understood the difference, or gave a damn, you most likely wouldn’t have to point it out to them in the first place.  If this bad friend of your’s really cares about you or your feelings, you probably wouldn’t have any need to confront them.On the other hand, maybe there just dense.  If that’s the case, pointing out how their behavior makes you feel might be good for the both of you.If you do plan to confront them,Remain calmBe respectfulStick to that factsAvoid being sarcastic, judgmental or cruel.Quell the temptation to lash-out, andDon’t expect much to come of it.If this person should decide to either ignore your feeling once they’re aired, or worse, capitalizes on your hurt feelings, then it’s time to move on.  There are times when, for your own good, you need to leave certain people behind, and move on with your life.

How do I confront my friend about the rude things she has said to me? She will only tell my peers about this, and it might encourage her and make me look bad. I'm 16.

So you’re 16! What should matter to you now is that you have friends, lots of them. If you have a friend who doesn't teat you well, you must stand up for yourself. If your badly behaved friend is popular and can influence your peers, that's ok, let her. You’ll probably loose a couple of friends but would have secretly gained respect for this very group who wish they had the courage to stand up for themselves.When you do decide to take a stand, don't let anger or humiliation or fear of loosing friends cloud your reaction. Be calm, practise in front of the mirror if you have to, make small notes in your head and stay focused on the point you want to make. You don't have to do this in front of everyone, you can ask your rude friend to step aside and speak to her, or speak to her later and tell her you don't appreciate how she spoke to you or the things she said. The trick is staying calm and in full control of your emotions. Don't break down, don't be afraid, don’t worry about being embarrassed gather strength to just tell her what you need. The next day you see her smile and behave as you normally do, the guilt is on her now.Now you’re 16! stand up for yourself.

How should I confront my friend about her attitude and stuff?

Well it's been long since I've been friends with this girl. I don't like her attitude and it seems like she's not their for me yet I am.I once told her something bad that happened to me and she seemed to not care. She's always calling me stupid or retard when I do something wrong yet am smarter then her. Once she started to flirt with my boyfriend that I really liked and he would tell her to stop but he wouldn't. I feel like killing her but I don't know how to confront her because she always takes things the wrong way and makes me look like the bad one. I need help.

My friend is a mythomaniac how should i confront him?

one of my best friends is a mythomaniac. i love the guy but listening to his lies is becoming super annoying, almost to the point where i can't even hang with him any more. the difficult thing is he becomes really defensive even when i question his lies. he has become so involved with his lies he now believes their real, and im afraid if i confront him he will get violent. what should i do?

I confronted my friend and now I feel bad, should I though?

A couple of months ago I lost all but one of my closest friends all because I started dating this guy another friend of theirs liked. I thought it was okay since I have no loyalty to her since she never liked me anyway and even made fun of me whenever she had the chance. The one that I was still friends with seemed to be kind of distant and when it comes down to choosing between sitting with me or them she always chooses them and once even uninvited me to her girls' night thing because they wanted her to. But the last straw happened this past week. She entered our school's one act play contest and was chosen as one the five finalist who got to put their play on, after in which a winner will be chosen and also awards for best actor and actress. She had asked me to play the lead, which I said yes to since I do love to act in plays and musicals and I was rehearsing with the rest of the cast and everything for past week. Bu today she told me that she doesn't think I should be in it anymore because her other friends said they won't like it. So I confronted her and told her she needed to have a mind of her own and not talk to me until she did, I said more then that but that was basically what I told her. I feel bad about it now though since she is the only girlfriend I had left but should I though?

Should I confront her or should I leave her silently?

She asked you to leave her alone. That is what you should do, as a good friend. Maybe in the future you will be able to talk to each other again but apparently the trust necessary in a relationship didn't get established in the beginning and you're both acting burnt. If you want to have any chance at all in the future with this person, you, ironically, have to let her go now.